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Mayday miscellany
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What do you mean it's on the 8th?! You shouldn't be multitasking holidays, Powers That Be.

Let's put some sepia in there. (Did people hurt themselves clapping back then?)

For those concerned with verisimilitude, the following is a composite ride. It didn't happen all on the same day.

Demo in Trafalgar Square, late 90s. (Just to drive the point home.) I used to carry around a big camera and lens. No more: unless they can prove need, the SLR & 180mm stay home.

Great bokeh, bunny

A book I found in the loft...
This post is like ride prep: it can take a while to actually get on the bike.

That's more like it, though it isn't me: it's Peter, who I met as we were both passing through Brightling, the top o' the world around here. We took time out of our busy lockdowns to chat for a few minutes. My lack of gearing came up, as it often does, and I extolled the virtues of the ease of working on a singlespeed bike. As if on cue, my chain popped off.

Another Peter. I run into him from time to time.

Good luck with that.

One source of comfort, I guess.

Too close for comfort mate...

Not even enough room to swing a broom.

Yay! Closed for thee but not for me. Without Covid clearing the roads in the first place, I wouldn't have bothered coming this way and would not be enjoying the use of what is normally a slightly too popular road.

So what this sign is basically saying is "Eat me."

We'll take a coronacheck on that

Casa Daltrey

Pinball wizard

That's right, he's sitting in his own little chair.

2 metres up also works.

Gypsum highway

What the owner says: "I'm not giving it away."

Ideal for aspirational first time buyers.

Riding lot

Missing you Chaplin's.

la petite mort
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I’m not to ride a bike or ejaculate for two days. What a thief of joy my doctor is. He says it will throw off the results of a blood test, but I think he’s just trying to shift old stock from the pharmacy.

Say it ain't so

Abstinence doesn’t start till tomorrow, which leaves 24 hours to spend storing up memories. Awoke at 2.30 to get a head start, and because sometimes I use lack of sleep as a drug. Chompsky, ever attuned to other creatures stirring in the house (preparing for a bike ride: a bit too much stirring), got up about an hour later to demand his crunchy cocaine, not usually offered till later. He had his own appointment with the medical establishment scheduled for later in the day.

Nurse, hand me nail trimmers, stat

These early bird specials are heavenly. Traffic is naturally thin on the ground, and dawn’s early light is its own drug. I planned to clock my usual 18 mile route, which is nothing to write home about. In my defence, if such is necessary for the court of Strava, the hilly ribbon of tarmac would surely be twice that if stretched out.

The bike, recently cured of a noisy ailment thanks to a chain transplant, was in fine fettle. We brake for hydration (sucking water from a bare nipple is not my idea of good hygiene) and deer, of which there were a few in need of a lollipop lady.

A milkman and a car in medical livery converged with me at a particularly rural junction, briefly forming an unlikely traffic jam. I yielded, not wishing to delay either an early cup of tea or the fly-tipping of used gallbladders. Later I passed an idling ambulance, no emergency in sight, and made sure to document their displeasure at being used to illustrate this post.

Keep it up and you're going for a ride

Down the last hill, progress was slowed considerably by the urgent need to flesh out this report by any means necessary. I therefore paid a visit to the playground which sits between the church and the train station and which usually attracts more bored teens than children.

'Black Adder' was taken

Don't even think about enjoying yourself here

Clapping won't get that rainbow built

I observed nominative determinism in all its glory,

checked on the progress of my hair,

Is that a bald spot encroaching on my crown?

reflected on mortality,

and tried to avoid stepping into the light just yet.

Those sneaky milk floats will get you every time.