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Gender ad nauseum [sic]
Quote from: monkers
Now people should see why I say this poster is gish-galloping, It is the act of making many false claims without evidence, leaving it for others to have to reluctantly work hard to debunk all the lies.

It's ongoing, despite the lies being debunked, they are repeated ad nauseum catching some unsuspecting folk along the way, which is the exact intention.

I am, or was until quite recently, likely to misspell "ad nauseum", which gives me one thing in common with monkers. The other is that we are both authority figures, our reluctance adding weight to our veracity.

Quote from: monkers

Correct again.

This is incorrect.

This is also incorrect.

And [of] course this is all wrong too.

A few more

iterations to add to the tally since my post the other day, now a part of the official illustrated record of these proceedings.

Quote from: Multitool
I'm surrounded by women and we talk.

In fact I briefly entertained the notion that monkers is amongst my readers (aka the silent majority), teasing me after I highlighted this phrase and used 'ad nauseam' [not sic], but I await a definitive sign.

Quote from: fozy tornip
Jesus Aurora, if you just move to Beverley you can unplug, forget the whole nightmare and take up crochet.

Might want to stay away from yarn.

Clickbait, and its use of.
Quote from: albion
Are you like me, finding clickbait headlines increasingly insane? Whilst I expect insanity from the likes of GBNews and the Express, it is creepingly expanding near everywhere...

While we wait for something to make that thread worth clicking on, here's a dose of sanity

and bonus clickbait:

Top finishers in Brooklyn half non-binary division
all male
Quote from: Misstache
These men haven’t even changed their names - they’re literally just men. It may be better than running in the women’s category, but why should men get a whole other category? Now we have men, women’s (also men’s), and non-binary (men.) Mediocre men can choose two extra categories to win in depending on how much effort they want to put into changing their bodies/identities. Women are over in women’s where we can be beaten by men. A woman training at an elite level to be at the top of her category gets the same prize money as a man who wouldn’t be 100th in his. And of course, biological men are always faster even though people keep trying to tell us women just need to run faster and try harder.

Quote from: Chersfrozenface
Quote from: Beowulfa
How can people not notice this massive giant piss-take?

One, they don't read media that carry these stories.

Or, two, they do notice it, and reach the mountain top. [It is officially frowned upon for Mumsnetters to use the term "peaking"]

Or three, they do notice it, but it means the "progressive" claptrap they've embraced has something seriously wrong with it, they can't cope with this and just ignore the piss-take.
Trans Is Something We Made Up
"We can make up something much better."

Have I linked to that before? (Looks like I have.) No matter. There are interesting discussions about it over at Yacf and at the usual place. While you're there, here's a thread about more make believe.
The hearts are a nice touch

Sorry, what was that again?

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Quote from: somebody
In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
- Quote Investigator

Or as Orwell definitely put it and us transphobes are wont to tweet, “The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.” I reckon most of us are revolutionaries by default.

Gender again.
AuroraSaab: So what if one athlete doesn't care that she was beaten by a male in the female category?

Ian H: A trans woman was the winner. Your deliberate misgendering is likely to inflame antagonism & even violence [violent eyeroll - Ed.] towards an already vulnerable group of people.

icowden: Are we really reduced to saying that women with wombs were beaten by a woman who previously owned testicles?

Ian H: I think what you're saying is that you're happy to use abusive & inflammatory language towards a small group of people who already suffer a huge amount of abuse.

matticus: It's the ABUSE that should be cracked down on; not the use of scientifically correct language.

Ian H: What about legally correct language?

A Jowwy Award goes to Ian for his pent up desire to compel realityphobic speech whilst ramping up the fear of ill-defined "abuse", which is sure to include... drumroll please... "misgendering".

Perhaps he can go into coalition with Ed Davey.

Quote from: bobzmyunkle
Not sure why it's always ianh who winds me up the most

I picture Ian drowning in Kool-Aid, like the apocryphal chicken holding its mouth open to the rain.

Quote from: icowden to AuroraSaab
The problem is that it isn't realistic to do [exclude male bodies from changing rooms]… There are also some transwomen who you could not distinguish visually from a cis woman.

So whilst I agree with you that women's safety should be a consideration, I don't see that toilets are anything other than an irrelevant convenience…

[Takes icowden aside to discuss his career prospects] This is why you'll always be Robin. And I'm even reconsidering that.

Quote from: monkers to AS
Now there are women like you who wish to argue that others can not share their special word,

Monkers, are you sure you're not a guy? Because the way you're fetishising the word 'woman', I'm getting strong guy vibes here. You might want to have another look under the hood, is all I'm saying.

Quote from: bobzmyunkle
Quote from: multitool
You are doing your bit to contribute to an environment that is hostile to TW, sneakily eliding them with predators...

Couldn't call your elision sneaky.

Post of the day.

And word of the day: elision.

A helpful reminder of inflammatory language

Quote from: multitool (is it sinking in yet?)
Those of us without diseased minds saw a huge number of non-trans people showing up because they didn't want that little fascist cûnt stirring up hate in their country…

Little Kellie knows the game is up. She's niche. Real niche. Most people aren't hate-filled cùnts.

Normal Island
Quote from: Ian H
Language is important.

So I'm given to understand.

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What do you know, it's Gender again.
Quote from: AuroraSaab
Quote from: monkers
If you can't define what a woman is, what chance does the IOC or Keir Starmer have?

We all know what a woman is. This ridiculous game of pretending no one knows it's biological material reality is simply a way of trying to undermine provision for women by suggesting anyone can be a woman because 'What's a woman??? Nobody knows!! It's a mystery! We can all be women!'

Asking 'What is a woman?' isn't a test of knowledge. It's a test of who is prepared to lie.

Andrew again. Because despite some of the dated references, this never gets old.

Quote from: theclaud to icowden
Thanks but I don't need you, Aurora, or any other self-appointed authority to explain [DSDs] to me.

You can't move for bumping into self-appointed authorities.

Quote from: theclaud & Dame Katy to AuroraSaab
Mate. Stop concern-trolling elite African athletes. Your idea of 'protecting women's sports' involved sanctioning the inspection of Ohio schoolgirls' genitalia by medics. You need to sit the fuck down.

Concern trolling: disingenuously expressing concern about an issue in order to undermine or derail genuine discussion. Which doesn’t even come close to describing AS. It does, however, fit the M.O. of at least one bona fide woman hater on the thread, who doubtless will swoop in later today (it’s very very early on the 25th as I contemplate this nonsense – where does the time go), grateful to have the venerable claud on side. Another Orwell misquote comes to mind.

5 hours later…
Quote from: multitool
They aren't even interested in women's sport, otherwise there would be some interest in the real issues surrounding women's sport, like inequality of opportunity, pay differentials, abuse, media coverage etc, not this fake moral panic that women's sport is over because somebody did a park run [and stab. - Ed.]

As Ive said before, if it wasnt wanging on and on about trans women it would be 5g or covid lockdown/vaccines, because the truth is these weirdo obsessives have a psychological predisposition for this sort of thing. Do these people never read their own twitter feeds and have even a fleeting moment of self-awareness?

The 2nd paragraph didn't survive an edit, and I wasn't obsessive enough to catch it in an archive save. Or was I.

It's possible he had a fleeting look at his own feed, followed by a moment of self-awareness.

on edit: Must look into this 5g situation.

Quote from: monkers
Here's Forrest.

Here's an antidote to Forrest:

And here's a better one since provided, though it's doubtful most will even scroll to the bottom of the sources page. I certainly had trouble. Not enough pictures.

Quote from: Bromptonaut
I'd imagine the chromosomal abnormalities are a medical specialism of their own.

Quote from: theclaud to AuroraSaab
Every time you post you drive a wedge between people whose interests have hitherto been compatible or at least mutually intelligible. But of course that's the point. Those with any sense intuitively understand that solidarity with LGBT people in the face of a reactionary assault on their rights and those of women is a no brainer.

Placeholder for the essay this deserves in response:

Those who have already jumped the shark become more obsessed and monomaniacal

At the risk of self-identifying as such:
One only has so much time to be setting people aright unawares: it's wise to choose a specialist subject. So here I continue to be. Not sorry.

(Note how Arthur Fonzarelli channels multitool at the end)

Quote from: still theclaud
You're giving a whole new lease of life to the term Useful Idiot.

[Insert plug for book]

Quote from: Ian H
A small digression about 'level playing fields'. We went to a talk by Michael Hutchinson the other day (intelligently entertaining, if you get a chance). He made the point that his inate genetic advantages (an extra litre or so of blood and huge lung capacity) gave him the physical ability to perform as a top-level professional cyclist. Should he have been banned from men's sport or put into a separate category?

Have I got a book for you.

Quote from: Not Really Paying Attention Man
Personally, I believe that the discussion over access to sport and, to some extent, public toilets, takes away from the more important point about making sure that society treats people with issues about their gender, and not just those going down the more extreme routes of drug and surgical interventions fairly and not as if they are just weird or a threat to others [this link brought to you by Nothing To See Here, Move Along].

Bulk discounts available.

Quote from: theclaud
Quote from: Ian H
I do know some people like to compete in non-competitions. Some even claim to have 'won' an Audax event (they know who they are).

Isn't the usual formulation that Audaxes are for people who want to pretend they're not racing, and Sportives are for people who want to pretend that they are?

Thanks for the laugh, much needed. A lot more mileage to be gotten from the word 'pretend', but let's enjoy the moment.

Quote from: monkers
From memory there have been three women telling Aurora to sit down

You know who else keeps this kind of count? Multitool. Either they inspire each other, or they are each other.

In fact I briefly entertained the notion that monkers is amongst my readers (aka the silent majority), teasing me after I highlighted this phrase and used 'ad nauseam' [not sic], but I await a definitive sign.
Quote from: multime? on May 25, 2023
I bet you think you are part of the 'silent majority' don't you.

Hell, maybe they're me, setting 'em up for Aurora to knock 'em down – I'll have to check the tapes to see what I get up to when I'm supposedly "asleep". A textual analysis also shows some striking similarities in style between monkers and Gertrude/Theodore Blovius.

That multi has today changed his avatar to a native American almost clinches it, don't you think?

[There was a video here but a copyright lawyer ruined my fun]

Quote from: AndyRM
Since when was transactivism a men's right movement?

Because it isn't.
Quote from: my sweet summer child
it's all about inclusivity
and belittling the needs of the many

We're going to need a bigger thread.

Triggering: a work in progress
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Don't you love art?

Genre encore
Quote from: multitool
Me reading Aurora's posts

Multitool has inspired me to illustrate, with the finest of art, Emily Bridges's entirely rational reaction yesterday to British Cycling's new policy on trans athlete genocide, phase 1.

Quote from: Emily Bridges

British Cycling has just banned us from racing. This was to be announced at 11 am today,

but I'm done with this whole conversation being on their terms, and being controlled by them.

They have no authority to control this conversation anymore. Does it surprise me that the same organisation funded directly by a state that ships vulnerable refugees to Rwanda, violently clamps down on any political dissent that they disapprove of, or starves their people? No, of course, it doesn't.

The same organisation with actively homophobic coaches, who encouraged eating disorders and did nothing about any bullying between its riders. The same organisation where elite riders influence their policy when it doesn't fit their entitled and narrow worldview, with no ability for nuance or any desire to question the view that they've been told since birth.

Journalists have been circling like vultures

at a corpse for the last few days, gagging at the opportunity for a story or comment. British Cycling is a failed organisation, the racing scene is dying under your watch and all you do is take money from petrochemical companies

and engage in culture wars. You don't care about making sport more diverse, you want to make yourself look better and you're even failing at that. Cycling is still one of the whitest, straightest sports out there, and you couldn't care less.

This is a violent act.

When the government is expressing admiration towards Ron Desantis' fascist state which kidnaps children, and is itching to pass legislation to ban us from public life, this is a violent act. British Cycling are supporting this, they are furthering a genocide against us. Bans from sport is how it starts, look at what is going on in America.

It starts with sports bans, then youth and general healthcare and then bans from public life through bathroom bans. Just look at the situation, and who is on your side. When literal Nazis,

Keen Nazi, mixed media, a NACF original

conspiracy theorists and those who want our eradication are on your side, surely that should give you pause?

I agree that there needs to be a nuanced policy discussion and continue to conduct research, but this hasn't happened. Research isn't being viewed critically,

or any discussion about the relevance of the data to specific sports. Any discussion is inherently political and driven by bad faith actors, and the whole discussion is framed by the media who are driven through engagement by hate and funding from far-right ultra-capitalists. I've given my body up to science

for the last two years, and this data will be out soon. There is actual, relevant data coming soon and discussions need to be had.

I know a lot of people will think I'm being dramatic,

or overplaying how scary things are at the moment. I'm having to consider an exit plan from this terrible island and figure out what point enough is enough. It terrifies me to exist at the moment. I have friends getting hate crimed all the time, and my reality is that I can't look ahead to the future or make plans because I don't know if I'll be allowed to live that long.

Do you have any idea what that does to someone psychologically? To constantly see your existence being put up for debate, and the other side openly calling for our eradication? I don't even know if I want to race my bike any more,

the danger and everything that would come with racing makes it a pretty hard thing to justify to myself. But you have no right on telling me when I am done. This is my decision and mine alone.

Yeah, I might be speaking strongly at the moment, but this is my reality right now. It is literally a fight for survival for me and my family at the moment.

I hope the media have fun cherry-picking quotes from this and making me look hysterical.

In case you haven't heard enough.

And the band played on...
Quote from: theclaud, triggered by Aurora
Your absolute blindness to heteronormative gender ideology, which has had much more impact on all of us than any transgender orthodoxy, is one of the reasons you are so exasperating on this topic.

Quote from: unembarrassed multitool
Is that not the same with any issue where people are captured by some sort of fixed view of the world, which they want to imprint on everything, and everyone? The, for want of a better word, aspergic inability to see beyond their own fixed point, empathise with others, or, as you say, weigh up the realities of the world against their own vision filtered through dogmatism.

Quote from: theclaud
Maybe - in terms of dogmatism and intolerance of dissent or nuance, it feels like a flashback to being involved with the SWP at university - the relentless recruitment to a cause in place of normal social interaction. The reason no one wants the SWP around is not usually any specific political disagreement as such but more a resentment at being treated like fodder and as a person who can't possibly have thought already about something and ended up in a different place.

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Down for the count

Time for another tally. As of 6.24 this morning, multimuse's post count on THE thread stood at 840 since he arrived on the scene at the beginning of this year. AuroraSaab stands at 876 for the same time period, and nothing to indicate zealotry before that. Considering she has to defend her views against the dybbuky[1] duo multi & monkers – word count anyone? – not to mention Classic, Bromptonaut, Ian, newfhouse, the OP, and whoever else washes up to have a pop at her, with only the TERF trainee Robin {mostly} on side, bobzmyunkle stopping in for the occasional

at the Joker Don Logan [do keep up], and a sprinkling of others not onboard with the inclusive juggernaut, well… do your own math on this metric of obsession.

That I also keep coming back for more is down to unique circumstances which will only be news if you've just crash landed on this post: my interest in these matters, particularly the assaults on free speech, led to my being banned from CycleChat and Cycling UK as well as fatally hobbled at YACF. Oddly enough this fuelled my desire to not shut the fuck up about it.

As I'm stuck like a bug in my eye on one of my rides (I refuse to wear shades) in the uk cycling forum milieu, and none of the other forums appeal, that leaves me here in castle NACF with the literally thankless task of appreciating AS's overwhelmingly sensible posts, my only reward being that I get to gnaw my arm off in frustration at statements like this:

Quote from: theclaud
Sex is not a spectrum, but it is and always has been an unstable category, with contingent meanings, grey areas, and real-world situations that unsettle its certainties. If everything arising from it were so natural and inevitable, why would it need have needed the violent enforcement of the patriarchy over so many centuries, and why does it require so much cultural work (like the crusade you're on now) to uphold it?

'Crusade' is at least an equally apt description of what the resident TRA foot soldiers are up to, along with the sadly fallen Stonewall, Pink News, and the entire fevered apparatus devoted to convincing us that this testerical, science denying, regressive, homophobic, physically and mentally harmful, boundary invading and colonising, infuriating movement is a worthy cause. For the love of god, compare cults

[here's a helpful link to my own cult HQ], though the diktats and commandments of the trans ideology make it more like a state religion in some countries now.

Note the tactics that trans rights activists tend to use, silencing being far and away their fav, with a heavy helping of threats and a world class ability to shamelessly lie[2] (because like most things, lying works even better with great practice), as opposed to those of us 'gender critical' peeps inciting violence with our dictionaries, documentaries and Hachettes. We also hold ourselves to a standard of self reflection I've yet to see from them.

Yes, AuroraSaab can be annoying. People who are relentlessly right often are. Unfortunately she's at her weakest, and admittedly most annoying, when rebutting theclaud. I've mentioned before that she doesn't evidence much of a sense of humour, which is a pity, but forgivable given that her preoccupation is factual material


rather than conversational consensus building that's never going to happen anyway.

Claud complained yesterday that "almost everyone gets pissed off with [Aurora's] misrepresenting their positions".

"Almost everyone" appears to be the cohort which agrees with the intensely political Claud, and ignores that the usual suspects frequently leave themselves wiggle room by coming to the brink of saying something, then expressing bemusement that anybody with their brain turned on can finish the sentence. Then there are those who haven't thought their position through, giving Aurora the opportunity to (annoyingly, I'm sure) do their homework for them.

Claud also expressed lamentation about people being treated as if they can't "possibly have thought already about something and ended up in a different place." This is definitely something all concerned should have a think about. I have, and concluded that a) too many NACAns obviously haven't made much of an effort to educate themselves, given the ill-informed posts they continue to make after nearly 300 pages of this, and b) it's not our fault they're still in the wrong place. c) I'd insert a smiley here, but, you know.

1. No prizes for guessing I was aiming for a dy- word instead of dynamic.

2. One tiny example of a fabrication out so very many on offer. And what's this nearby?
Quote from: PH
if you look at their previous posts they're largely ignored

So true, dear 'bot; better to be left to my own devices than smothered with attention by the mediocre. Let us compound my masochism in reliving that sorry episode by cueing the following dollop of irony, which isn't coming near any playlist of mine despite other examples of the genre which shall remain nameless.

3. Has Captain's Blog been cancelled, or just fallen through the cracks? I'd ask ChatGPT, but it'd probably ignore me, too.

4, though there was no 4. Why 'Fin'? Because that's how the last post ended, and for a nanosecond I considered that would be a good place for the sweet release of a full stop. It has become abundantly clear if I keep visiting, I'll keep writing about it here.[3]

Deplorables watch
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In keeping with the arty theme of the last few posts, I was after a painting to mark my return to NACA. Here is what Google gave me. It'll do.

Ya boo sucks
Quote from: glasgowcyclist
There’s barely a topic on here that isn’t being ruined by the trading of slurs, which is so tiresome that it’s ruining the forum...

I’ll start: Hey, @Pale Rider, I was going to give you a nasty look, but I see you already have one.

You mean my doppelgänger is back? Yay?

Quote from: First.Aspect

Sorry, wrong forum.

Quote from: Pale Rider
Quote from: albion
You simply click ignore to get rid of the tedious posters.

Certainly an option, but if I were minded to click ignore I would be more minded to not bother logging in at all.

The ignore option is kind of silly for a place like this.

Time for a PEP talk
Quote from: CXRAndy
Quote from: Pale Rider
Farage is a bit of a nutter, so I'm not interested in his case.

You should be, because banks have decided collectively to act as social behaviour judge and jury. Hiding behind tipping off legislation conducting a purge those who have a different opinion.

This is a very dangerous situation, your whole life could destroyed if you can't operate without a bank account.

Pretty much sums up the issue.

Quote from: newfhouse
Are the people complaining that banks are choosing who they want as customers the same ones that think that cake shops should be allowed to discriminate against LGBT clients? I think some of them may be.

And that sums up the left. At least the new left.

Quote from: CXRAndy
Quote from: multitool
Always unverifiable claims from these people.

Well for starters, reverend was de-banked recently for questioning pride merchandising in his branch. Alexandra Tolstoy was de-banked very recently, numerous politicians have spoken having their accounts closed without reason.

Now with the knowledge of subject access is out there. I expect many many more will become public news. Obviously many will want to keep quite publicly and just go through the channels of appeal.

You're blinded by the fact its Nigel Farage who has stirred this up. Who knows actually how many people companies have been de-banked or had accounts closed for no apparent reason.

Whether its a storm in teacup or a endemic culture will become clearer in due course.

It will be an great result if banks cannot arbitrarily close accounts without due and open process.

Obviously Nigel will get all the commendations for championing the cause.

You can thank him later, with a piece of humble pie

If Doubting Thomas had made it past security he would be busy liking CXRAndy's sterling work on this thread. I'm honestly not sure if I mean that literally, but even as I'm typing it I'm thinking yeah, let's do as the Romans do for a change. So much for what could have been an interesting alternate timeline.

Post Of The Day, from early in the thread:
Quote from: Ian H
I suspect it'll prove to be a storm in a very small teacup.

Unfair as it is to blame a guy for not seeing the future, when it's coming from someone with a proven track record for missing the blindingly obvious even as it's unfolding before his eyes, my conscience is clear. (I'm hard on Ian H because I like him despite his multiple Jowwy Awards. Do I have to explain what a Jowwy Award is at this point?)

Quote from: Ian H
Can't we all just enjoy the comedy?

Turns out we can't.

Quote from: Pale Rider
If you were on your way to work in Barclays in The Strand you'd be tempted to spit on Coutts' window as you walked past.

Quote from: CXRAndy
Quote from: multitool
Farage, and anyone who supports or admires him, is a cùnt

I see you have issues

Yes. Yes he does. But I've spent enough time on cunts.

Quote from: theclaud
Cunts the lot of you.

Ya Boo sucks again? Very well.

Quote from: theclaud
one of those dissolved spoilers, far too fancy for NACF
I feel compelled to add, lest anyone be genuinely hurt by this, that I don't actually mean it - it is, in fact, traditional greeting that I use with a small group of very dear friends.

How to know if you're in Claud's inner circle: you're a cunt.

Seriously, of course it's how you say it. "Cunts the lot of you" in this context is almost jolly. I've highlighted 'cunts' as used by the likes of multitool because he is exceptionally nasty, and even given that calling people you despise cunts is standard practice in the UK, using it on a woman the way he did in the example I've linked is a sign that, as Andy put it, he has issues; just slightly different issues than Andy is referring to here.

Having said all that, Claud (or any woman) can get away with calling anyone a cunt. That's just the way it is. Kind of a perk I guess.

Quote from: CXRAndy
Free speech is non negotiable, sacred

Which is why I'm back watching NACA (incidentally we're back to PEP talk now). It's the only cycling forum I'm aware of that allows it. Though they prefer daffodils to cunts.

Quote from: CXRAndy
Quote from: mudsticks
His financial status notwithstanding -
As a business if they don't want his custom, if they don't want to be associated with his nasty views, and dodgy dealing, grifting ways

First banks should not be making political decisions on customers accounts. They are banks for money

I would agree with you if and it's a big if. Cash was still a viable way to operate in life. But banks have almost eliminated cash and only want online, cashless system.

To debank is to literally cancel someone out of society

It always amazes me when people can't see past partisan concerns to the greater threats we face. The thread is full of head-against-wall comments from the usual suspects.

Just Stop P*ssing Everyone Off
theclaud: Pretty much anything is nicer than Surrey. Contrary to popular belief, there's not even a fringe on top.

Pale Rider: No doubt it will annoy Claud, but I'm going to explain the cultural reference because I don't think everyone will get it. One of the Rodgers and Hammerstein classic songs from the film Oklahoma! was The Surrey with the Fringe on the Top. The song grew legs and became a jazz standard.

I was one of those who didn't get the reference, so PR was performing an underappreciated public service here. Even though it is an easy Google.

Pale Rider: I'm going to explain the cultural reference…

newfhouse: No shït.

Pale Rider: because I don't think everyone will get it.

newfhouse: We’re not all Sun readers. [Linked that for you - Ed.]

Pale Rider: Blimey, I was only trying to annoy Claud. Apologies if you knew all about it, but you are so dense in other respects I couldn't be sure you'd be up to speed on Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals.

newfhouse: Don’t laugh at my jokes too much
People will say we’re in love.

God I missed the pillow talk.

The morning after...
Ya boo sucks
Quote from: CXRAndy
I'm having great fun with this forum.

Trigger happy lefty wokies.

Simply state a fact, watch the insults fly

While it's not hard to understand the appeal of shorthand like "lefty wokies", it's just so much white noise to me now.

Quote from: multitool
Turning up to an obscure cycling forum to "trigger lefty wokies" seems a bit of tragic way to 'have fun'.

Especially considering nobody is triggered by you, and the only people laughing is everybody... you.

I keep this on hand for special occasions.

Quote from: Pale Rider
There is fun to be had by reading the outraged responses of the woke lefties one here, even if those responses are entirely predictable.

Quote from: multitool
Nobody is outraged.

How about triggered? That work for you?

Quote from: icowden
It is all so pathetically predictable.

« Reply #126 on: August 02, 2023 »

Just us wannabes.

Justice for wannabes! A reminder of the STATEMENT FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE concerning my LATEST ban from CycleChat.

Just Stop P*ssing Everyone Off
Quote from: the other Pale Rider
Even if I get bored (again) and stop posting, someone else will be along.

Do catch up.

Quote from: Ian H
The meaning of PARODY is a literary or musical work in which the style of an author or work is closely imitated for comic effect or in ridicule

Tell us again how parody works, George.

Quote from: theclaud
Quote from: icowden
I don't think you understand what Net Zero is. It's when you don't generate more CO2 than is being absorbed by nature and/or CO2 reclaiming methods.

TMN to Mudsticks.

TMN = TinyMyNewt, a regular on CC back in what I think of as its golden age. Before getting banned herself, Newt

achieved lasting fame, if continued references to TMNing are anything to go by. It means to more or less repeat what someone has said

without attribution.

Quote from: Pale Rider
Quote from: theclaud
Quote from: Pale Rider

(More pillow talk ↑ just upthread.)

As I don't have recall on TMN's posting history, I'm going to have to assume she was amongst the "woke lefties" that pain him so.

Quote from: Ian H
I think your avatar just cracked.

That reminds me of one of the reasons I chose Pale Rider: We both wear hats.

FFS get to the hats. But don't miss the footsie.

mudsticks: View attachment

Pale Rider: Ooo. a classic BMC A series engine before they turned it sideways to put in the original Mini. By trying to have pop at me, you've unwittingly come up with some fascinating motoring history.

mudsticks: Oh do stop trying to make it all about you - again. It isn't personal.

Oh, it mostly is. Mostly. Just because you use a shotgun rather than a rifle doesn't mean your target won't get hit.

Gender again. Sorry!
AuroraSaab: A few years ago you could be sure that anybody in the women's toilets was female, regardless of how they looked. As a result of trans identifying men pushing to use women's single sex spaces and services, that is no longer the case… [In 2015] Stonewall started pushing the transactivist agenda and using their training schemes and Index grift to mislead employers into thinking that men could use women's facilities and services, and thus giving the green light to men to cross previously accepted boundaries.

Bromptonaut: my experience of working with a transwomen predates by the best part of a decade the alleged Stonewall campaign you mention.


Bromptonaut: Do you think that if you keep children ignorant of this stuff they're less likely to experiment?

CXRAndy: A time and place. So do you explicitly describe what is like to have a man come in your mouth?

Bromptonaut: At an appropriate age there is IMO absolutely no reason why that, including addressing the spit/swallow question, should be off limits.

Which is my way of saying are you fucking serious?

Quote from: multitool
Quote from: CXRAndy
But it's apparent that vast majority of women do not want men of any type in their spaces.

Except that isn't true.

Tell us again how most women feel, George.

{rabbit hole}

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What I would really like is for each post to be anonymous, ie, the bit on the left which shows our user names to be blank.

That way, everyone could only respond to the words.

It would finally get rid of the 'playing the man' on NACA which has been its most pressing problem for years.

Most regulars are instantly recognisable by their style. Still, it would be an interesting experiment.

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It got worse, then it got even worser.

While assuming the worst in those who have proven to your satisfaction to be utter morons can save a significant amount of time, it's best to keep at least a half open mind, no matter how painful. Even I once awarded multitool – multitool – post of the year.

animated gif alert

(Courtesy @craigwend from the political jokes thread: "Remember - Attack the post not the poster…")

Ah, mem'ries.

A real racist
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What a stupid, ignorant post.

As if racism only becomes racism after it hits a certain threshold.

Your second sentence makes the point perfectly.

Why detract from it with your first sentence? It can serve only to become the focus of his response and your point will be lost in the inevitable trading of provocations.


Daily Moron versus The TrollGraph
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Question is, which one has the most predicably stupid reader comments?

Poll invalid without The Guardian

media group.

Daily Fail
The monkeys (no offence, I also share the same amount of DNA*) have been handed a newspaper from the outside world. One sees himself, manages a rictus grin. Others shrug and carry on with their labours, either incurious, or what curiosity they can muster sated from their last look at a mirror.

* with monkeys. Not so sure about all NACAns.

on edit: Would've been better if I'd done a Mirror parody.

Chiels that do ding
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[Ah, the Why Can't We All Just Get Along thread, edition #2,756 - theclaud]
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It's a sign of the times that NACA is now confined to the high security wing

NACA and NACF are twinned: you people in your cell, me in mine. Perhaps we can tap out messages?

If tapping doesn't work...

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Weirdo stalker gets even weirder and stalkerish.
Quote from: attributed to Jane Goodall
Funny how everyone wants to be noticed, but notice them too much and they get all weird about it.

Quote from: Ian H
I try to be pleasant to everyone. No spine, me.

Read this (and this) and thought of Ian:
Quote from: Kevin McKenna
Ms Cherry is notorious for speaking her mind and using actual facts in a belligerent, aggressive and aggressively belligerent way.

We Scots are fond of using Robert Burns’s old locution “facts are chiels that winna ding and downa be disputed”. But surely as a nation we have progressed well beyond the time when this tired old poet of ill repute was advancing his patriarchal propaganda. Sometimes facts are chiels that do ding.

Gender again.
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I've wasted a good deal of my life being tolerant when I really ought to have been more militant.

A common complaint over at Mumsnet, funnily enough.

Porn cult
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I've got nothing new to say about NACA today,* so have decided to go with clickbait instead, inspired by winjim

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the entire gender critical movement is a cult
Quote from: winjim
Quote from: winjim
you have been indoctrinated into a cult.

and Pulitzer Prize-winning Andy Long Chu

Quote from: Andrea Long Chu
Getting fucked makes you a woman because fucked is what a woman is.

* Spoke too soon.
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I work in healthcare. If Graham Linehan needed care and I was part of the team providing it, I would absolutely do my job to the best of my ability, same as I would for anyone else.

Edit: if he came in and started spouting transphobic gibberish that might be another matter since my workplace is a safe and inclusive space for LGBTQIA+ people but that would be on him, not on us.

That's quite an edit.

Quote from: winjim
I have been thrown out of venues in the past for being a c*nt. It wasn't discrimination, I was just being a c*nt.

I suppose a hospital is just another venue...

Winjim, mate, sorry to inform that you're being a bit of a *cunt* right now.

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Not a cult at all then. [Helpful link added - Ed.]
Step away. From the keyboard.
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Quote from: Pale Rider the lesser
Jimjim''s going to start swearing again in a minute, I can feel it coming.
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F*ck off. Again.

I'll set 'em up, and you knock 'em down.

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Don't flatter yourself, I didn't even read your post before I wrote my reply.

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The venue were happy to host controversial material which in the current climate they must have known was probably going to include some tedious opinions regarding gender. But hosting Graham Linehan was just a step too far for them.
Quote from: AuroraSaab
You approvingly platformed the Twitter musings of a convicted child sex offender yesterday so I'm not sure you're best placed to decide what a step too far is.
Quote from: winjim
I refer you to my previous answer. [Always with the helpful links, me. - Ed.]

Sensible people don't regard the reality of sex as a mere "belief", btw. Unfortunately that's the way the cookie crumbled with the Forstater decision.

Quote from: theclaud
Glinner, or Unleashed

or whoever, doesn't have a scintilla of a case against the venue under equality law, and threats to sue on that basis are vexatious bullying, cock-waving, and scandal-mongering.

Looking in the wrong direction for bullying and cock-waving. [Pro tip: cleanse your browser history after that 2nd link especially]

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Historical fiction:
His trousers fell to his knees and he pulled his clanger clear of his oversized shorts before wrenching her skirt up and ripping the front of her knickers away.

"You can ring my bell any time," she purred.

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there's only one thing worse than being talked about right..??

You rang?