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You sexy thing
« on: February 28, 2022 »

Tektro RL320 Junior Road Racy Racing Brake Levers, recently installed on my Langster after a handlebar swap took these away (and Tektro's replacement for that model just plain hurt – I spend a lot of time on the hoods, they have to feel good). While the name originally scared me off, it turns out the only thing junior about them is that the levers themselves are shorter and in fact the perfect size.

You sexy thing
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L'occhio di chi guarda
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I'd seriously consider this if I had the money to spare.

You sexy thing
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Everything – the monstrous cassette, the disc brake, the mech, the non-dropout dropouts – is a turn-off here. Even the fact that the frame is titanium isn't enough to do it for me.