Author Topic: Lovely daaaaaaaaaaaaaay


Lovely daaaaaaaaaaaaaay
« on: September 25, 2021 »
Autumn still hanging onto summer: check

Bike feels good: check

I feel good: check

New roadie in the making:

Give him time. On my ride today I ran into Ian and Ollie (Oli? Olly? Sorry guys, I forgot to fact-check the spelling) in that classic scene we don't see enough of around here.

Everything old is new again. It's too early to talk about toeclips vs clipless anyway.

What's this? Victuals for thirsty cyclists?

And any passing brides and grooms, apparently.
They were nice enough to offer me a drink.

Call it an allegory.

Surprisingly, all quiet on the western front.

Let's zoom in and see why:

It's de rigueur [even with Brexit we're still allowed to use French words] to include a picture of the bike.

We could spend ages watching the passing scene on a day such as this.