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Caption it
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Credits: Hermann Hesse, Oscar Wilde, D.W. Winnicott

Been there, done that

Give it a name
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The Freewheeler

Lately I've been noticing a lot of people or 'bots registering. I haven't made it easy. (Try it and see.) While there's no depressing image CAPTCHA to trip you up,* there is an obstacle course designed to weed out those who haven't had a good look at the site first. Apparently that's everybody.

On the one hand I prefer being on my own: it avoids clutter. On the other hand, forums offer a form of socialising, which unfortunately I need to satisfy some obscure but hungry part of my brain. On the third hand, forums demonstrably suck. I won't go into the reasons here, to keep the mood light.

My solution has been to do what I do here, then go elsewhere to do it some more. My almost Tourette's-like compulsion to make people uncomfortable with the truth has narrowed my outlets for expression.

Quote from: Urban Dictionary
a phrase used when referring to a problem when there seems to be no solution

I got the title of this post from Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead (the film, not the song). As you'll see if you actually have given NACF a good look, it's not been moribund these past 10 years. You're welcome to join me if you think the clutter you'll bring suits the clutter that's here. Otherwise, keep on lurkin'.

You, not so much.

on edit:
I later made registration simpler. Not because I had any illusions it would pull in the punters, but because I wanted to open Free For All to guest posting, which has the same security questions, and there was no way any guest was going through all that. (Ditto about illusions.)