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Author Topic: Dealbreakers

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Institutional integrity.


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What he said.

NBC News
...and doubling down

Quote from: Kathleen Stock
The gaslighting will continue til morale improves

Quote from: hellamomzilla
I just want to point out that The New Yorker insists on a house style which uses "élite" instead of the standard American "elite," without the fancy diacritical mark. And yet can't use pronouns in describing the known sex of a person correctly.


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Coherence. For the love of god.

The cognitive dissonance goes nuclear starting @ 3.07. Great example you've set, Sir Keir.

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(Let’s get this out of the way: I haven’t a clue what Aretha would make of gender ideology. It just happens to be her birthday.)

It has been suggested that she's actually being quite canny: biology indeed has the answers, and biologists who haven’t been captured by the ideology

will tell us what’s what – and we call know what’s what – but meanwhile I’m not stepping in front of this freight train.
Well maybe. Still depressing.

God help me for embedding the following {quite entertaining} video from Satan’s lair, but it's freighted with too much truth to ignore. Shame on “progressives” for making us shed light on the sanity of Hannity Carlson. Damn, so close.

When we've got a US Supreme Court nominee seen to be scratching her head over something cavemen knew, and politicians like James Murray apparently content to look like a mung bean (an insult which alas doesn't work as well without the right setup), I'd say this uncharted territory deserves close scrutiny and all hands on deck.

Quote from: Artichokeleaves
Science says there's no simple answer to define 'woman.' USA Today
Of course what they mean is, they know and everyone else knows it's adult human females and politically a group of TQ+ people of both sexes who would like the immersive fiction of being in fact the other sex than the one they are, and who do not appreciate such material reality being stated anywhere at any time and have successfully made this group politically afraid to say so.

What Is A Woman, Judge Jackson?
It is easy to mock her response. But it was not, from a progressive perspective, an easy question to answer. It forces the respondent to navigate several competing and contradictory left-wing claims about sex and identity.

The first is that the United States is, in some enduring sense, “a patriarchy”—that is, it was designed by men to benefit men and subjugate women. This claim requires a definition of the word “woman” so clear and unambiguous that a group of men could successfully construct an entire social order dedicated to the oppression of women...

What is a man?

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Cognitive dissonance

Just a few posts ago I was complaining about this, but it allows society to function, and where would be be without society? Bored out of our skulls.


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Sense of humour.

Lesbian visibility week started yesterday with a bang.

Quote from: Pawtriarchal
I could just hear this Sound of Music style:

L, a dear, an inclusive dear
G, only always a man or son
B, for bi, they call themselves
T, must be included by everyone
Q, white, straight, and probably wed
I, sidelined by those above
A, not interested in a double bed
That will bring us back to Do, oh, oh, oh


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I didn't want to turn this into another trans thread! Where's free willy when you need it.

I post a lot on this subject.* It's gotten to the point that I almost feel like apologising. What about Ukraine? Global warming? The inevitable heat death of the universe? Sorry, Posie Parker is more interesting.

Quote from: NecessaryScene
She's not reaching new viewers - they've been hearing about this over and over because it's the juiciest thing the right has over the left at this moment in time, so they can't get enough of it!

Another common misconception. On any political topic, the vast majority of the population aren't even vaguely aware of it.

I don't recall who said this, but there's a general rule here - if you're involved or interested in a topic, then by the time you're absolutely sick of hearing it and think there's nothing more to say, and it's being flogged to death in the media - that's about the point the median citizen will first notice it and say "what's all this about then?"

Stuff like JK Rowling tweeting about Alex Drummond yesterday, which in turn got it into the Daily Mail today. For a huge number of people, that will be their very first concept of the idea of a "beardy lesbian".

We have to keep hammering away at this, over and over and over, just to raise consciousness. Which means people like Posie going onto platforms like Carlsons with huge numbers of "normie" viewers who do not spend their lives on Twitter in the middle of GC vs TRA bunfights.

* Mostly reposting other people's posts
and endless links

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Freedom from compelled speech.

The Legal Feminist, on grammar and grievance:
You can’t defend irrational beliefs with reason. By and large genderists don’t try: instead, their strategy has been to attempt to leapfrog over the usual campaigning, lobbying, arguing, persuading phases of bringing about profound cultural and legal change, and to pretend instead that the desired outcome is already accepted by all right-thinking people – and to silence dissent by visiting dire consequences on anyone who questions that claim. That, I believe, is the whole reason for the vitriol and toxicity that surrounds this subject. Anyone who points out the absurdity of propositions like “some women have penises” must be howled down as a bigot, shamed, no-platformed, hounded from her job, kicked off her course, etc. That way, any doubter who lacks an appetite for martyrdom will be persuaded to steer clear of the whole debate – and insist if pressed that this subject is all too complicated and toxic, and they simply haven’t found the time or head-space to form a view.

The more insidious part of the strategy is the first part: the pretence that the contentious propositions that form genderist beliefs are already accepted without question by all educated, right-thinking people. Genderists make determined efforts to weave their claims seamlessly into our language and the fabric of our workplace culture, with the aim of converting contentious claims into the kind of tacit knowledge that doesn’t even need to be stated or formulated...

The mechanism by which pronouns are supposed to make the workplace more open and inclusive is that they demonstrate your support of genderist beliefs, but without requiring you to say anything explicit. They bolster and entrench the idea that gender identity is more important than sex, while maintaining the appearance of a trivial, harmless courtesy.

Which brings us to Elon Musk's purchase of Twitter.

There is a great deal of worry in some quarters that truth will be allowed to break out.

The sale of Twitter to Elon Musk would be a victory for disinformation and the people who peddle it. Musk could unleash a wave of toxicity and harassment and undo Twitter’s efforts to increase quality engagement and make its platform safer for users,” staff for Media Matters, a left-leaning media non profit, wrote Monday.

Erin Reed, a prominent LGBTQ+ activist with a Twitter following nearing 44,000, said the platform has been instrumental in communicating and organizing with other advocates and interacting directly with legislators.

But Reed, who mostly uses her account to sound the alarm on anti-LGBTQ+ legislation moving across the country, told Changing America that she and others are considering at least a partial departure from the platform over negative comments made by Musk about LGBTQ+ people, particularly transgender and nonbinary people.

Musk in 2020 took to Twitter to share his opinion on personal pronouns, writing from his account that “pronouns suck.” Later that year, Musk said social media accounts displaying personal pronouns were “an esthetic nightmare,” and the Human Rights Campaign demanded an apology after he posted a meme deriding users who put their pronouns in their social media bios.

Twitter has long been an #estheticnightmare.

A little late on the toxicity and harassment front. It seems Media Matters are unaware of the torrent of violent imagery and misogyny that comes through the transoms of JK Rowling and less well known gender critics every day of the week. Women have been kicked off the platform for heresy rather than hate, unless that word has been redefined to include pointing out that men aren't in fact women – something I'm confident Mary, born 263 years ago today, would agree with. But never mind. Media Matters:

Any negotiations to sell Twitter to Musk must include clear enforceable mechanisms to uphold and maintain existing community standards, including the removal of those who violate those standards.”

Yes, there's some scary stuff about white supremacists and The Donald, but I think the chief worry is that the reality remodelling project, of which this is another plank, may not be allowed to continue as it has been.

I have no view on Musk's worthiness. We both agree that the sky is blue and that compelled or just heavily encouraged use of pronouns, particularly ones that don't come naturally, is wrong.

Alternate view/interesting experiment:
Quote from: mudgetastic
I must admit I'd be happy to call everyone they as i still don't see the point of continually referring to someone's sex and I don't want to give people gender limitations or descriptions

However I would expect Them to afford you the same respect 

Everyone is they them or no one

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I'd say bullying your mum belongs on this list, though I suppose mums will forgive just about anything.

Quote from: Victoria Smith
I have female friends whose daughters have disidentified from femaleness. In doing so, have seen fit to lecture their mothers on how they — mere older women — could not possibly understand what it is like not to feel at home in one’s female body or to reject the social identities imposed on female people. When my friends initially protested that on the contrary, they knew exactly what it was like — that they, too, had complex inner lives, and had only come to accept their bodies after fighting to reject the meanings imposed on them — their children did not believe them. Instead, they saw a bigotry that had to be combated with an even more aggressive form of disidentification.