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Don't Bring Me Down
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My usual nom de plume is taking a break.

Early morning ride to beat the rain forecast for later. Started with the good bike, but the road was wet so turned around and grabbed the second spare in line for the roadie throne because it has mudguards. This entailed once again picking my way up and down our extravagently muddy driveway. In these shoes.

Headed to the station to reminisce about the old days when I would actually get on trains and go other places.

Another thing relegated to the imaginarium for the time being is a regular haircut, which is another reason to avoid mirrors. Scrolling through the previous page will provide evidence of what I turn into.

Yes, there are more pictures of the bike ahead. This was my other impulse buy, the impulse being all my bikes seem to be breaking, I'd better get another one quick. Its previous owner apparently someone in need of a scratching post, it spends its many idle hours locked to a ladder in the shed, giving impulse thieves who only really want a ladder a headache.

It occurs to me not for the first time that I could use an extra tooth. On the cog, that is. This has about the same gear inches as the rest of my small stable but carries it differently. Will put it on the to do list.

Next stop was #1 petrol station.

An employee recently had his bike stolen and made an entreaty on the community Facebook page for help to buy another. Within a day or two he'd raised 50% more than he'd asked for. The vicar then topped this up with a free offer of one he wasn't using. Don't suppose he also has something in titanium going spare.

As almost always when awheel, music in my ears. It helps when I'm feeling down. Or up, for that matter.

I'm thinking about crowdfunding an appeal for Sam Rockwell to dance to that one, too. He'll get a bonus for fancy footwork on the ceiling like Fred Astaire.

Decided to head over to Roger's house, even though he wasn't on the playlist today.

We've never met. Am considering making a documentary about this. Unfortunately the best title for it has been taken.

Look at the size of Roger's hedge! What is he hiding?

And so neatly trimmed, unlike my hair.

As you can see, by this time it was raining. Unlike wicked witches of points west, I don't melt so much as grumble. Q: Can witches pass unscathed beneath lychgates, or do they contain a force field for evil?

That was pretty much it for the ride except for a photo op with this delivery van for Omicron, normally driven by little plague vectors using the playground to enact their innocent desire for the total breakdown of society as we know it.

* Special bonus content only available to lurkers and registered users *

Outtakes from what was to be an exorcism, showing the lengths I go to for a post. (I also originally included this, but thought better of it. Sometimes it's best to narrow the focus a little, alas.)

Across the road
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Somethings old, somethings new, somethings borrowed, somethings blue.

A new branch of the club opens.

Something different
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I grew up in Seneca County, Ohio,

which is indeed a red county, though in a purple state. No surprise, it's named for the Seneca Indians. Hayá’daha’ has been taken from a dictionary of their language. It means "he makes pictures."

These colours trot

Yesterday I passed Lancelot and Sir Ted, along with the dekníöh of wëníöshö'öh [pair of women] on top, who remained nameless. I'd chased them up a hill (not really, they had too much of a head start) to ask if the horses preferred going uphill or downhill. Which is one way to start a conversation.

I didn't actually get an answer to that, unless a laugh counts, but did learn that they don't like electric cars. Cyclists apparently don't bother them. A bit of warning helps. The couple on electric bikes a clop down the road would give them plenty of notice, decked in hi vis as they were; as part of my extensive research for this post I've confirmed that horses can see yellow.

Feeling in the mood to chat, the forecast called for more of same.

Next to appear in my viewfinder – an anachronism too good to lose to the screen – was the servant of the servant of the holy lotus fruit,

aka Clive. I interrupted him

The constant gardener

long enough to learn that he's a monk. "How long have you been a monk?" I asked after a few moments of brainfreeze. 50 years! What kind of monk? The kind that opts for a Sanskrit name, the translation of which he kindly provided.

I also learned that he has shall we say alternative views on Covid, as well as harsh news for the Bruderhof community a short distance away in Robertsbridge: "They're not Christian." "Why?" "They eat meat." Fair enough say I, though evidently we've read different versions of the bible.

I was also permitted a peep into his cell

and given reading material to be perused sometime in this life or the next. Meanwhile it goes on top of the collection.

I've since consulted the relevant wikiHow, specifically the section on understanding the four principles, which are helpfully bullet pointed:

The four principles should not be seen as restrictions but as a path of freedom and development. These principles guide how you interact with other people and the world. The principles are cleanliness, mercy, austerity, and truthfulness.

• Keep your mind, body, and soul clean through daily hygiene practices, reading the scriptures, and chanting.
• Be merciful and kind to all living things.
• Only take what you need and never take things using violence.
• Never lie or gamble.

Basic hygiene is definitely a must, and I also highly recommend kindness, mercy, and a general avoidance of mayhem and bearing false witness.


I cannot tell a lie: I enjoyed meeting the servant2 of the holy lotus fruit. God knows what he thinks of the man on the bike with the camera and the questions.

I don't bite
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My favourite signs.

My least favourite sign. In fact people don't usually bother to announce mud. Fortunately reports were exaggerated.

Just what I was looking for: a segue. There being no giant ducks waddling across the road, here's a badger instead...

though depending how faithful a reader you are, you may have met before.

Let's visit this horse, which is my entire reason for posting today.

Don't worry, I won't bite.

I hope you return the favour.

Until we meet again.

A horse actually nipped me once, or rather he grabbed my sleeve, the assumption being my entire arm was on the menu. Sad to say I held it against all horsekind for years.

All in a day's work
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Multiple choice quiz. Van belongs to a man checking bus routes with a view to:
a) adding more
b) cutting them

"Almost there... almost there... Drop the branch now!"

999 for a puncture is really not on, but they were nice about it.

Only 15 minutes? I'm sure you can do better than that.

"OK, I'm going to need the two of you to push and someone to post a joke about women drivers."

Greatest hits
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Boxing Day ride on m'new bike. Got its first creak. Fortunately it was easily dispensed with: the water bottle apparently isn't happy in its cradle, also titanium. (So that's why I stopped using that cage.) I've made a reinventory and rationalisation of the contents of the saddlebag and decided to relocate the bottle there. Could use the old cage, but I'm liking the barebones look. It's not as if the effort of retrieving bottle from bag is a real bother.

Headed out to Bodiam Castle, which was busy busy busy. Considered waltzing into the grounds for a photo op even though I'm no longer a member,

but it was under guard by yellow jacketed ones. Believe it or not I don't remember to take pictures of everything. This is the best I could rustle up. Click for Gandalph's greatest hit.

My rides are always a combination of musing over current events, writing something in my head, and getting lost in whatever is being piped into my ears.

The latest kerfluffle in my life is detailed down in SMIDSY. Was surprised to see a tweet of mine alighted upon by someone I’d call an Orc, but that would be mean. I'm actually feeling pretty relaxed about all that now. Retired, even. Happy to have played a small part in the education of those who literally don't know any better.

It was a fantistic ride: a greatest hit. I even got a chance to race a couple of whippets up a hill. As if victory was ever in doubt.

The bike, which I'd originally feared might be too small for me but took a chance on anyway, actually fits like a glove. I've even decided

Having a twin will be fun, as well as practical. It can be slightly different while being the same in all the important ways, and will give me some insurance against finding myself without a Best Bike [sorry as usual, Langster] in future. Best of all, the price of two is barely higher than the price of one of its predecessors.

Now that the BB reacquisition drama is over, and my time on forums is drawing to a close (famous last words, and this jollarity doesn’t count, unless it does), I can start the new year with a new project, code name MUFLT.

Making Up For Lost Time. Note to self: work on new code name.

Btw, 'jollarity' is in my dictionary, I don't know what's wrong with yours.
Mustn't forget this:

Droit du wha-?

How's it going?
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Yesterday I met Richard and Irene

on their annual ride. I neglected to ask if that's it for the year, or if it's just the big one: up King's Hill Road out of Burwash. They come over from Robertsbridge, where I can confidently assume they're of the Darvell Bruderhof, "The radical community... without modern technology and where nobody is paid." I suppose a conversation could be had about that characterisation, but most on the outside would would probably consider them rad. I've mentioned them here and there – not far upthread, in fact.

The couple got together in '86, which happens to be the same year Therese and I hooked up. (My infamous opening line: "How's it going?")

Behind them is the Brightling Needle, visited here. There were two more in their party who preferred to remain out of shot, but were smiling anyway.

My regular loop goes through Robertsbridge, which was suffering from damp in places.

Try the water slide at East Sussex's newest aquatic theme park!

Dogs must be on a flotation device

Have a seafood luncheon and keep on eye on the kids

Having grown up in the American midwest, where winter means snow and lots of it, I've had to get used to it mostly being the rainy season here.

What am I, the waterman?

Outside the village I ran into some guys also making the most of what the day had to offer. For avoidance of doubt, the field across the road is usually a field.

Not so sure that was going to comfortably take a coxswain, but I'm not a man of the sea.

The Sabbath is riding splendidly. I must once again thank @slowster, over at the Cycling UK forum, for his kind assistance in getting me there in the end. (It's all a bit complicated.)

The most aggravating thing about going out this time of the year is having to clean your bike. If I'd ended up with steel, this would have been additionally pleasurable by the inevitable discovery of fresh bruises on the paint from time to time; whereas with naked ti, every ride can finish with a bike that still looks new. Of course, it can break your heart. In fact I'm beginning to think that titanium is the worst frame material – except for all the the others that have been tried.

Had my usual short race up the busy A21, pedalling slightly faster than on my previous singlespeeds because of the reduced gear inches it took to make it magic. It's not a bother.

Watched a family petting rescued horses in the field near the train station as cars swished by. All of us together made a museum of transport options.

Hit the home stretch with Dignity.

No, this version.

You got it right the first time, Bob. Unless that was the 10th time. Or the 100th. Or the 1000th.

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Notes from a ride up to the Brightling church.

A hill so steep even the bike broke a sweat.

Where I almost went thanks to Mr Lorry.

Caption under wraps
A computer was fed all the variables. "Choose another photo to caption," it finally said.

Shame it's not Christmas, or I'd go with You can still tell it's a pyramid.

One I made earler:

Your pyramid links:
- Time machine
- Climbing Mount Improbable
- Folly of follies, all is folly
- The last folly


I'm getting a little tired of dogs being allowed everywhere.

Bunnies, on the other hand...

I pray Mr Lorry driver has 18 flats.


Horizontal dropouts {sigh}.

(Had a nice chat with Mr @TheClassicCycle, whose framed advert that is.)

The technical fabric that works best on touchscreens.

Proof that spacetime is curved.

The title refers to my success at solving a riddle. The bike has been slightly clunky over bumps, despite that the headset was tight. It turns out the guy who cut the steerer tube was a little sloppy – part of it rises high enough to bottom out the top cap. It's so slight I hadn't noticed; nor, of course, had I expected it to be uneven, or I would've checked that first.

Meme generator? Lazy. Very lazy.

Uncharted territory
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Or if you prefer Laboured puns, terror Tory, considering how the vote always goes in these parts. taking its time to refresh

The one that got away
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The weather looked to be uncertain, so I went for a long walk today instead of a ride. It turned out a beauty. I'm still feeling guilty. Above is a cloud I documented as it chased its mates over the horizon.