Author Topic: The fourth plinth


The fourth plinth
« on: January 01, 2014 »
I sometimes feel as if the space
  hereby christened the fourth plinth
    should have something
      other than a clickable chevron that unveils further functionality.

Different drummer?
  too obvious
    I've got enough obvious going on
      in the masthead.

Blue cockerel?
  when the Trafalgar Sq people are done with it?
    maybe not too blue
      but too cockerel.
Far from the madding crowd?
  again too obvious
    and madding is perhaps pretentious
      although to whom is the question.

By a misanthrope, for misanthropes?
  but I'm not
    I'm just different
      everybody loves me baby.

Lost in translation?
  sounds familiar...
    it's been said incest is best
      (bikes were invented to help sort that.)

This space for rent?
  my sites have always been ad free
    like the BBC
      and always will be.

Something subtle?
  almost invisibly threaded in?
    whether or not the effort is worth the candle never enters into it
      filigree high in the rafters.

A beat up old shoe?
  symbolising the tried and true?
    or that the journey continues?
      unless you're Mr Magorium.

The anthropic principle?
  that's just random weirdness
    even so I could probably work with it
       actually it wouldn't be that hard.

Chances are I'll leave the fourth plinth alone
  after all.