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This afternoon, after fitting a new tyre

Blatant product placement

and rolling a bit more electrical tape onto the handlebars

We're all in the tape family here

of the only bike that hasn't let me down, I checked the Met Office, Yr, the BBC, and finally the sky on the state of the weather. After a bit of a wait, roughly equivalent to normal faffing anyway, I was able to set off without fear of melting. The theme of the ride was "Thank god I'm not riding a creaky bike today."

Alternate theme: the wonder of gypsum

I wonder if they dig up many fossils,

mostly because I'm reading a book about fossils. You noticed those toe clips, right? Clearly I'm a dinosaur, myself.

Velosaurus with a curious crest

The mess left over from recent hedge trimming was a good test for the new tyre.

You killed the dinosaurs, CO2, haven't you done enough?

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In honour of the departed Jan Morris, on today's ride I stopped back at the bookshop.

A better gift than nail polish.

We meet again.

The sound of children playing sends shivers down my spine, what with them being particularly efficient plague vectors.

Kipling disdaining overfamiliarity with a couple who were not at all surprised an American wanted to take their picture. (Earlier in the ride, Sit Down had Shuffled into my ears, immediately followed by the urge to catch someone on that bench. I got lucky.)

Every morning she crosses the road and drops them off, no questions asked.

Annex oast for boozy granny.

Local eyesore.

Another local eyesore. Helmet hair might be a better look.

Miles: 23ish
Climbing: 84,000"
Castles passed: 1
Kiplings passed: 1
Rekindled love affairs: 1 (whoa there)
Hair: .44mm longer
Another day older