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Velosolo Club gift ideas
« on: December 12, 2021 »
For that special someone who finishes most if not all of your sentences.

Feeling SMIDSY'd? Angle to confirm your existence to remove any doubt.

It's not always enough to have a song in your heart. Try bone conduction if you're worried.

Experience gift
Share a socially distanced song with Mr Alone Again (Naturally) himself, just like young Gary.

Also available: four years on a desert island. Includes volleyball and discount voucher for a lawyer to help you get your affairs in order first.

Inflatable cycling buddy
Packs into a sensibly sized saddlebag, for those times when you want just the right amount of company. Beats a volleyball, anyway.

Roff Smith is the one wearing pants

Vintage viralware. Two jerseys in one, so good value.

Socks Inner tube
A fresh start for the new year, after which it's back to make due and mend. You still darn your socks, don't you?

Something different

No, not a saddle. Moon shoes! Put a spring in your step.

Like people and especially cyclists, rabbits are social animals, but they can get on fine with a big funny-looking bunny (while doubtless pitying you for your genetically inferior ears – talk about audiophiles). Makes a great companion, as long as you only go out when he’s asleep. Avoid crepuscular hours on the road and you’re good to go.

It's getting late, I wonder if he's had a puncture

Velosolo Club gift ideas
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You saw the performance –

now buy the book. Out just in time for Christmas.

Velosolo Club gift ideas
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Velosolo Club gift ideas
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For me?
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It's customary to open one present on Christmas Eve.

Looks thin. What could it be?

Someone have a word with the art department, there's only supposed to be one cyclist.

Thanks a lot, I'll put it with the others.