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In honour of the departed Jan Morris, on today's ride I stopped back at the bookshop.

A better gift than nail polish?

Choose a lane.

The sound of children playing sends shivers down my spine, what with them being particularly efficient plague vectors.

Kipling disdaining overfamiliarity with a couple who were not at all surprised an American wanted to take their picture. (Earlier in the ride, Sit Down had Shuffled into my ears, immediately followed by the urge to catch someone on that bench. I got lucky.)

Every morning she crosses the road and drops them off, no questions asked.

Annex oast for boozy granny.

Local eyesore.

Another local eyesore. Helmet hair might be a better look.

Miles: 23ish
Climbing: 84,000"
Castles passed: 1
Kiplings passed: 1
Rekindled love affairs: 1 (whoa there)
Hair: .44mm longer
Another day older

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Made another swing by Roger Daltrey’s house today. Here’s the stalker's entrance:

I zoomed in and caught the man himself:

Signs and portents
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Today's ride could have started better. Down what my wife long ago named Bitch (not to be confused with bitchin') Hill, a large herd of deer came thundering across the lane, many having trouble clearing the barbed wire fence, the smaller ones doubtless scarred by the encounter. Presently the reason for their fright appeared: a fawn that couldn't make the jump came racing by, a Collie snapping at its heels. With mums lately on my mind I felt bad for Bambi, on his own.

A minute or so after I started rolling again a miscalculating squirrel bounced against my front wheel. Fortunately both of us escaped injury and he was in too much of a hurry to remonstrate with me.

Down in the village the high street is now a parking lot thanks to the jab centre. It's harder to speed through now, another side effect of the plague.

A little further along a rare police car passed by, reminding me that we're supposed to be exercising in our local area. I've been defining this as within about 6 miles as the crow flies, what do you reckon? I can get a decent ride out of that.

A decent ride

My hair was tamed with a neck gaiter. This makes me feel like Björn Borg, an enduring image of sweat-banded athleticism from my youth.

out your inner Borg

The next village provides warning of critters.

No ball playing in this sign, leading one to fill in the blank as to what they may be up to. Animal husbandry? Lord of the Flies homeschooling? Dodging predators? (I like Sardonicky, but she's laying it on thick.) Best move swiftly along.