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Potholes on my mind
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Council action team

Anyone who spends enough time on our holey roads needs a coping strategy. You could try treating them as clouds, subject to interpretation or Rorschach test. Thus you begin to know not just your enemy, but yourself.

This is the one that started me thinking about potholes. It's a stomach. Or is it, instead, a fetus in the womb, complete with placenta? Perhaps a little sluglike, but the little slugger will surely develop.

No, this one's the baby.

Car chasing a dog.


"How long has it been there?"

Holding the line; my wheel is on a skinny plateau between two broken plains of deteriorating 'top dressing', i.e., repairs showing their premature age.

The Fat Man bomb.

More top dressing gone bad. Might want to start from scratch.
Curious cyclist. Doesn't everybody take pictures of potholes?

A little blighter about to leap onto a bigger one.

Call me crazy, but I can just about see Rodin's The Thinker

Evolution; man rising from the primordial chaos. Still has a tail.

Because the laser pointers kept running out of batteries.

Having a lie-in.

Man who has just walked over rather than around an obstacle, and not yet started walking properly again.

A fossil that Mary Anning might have dug up, to be placed on a wall in the Natural History Museum.

It's so obvious, do I even have to say it? T Rex. He's sitting down, of course.

Dugong. Also, the love child of a bear and a peacock in repose.

Honestly the first thing that comes to mind? Utah. It doesn't look anything like the state of Utah. There's a resemblance to Nevada, if you add a shark fin.

A small fish trying to eat a large frog which has lost one of its hind legs (never mind its front ones).

An angel.

A growly legless dog somehow leaping over a bird in flight.

Rhinoceros holding aloft two scoops of ice cream, or camel holding a snail holding 1 scoop.

More primordial chaos.

Either a jowly monster swimming west opening its yap wide for prey, or a Mercator projection of Pangaea.

Educational exhibit on what lies underneath the surface of the road.

Russian with small face and large fur cap, in profile facing left.

The cycle lane.

I almost don't recognise this. It appears to be a neat patch.

Sometimes a pothole is just a hole.

This one is 7km wide. It's technically a lunar impact crater. Something to aspire to?


You'll know it when you see it
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photo: Karan Holland

That's the spirit.