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Hearts and minds
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Spotted in my hometown paper in the States:

State ed board to consider anti-LGBTQ resolution

After that clickbait headline need we read the actual story?

State education board members will consider a proposed resolution discriminating against LGBTQ+ students next week.

Let's be clear: this is about the T, as usual.

Quote reported that Brendan Shea, a conservative board member from Madison County near Columbus, will introduce Tuesday the "Resolution to Support Parents, Schools and Districts in Rejecting Harmful, Coercive and Burdensome Gender Identity Policies,"

A+ in resolution naming.'s version of this story is far superior, btw.

which reportedly claims that biological sex can't be changed and would deny them Title IX protections.

F for framing science as the bad guy.

In June, for Title IX's 50th anniversary, the U.S. Department of Education proposed new protections for LGBTQ+ students from discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity and sex characteristics under the landmark federal law.

In June, for Title IX's 50th anniversary, the U.S. Department of Education proposed to gut the landmark federal law.

If approved by state board members, the resolution would require schools to out LGBT+ children to their parents no matter the circumstances

Seeing as we're streamlining the process we might as well cut the parents out too, eh?

and ban transgender youth from participating in sports or using facilities that align with their gender identity.

In other words, it would help ensure fairness and give students needed privacy based on their sex.

It also advocates that state lawmakers use public resources to pay for penalties incurred by school districts for ignoring Title IX legal protections.


As long as we're talking about money, I guess they ran out of column inches to mention that "Schools that violate Title IX could face funding cuts for programs that support everything from classroom instruction to free and reduced-cost lunches for students."

Honesty for Ohio Education executive director Cynthia Peeples opposes the resolution.

"The state board of education must stop this toxic resolution in its tracks," Peeple said. "It builds on a foundation of falsehoods and attacks that certain Ohio policymakers have copied from divisive, extremist national groups with no concern for the wellbeing of Ohio's young people.

"It goes against the state board's core mission to support public education for all Ohio students, and breeds a culture of lawlessness by directing local school leaders to break the law."

Gotta love that her group is called 'Honesty for Education'.

Toxic… falsehoods… attacks… divisive… extremist [i.e., fact-based], inclusive... I have seen the future and it is bite-sized.

Two other state organizations – Ohio Federation of Teachers and Equality Ohio – stand in solidarity with Peeples….

Yada yada yada. Yes, this is the kind of insightful commentary you come here for.

Hearts and minds
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'Where do you even buy giant fake breasts?' The imagined thoughts of the Oakville principal
And the media storm begins. I must admit I expected something a little more “mainstream”; I could handle elbowing my way to work through a throng of news vans from the BBC, CTV and CNN. But instead all we seem to be getting are a trickle of independent, right-wing media with names like “The Truth Bullet” and “Freedom Offensive.” Some podcaster sipping a Monster energy drink cornered me in the parking lot and asked what I thought about Japanese kyonyuu fetishists. A 20-something in a Breton cap held up his phone camera to my face and asked me if bakunyū hentai was going to be added to the school curriculum.

My house has a lot of glass so I'm not normally a grammar nazi, but please:

OK, elle est française. Still.

This would be quite a plot twist:
Quote from: DdraigGoch
Someone alleged that he was disciplined for "toxic masculinity" last year (no idea what he did), and that he's now trolling the school board in the knowledge that by claiming to be a member of the sacred caste, he is untouchable.

If this is true - and if it turns it was all a wind-up on his part - then those defending him and the school are going to look rather silly.


Hearts and minds
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Where we're headed:

A brave new world without boundaries. Thanks guys.

Quote from: Theeyeballsinthesky
the video of that poor young girl is a perfect encapsulation of how bad the problem is. She blames herself for her feelings & absolves primark of responsibility because she’s had beeee kiiiind force fed at her for years. She doesn’t understand that her feelings at having 2 men walk in on her while she’s undressing are entirely right! Of course she feels scared, of course she feels violated and mostly she feels confused. She’s been taught there’s no problem with men in women spaces and even been told that men presenting as women are even more vulnerable than actual women. And yet look at how she feels….The cognitive dissonance must be off the scale for her


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Pretty lies
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The doctrine of Trans inspires few decent wordsmiths. Clare Flourish is one.

He – I'm reverting to the nonfiction pronoun – specialises in lovely wordy blog posts with arty illustrations, which are right up my alley. I was sufficiently charmed to attempt to engage in conversation last year, a mistake worth making but not worth making again.

I revisited his site in the vain {in both senses of the word} hope that he had stumbled upon my old post and directed traffic my way, exceedingly unlikely as that seemed. There have been anomalous readings from the engine room which could be explained by hatescrolling. Stranger things have happened.

Reassured that our cloaking technology remains unbreached, I stuck around long enough to drink in some of his prose and enjoy the pretty pictures, then got the hell out because he's too preposterous to be spending much time on.

"You had me at cock."

While I'm happy to read people who identify as transgender, it's tough going with so many pretty and not-so-pretty lies in the way. There's a lot of suspension of disbelief expected. Yet I persist in trying to understand. Either that or I'm guilty of a bit of hatescrolling myself; it can be a fine line.

The US lefty attack dog Daily Kos has been one of my regular hunting grounds. [Can a hunting ground also be an attack dog? - Ed.] Like Jon Stewart <multiple sighs>, it helped keep me sane during the dark days of Dubya. Now we're in new dark days and I'm on the wrong side barking in.

Take the recent diary Dr. Phil Attacks Trans Women Athletes.

Of course Phil, who at the risk of offending anybody who's successfully defended a thesis against an academic firing squad isn't a doctor doctor, doesn't attack trans women. If you've got 40 minutes to kill and can make it past the emetic opening credits, here's the evidence:

Everybody involved all but bends over backwards to #bekind.

The diarist was an audience member. Unsurprisingly he was far more concerned with Lia Thomas's happiness than that of the women facing him in competition and changing rooms. He said he'd love to hear comments, which reminded me of a certain someone.

I girded my loins to bring my wrongthink to the game, but even if I hadn't been 403'd for some reason

it would've been a pointless suicide mission. I'd doubtless get downvoted into invisibility for airing my preferred solution to much of what ails us here: widen the bandwidth of 'man', naturally.

While I'd have done my best not to unnecessarily antagonise him in his safe space, for example by refraining from using the correct pronouns if they came up, nothing short of complete affirmation of his and the Kos Borg views and a repudiation of actual science will ever be good enough. That's just the way these guys roll.

Talking Forward is a forum set up "with the intention for people to be able to discuss the big issues without all the shouting and extremism that comes along with many of the popular social media platforms and websites." Their logo is an olive branch, "to represent the coming together of opposing sides." Sounds lofty, but it's clear which side they want to cede more ground before peace can commence.

An unabashad plug over at Mumsnet pulled in punters and a few threads were started, one on third spaces amassing dozens of posts. Then it went as dead as NACF but without the narrator.

Speaking of olive branches,

the US protection racket military has reminded those born male that they stay male, at least for the purposes of cannon fodder.

Fun fun fun 'til daddy takes the T-word away

Finally for today we have Eva at The Happy Talent, who Accidentally Used The Men's Room At Disney and is Now Convinced Anyone Who Would Do This On Purpose is a Sociopath.

It's kind of like bikes.

If someone wants to steal your bike, they're going to steal your bike. I've heard of bike thieves following people home, watching where they put their bike, and breaking in to steal it later that night. I've heard of thieves cutting entire bike racks off of cars and throwing the whole assembly in the back of their truck so they can cut the U-lock later.

If someone wants to steal your bike, they're going to steal your bike.

But you can make it so fewer people want to or can steal your bike. You can reduce how many people steal bikes by using a cable locks. You can further reduce it by buying a hefty U-lock. You can further reduce it by keeping your bikes in your sight at all times, or never leaving it on the bike rack when you're not using it.

Same with male predators in women's bathrooms.

The easier you make it for males to enter women's bathrooms -- say, by fighting for self-ID laws versus a legal standard of transition -- the more predators who will enter women's bathrooms.

For those who don't know, "self-ID" is the idea that literally any male can say, "I feel like a woman today," and enter women's bathrooms.

Women are a lot of incredible things -- but one thing we are not... is mind readers.

We can't magically tell by looking which males are here to hurt us and which genuinely "just want to pee." All we know is that, if someone hurts us, there's about a 100% chance it's a male and almost a 0% chance it's by a female.

For our comfort and safety, we need to prevent males from entering female-only spaces.

Stay out of Minnie's space, Mickey.

Re: Pretty lies
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The ideal subject of totalitarian rule is not the convinced Nazi or the convinced Communist, but people for whom the distinction between fact and fiction (i.e., the reality of experience) and the distinction between true and false (i.e., the standards of thought) no longer exist.

Hearts and minds
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How Stochastic Terrorism Uses Disgust to Incite Violence
Quote from: BondiBlue
The once-reputable [Scientific American] has adopted Alex "Esqueer" Caraballo's go-to (and misused) terminology of "stochastic terrorism" to forge a dubious connection between Chris Rufo ranting on Tucker Carlson about kids getting butchered by gender quacks, and Paul Pelosi getting beat to within an inch of his life. It essentially blames the public for feeling "disgust" when these, well, disgusting activities are exposed in their raw and honest form without sugarcoating. Also known as journalism.

Funny that, wasn't it "disgust" among the public seeing the bodies of kids come home in body bags that led to a widespread revulsion over the Vietnam War? Wasn't it "disgust" among the public seeing the bodies of black people getting brutalized by the likes of Bull Connor that led to a widespread revulsion over racial oppression? Wasn't it "disgust" among the public seeing birth defects from Thalidomide that led to a widespread outcry causing it to be pulled from the shelves? Wasn't it "disgust" over sexual abuse that led to the #MeToo movement that brought down predators like Spacey and Weinstein, or the "Spotlight" scandal within the Catholic Church, or Penn State and Jerry Sandusky, etc. etc. etc.? Perhaps "disgust" is exactly what's needed to force systemic change, and lo and behold, the ones who don't want change are disgusted!

Long-serving Guardian columnist Hadley Freeman leaves for Sunday Times - Bron Maher
Freeman told Viner: “It is astonishing to me that the progressive media has handed such an own goal to the right, closing its eyes to concerns about the safeguarding out of fear that to do otherwise would lead to accusations of bigotry. You have said that both sides in the gender debate are equally passionate – but only one side demands censorship. It seems to me that at the Guardian that side has won.”

Quote from: senua
It's kind of awful seeing all of this though, which source, which news do you actually trust? For me it's basically none, I don't know what is true anymore.

I found it most striking when the likes of Radio 4's Today or PM programme's anchor talked about a subject on which I was knowledgeable and you realised that they hadn't a clue. You start to think, "if they got that wrong, what else are they getting wrong?”

Fascinating thread

Hearts and minds
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They Paused Puberty, but Is There a Cost?
Is the Old Gray Lady slowly waking up and stepping out of the approved narrative? Better not forget her makeup.

The doctrine of Trans inspires few decent wordsmiths. Clare Flourish is one.
P.E. Moskowitz is another:
I’m So Trans When I Turn On My Lamp
You see, simply everything I do is transgender, because I am transgender. My lamp may look normal to any cis demons reading this essay, but it is in fact a trans lamp, not because it is one of those bendy architecture lamps (she’s queering being upright), but because I, a trans person, turn it on and off daily.