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Having lately posted of the joys of night riding, quite by accident I have discovered the pleasures of dawn.

You’d think this would have happened naturally, for example as the expected reward of a Friday night ride to the coast, but it hasn’t; the dawn, to me at least, has been strangely indistinguishable from the darkness that has crept away from it. But actually starting in the glow of a new day? That’s something I haven’t done on purpose.

Is this how my eyes see things before my brain turns them around?

I simply worked a bit later one night, missing my usual 3 to 5 slot. That's all. Serendipity from the mundane. It’s been a revelation.

The beauty of riding at daybreak, in addition to the obvious beauty – imagine being paced by a deer running through a meadow in a new morning's mist, which sounds impossibly twee until you've experienced it – is that the roads are still quiet, and I can go a bit faster if I so please (caution taking the lead in the dark).

Plus fewer zombies.