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The Censorship Hall of Fame
« on: December 18, 2021 »
I am attempting to compile a 'Top 10' style list of instances of censorship, blatant or covert, perhaps for publication. To qualify open discussion of a subject must have been actively suppressed by the media, institutions of power or governments.

Covid dissent probably ranks at #1 for me, followed by questioning the primacy of 'gender' over biological sex at #2.

Censorship is, in my opinion, a sign of right wing supremacy, particularly when exercised by the left.

Any more?


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Can I say house prices? I'll say house prices. Sure, a journalist occasionally strays from the herd and admits that they aren't just high, they're insane. The damage to quality of life is largely unexamined. So much is affected by them that doesn't get talked about. This seems a truth too far for both left and right.

Hand in hand with this is the pretence that the Bank of England is independent, and has an interest in anything other than keeping asset prices high.

Apologies if that's not quite what you're after.

You might find good hunting at naked capitalism.

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Yes! Exactly the sort of thing. Scandalous.

More an open secret perhaps but I reckon it qualifies. Credit crunch should have blown it open but of course free market capitalism put the mockers on that.

I do have a couple of other things lined up - the persecution of Jewish Labour Party members who happen to support Palestinian autonomy and be left wing for example.

Also the marketing of electric cars given environmental costs of wind turbines and battery storage.

Any more for any more?


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Project Censored is always on the case.

Project Censored’s co-directors, Mickey Huff and Andy Lee Roth, title their introduction to this year’s edition of State of the Free Press, “A Return to News Normalcy?” drawing a direct parallel between our world today to that of post-World War I America, “When the United States faced another raging pandemic and economic recession,” with other sources of tumult as well: “The United States then had experienced a crackdown on civil liberties and free speech in the form of Espionage and Sedition Acts; racial tensions flared during the Red Summer of 1919 as violence erupted from Chicago to Tulsa; Prohibition was the law of the land; and the first wave of US feminism ended with the passage of the 19th Amendment.” At the time, they noted, “People yearned for a return to ‘normalcy,’ as then–presidential hopeful Warren G. Harding proclaimed.”

But it was not to be…

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I've changed my mind - Search Engine Optimisation must be #1.