Author Topic: London Bike Show: The Horror


London Bike Show: The Horror
« on: February 14, 2014 »

Spotted across from the Rapha stand. Imagine having to stare at the lack of an apostrophe all day.

That's better.

Free tip offered exclusively at Not Another Cycling Forum: To avoid the steep entrance charge, say you're a journalist. You'll be directed to escort yourself to the press office, which crucially for the purposes of this tip is inside the showroom.

It is not necessary to take the most direct route even if you do have credentials. To illustrate this I did an image search of "circuitous route", yielding a vintage Family Circus:

It is conceivable you could exit, having had your fill of bike stuff, without bothering the nice press office people.

I didn't take many pictures this time around, but these caught my eye:

As councils across Britain continue to scrimp on road repairs, it may be time to move on from skinny wheels

The military deploys its anti-freeloader detection 'bot