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Jake Dypka's 2017 short film, Open Your Eyes (commissioned by Saatchi and Saatchi...)

Meanwhile, back in the backroom,

Tips for Gender-Targeted Advertising
Men tend not to buy into products that are also targeted at women.


There is very little evidence for physiological differences between men’s and women’s brains in terms of how decisions are made but this does not mean they do not exist. Rather, science has yet to prove any.

Women seem to assimilate more information from an advertisement than men but require far more exposure to the advertising to be convinced by it.

(Suggesting men are more suggestible, – easy to convince relatively to women). Whether a man or woman is selling the product (product video or audio) seems to be less relevant to the decision-making process to women than to men.

Your goal as an e-commerce provider is to elicit the relevant emotion behind your customers’ motivation to buy, regardless of gender in order to create delightful shopping experiences.

This can be achieved through emotion-eliciting messages, triggered at precisely the right moment within the customer journey. Use images and videos to convey an emotional message in a sequence that together compiles an emotional story.

This story must appeal to the emotion behind the buyers’ motivation, the answer to the question “what do you think the benefit of this product for you?”.

This emotional story must convert at every stage of the customer journey, small items that should be a free or low-cost option but require more investment, the further along the journey they travel, these micro-conversions are designed to build trust at every stage and can be delivered through

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Any excuse for a Mad-Men-a-thon.


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Hearts and minds
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Like some spin on that?

Quote from: Lovejoy, braving the ghastly Daily Kos
I had to muster up courage to write my comment...

Quote from: Iver56, hitting it out of the park
Sorry Lovejoy, but you are only 99.99% on message so clearly you deserve all the vitriol being aimed at you.   

Talk about movements that end up “eating their own”.

. . .

One day I expect to find that a cabal of Republicans have been controlling Democratic messaging. How else can you explain why it’s so so poorly done?

Keep the message simple. Keep it focused. Repeat Repeat Repeat.

Women. Abortion. Women’s rights. Abortion. Women’s bodies. Abortion. That’s it, that is the focus. Do Not Bring In Other Issues.  Trans Rights? OK, how about Climate change as well?  Homelessness? Environmental issues? Animal rights? They are all important but dilute the critical message you are putting out.

When you say “men can get pregnant” the average person thinks 1. you’re nuts and 2. simply tunes you out. That leaves you having to explain what you mean, and when you’re explaining, you are losing. (and eating up bandwidth you don’t have.)

Lastly, the term “Pregnant People”?  It alienates more people — women that want to be called women — than find it positive. Don’t get me started on the other descriptions for women. Of course men are still called about that.

Quote from: rdewey
on fire (where else to go after "hitting it out of the park"?)

Quote from: GoodJanetBadJanet
Trans men can get pregnant too.
You may not want to acknowledge them, say they're still women, that's why they can get pregnant but the thing is they are legally recognized as men and can still get pregnant.
They have a duty of care too.
It takes nothing away from me to recognise this. I can still get health care for my needs too.
People seem to be (on purpose, who knows?) misreading what it actually means.

Quote from: WolverineBluey
something is being taken away, before our very eyes.

Quote from: OfficerArrestThatRuffian
Genuinely, here's what I think it takes away from you: the ability to draw a clear line and analyse the connection between the class of people who were denied the vote, who were denied equal education, career opportunities and economic independence, who could not obtain a mortgage in their own right even if they managed to scrabble some of those things to themselves, who were defined as chattels of men, whom it was legal to rape within marriage until the 1980s in the UK (etc. etc. etc.) and the people now being denied abortions.

All of those things were done to women because they are women and all of that history and those societal attitudes were visited on women because they are women. It is desperately important context for what is currently being done around abortion rights in order to analyse and understand the reasons this is happening and what it has led to before. Abortion rights are under attack as much because they affect women as a class (regardless of whether or not all women can become pregnant) as any other consideration, and traditionally it has been fine to outrageously disadvantage women without any second thought, particularly if it serves men, and that attitude remains very relevant and insidiously pervasive.

An analogy to my mind is acknowledging that the Holocaust was genocide of Jews but then suggesting that the Labour party recently had a problem with "people who smash glasses under foot at weddings, people who wear a kippah and people who are circumcised". I mean...sort of correct as far as it goes, I suppose, but it misses out a lot of the class and includes some people in it who shouldn't be in it and makes it fucking difficult to be able to conduct a class analysis and clearly state that what we're dealing with is exactly the same old prejudice - against exactly the same class of people - that's been kicking around for hundreds or thousands of years.

It's the same problem for many of the same reasons and we need to be able to clearly articulate that if we have any hope of solving the ever-recurring issue.

Quote from: ovaryacting
It's like two parallel universes colliding.

Hearts and minds
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Typical MO here. Words come from the links.

Why I’m suing Survivors’ Network
The reaction to Sarah’s case has been “enormously eye-opening”, she says: “The levels of anger and vitriol against me, all because I asked for a single-sex rape support group. I just don’t understand it.” To see so many women online empathise more with the trans person’s possible sense of exclusion than with her trauma felt, Sarah says, like when her female friends refused to believe that their male friend had raped her because they liked him. So many women care more about the feelings of men than the needs of other women…

[G]ender activists would say that trans people are so marginalised that it doesn’t matter that they’re male: women should accommodate them. “I’m sure they are marginalised in some places, but where I live there are ten organisations with dedicated groups for the wellbeing of trans women, and none just for women. So I wouldn’t say they’re marginalised here,” she says.

Helen, a severely learning-disabled girl: sex-based rights under threat
As Helen’s parents, it took us a while to realise the importance of sex-based rights for both her, and for girls and women like her. These rights are under threat. These are the girls and women whose severe disabilities mean that nearly every aspect of their days and lives is planned for them, and done to them. They have no mental capacity (they are fully reliant on others to take decisions in their best interests). They have no voice. 

Their disabilities leave them with no sense of stranger-danger. They are unable to tell anyone if they have been flashed, groped, or raped. They are unable to advocate for themselves or draw attention to their vulnerability through social media such as Twitter. They are entirely dependent on others, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Their threatened rights include:

• The right to have women-only care staff dealing with intimate care, helping use the loo and manage menstruation.

• The right to go to a women’s clothes shop, changing room, or bra-fitting service, and for there to be only women present.

• The right not to be seen naked by or see naked men in swimming pool changing rooms (Helen loves swimming).

Obviously, nobody could imagine that male staff would be thought routinely eligible for roles providing intimate care to severely learning-disabled girls, right? Wrong.

Voices forgotten in the push for gender neutral changing rooms - disabled women, rape victims and religious groups
Quote from: BlackCirce
Women don’t need to be rape victims in order for this to be important to us. Every rape victim was once a non victim. Most women start doing “rape prevention” behavior, which primarily consists of avoiding being alone with strange men, before we are adults. The assumption that men who believe they are women or pretend to be women will not commit sexually violating acts (voyeurism, harassment, sexual assault, rape and sexual murder) is not a risk women can take.

Allowing some men into enclosed spaces where women undress equals women and girls being sexually abused by men. Men can’t even be Uber drivers without committing sexual crimes. The insistent public denial of this ancient / common sense / irrefutable / easily observable knowledge is part of rape culture. Women are blamed when we are raped. We are told it’s our job to prevent it by being on guard and careful about everything we do. Now this burden is being made even more difficult because we have to accommodate men who want to exist in a fantasy land. When will women’s burden of managing men’s sexual misbehavior be recognized?

Quote from: Lilith-Fair
The goal post moved long ago. The TRAs are going to say, "Just go to the bathroom and do your business. Why do you care?", "He's not even doing anything to you or any other women".

You are to accept unisex bathrooms no matter how uncomfortable you feel. Your feelings don't matter. Only men's feelings (both trans identified ones and regular bros) matter. If you don't like it, stay home.
Quote from: pennygadget
The funniest thing is they think a sign is gonna stop someone who actually wants to do harm. Having a “female” symbol on the door isn’t some sort of kryptonite for men lol, but women can also be harmful so like ??? What gives???

You heard them, Ladies! There's no point in having ANY safeguards at all because bad people will do bad things regardless of laws! So we might as well abolish all laws against rape, murder, and theft because that stuff still happens despite laws existing. And remove the locks from your home and car because thieves who REALLY want to steal your shit will do it anyway! And also abandon age of consent because it doesn't prevent 100% of child molestations, etc.

What's happening is death by a thousand cuts, some bigger than others, all contributing to making life worse for women.

Hearts and minds
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Quote from: BlackCirce
All words are exclusive. That’s what language does. Otherwise we would talk like this:

Everytime Everything Everied Everily.

Woman has to be inclusive because “woman” conceptually is the thing that everyone wants and needs for something. Woman has to be opened so everyone can crawl in. Woman has to be cut up so everyone can fight over the pieces. Woman has to be protected and hidden because everyone is coming for a part of her. If woman isn’t suitable for sale, she has to be reshaped and retooled and re-engineered. The problem is not the word woman but the concept. If woman is made into an impregnable whole, everyone is shut out from this important resource. Where will everyone go for their sex, their babies, their empathy, their compassion, their love, their validation, their affirmation, their complaining, their rage? Who will be at the bottom of hierarchy to consume, to foist unwanted and unpaid work on? Who will absorb the anger, the violence, the cruelty, the sadness, the loneliness? Who will sate the need? Who will clean up the mess? Who will offer the smiles and soothing words? Who will lie there and pretend it isn’t happening until he’s satisfied? Who will set their needs aside to give and give and give and give so that others can be whole?

Woman being whole, being one exclusive thing that belongs solely to female humans is an act of violence like one person hoarding all the water or food. Until that changes we will continue to see constructions like “uterus bearers and men,” that emphasize women are bits and pieces and men are people.

She had me at Everily.

What's happening to this country, is all humour dead?
What I want to know is why their friend is known as 'Benson'.

Quote from: FlirtsWithRhinos
Hang on….

Trans women are women, yes?

And there's a long tradition of men dressing up as women for comedy and entertainment. Pantomime dames, drag queens, Cissie and have dressed up as old women, young women, powerful women, tragic women, funny women, dumb women, stunning women, slutty women, nuns...they've dressed up as women to honour women, to affectionately take the piss out of women and to utterly insult and degrade women.

So....why should trans women, and only trans women, be off limits for men to dress up as? Isn't that kind of othering?

We need more men dressing up as trans women! I for one look forward to the first drag act whose character is a trans woman. Now THAT will be really challenging some stereotypes!

Today's username inspired by this post.

Shut up
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Dear cisgender people, stop talking
I didn’t think it needed to be said, but cisgender should not presume to have an inkling of the trans experience, at all.

(That extra space was to give the reader a moment of silence to fully savour the author's insight.)

Hearts and minds
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Caller on the right side of history.

Maybe not
Quote from: pinkymurder
literal violence
but he’s got to work on his passive aggression.

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Hearts and minds
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Trans - Can I sit down?
Women - Yeah sure, plenty of room at the table
Trans - No I want your seat.


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Hearts and minds
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Suella Braverman v. Owen Hurcum & Jo Maugham

Braverman’s speech might not prompt the truth and reconciliation that is now desperately needed; gender identity is now deeply routed in language, policy and popular culture. But if nothing else perhaps it will be remembered as a welcome moment of sanity in an age of madness.