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Buy it it now. Really.

I can reveal that Putin has shown an interest. Don't make me sell this to Vladimir Vladimirovich!

Illustration courtesy the Ministry of Glorious Propaganda


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I've started getting messages from potential bidders and the simply curious.

This first one from loadsa_money looks promising:
There is a spot on the mantel of my drawing room for just such an item, to replace the Fabergé egg that has been a family heirloom for fully a quarter of a generation. Interestingly enough the egg was also cracked, by our charwoman, which somehow added to its charm. Of course we had her horsewhipped and her lifetime of references expunged. The thing is, our darling niece has taken it to university, leaving a sad barren space where the egg once sat. I shall consult with the lady of the house once she returns from Gstaad with her personal valet of whom she is exceedingly fond. Don't sell until you hear what I have to offer.

Next came this, from thedisgracedlancearmstrong:
A bike of mine was once wrecked on Le Col du Tourmalet. I'd gotten to the top (this wasn't the Tour, just a relaxed day out) and had set it down to enjoy the view when an airplane fell out of the sky and landed right on it. Needless to say it was totalled, though still not quite as badly as yours. I'd bid to show solidarity but I see you don't do international shipping.

No relation, I chose the name before the current spate of unpleasantness. That said, I think the chap gets a bad rap. We all have urges. Your unfortunate frame appeals as a statement of the decline of manufacturing standards. I'm awaiting mummy's authorisation before I proceed bidding.

This message was blank for some reason. It's not the first time the site has been buggy.

There actually were a couple of really good queries, but unfortunately eBay no longer seems to make them publicly viewable.