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Mirror Mirror
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The act of observing disturbs the observed

Here kitty kitty

The day has come. I've been caught muttering. To myself, natch.

Quote from: Poacher
For anyone concerned about Pale Rider's sudden and lamented absence from this and the mothersite, he appears to alive and, well, muttering to himself and inserting random links to this forum and slagging off posters in his inimitable old style, in a thread he has all to himself on

Factcheck: my links are never random (though if I don't bold them they may be hard to see. That was one.) As for "slagging off", I'll cop to employing my critical faculties. But even when I'm not particularly fond of the poster, I always look for the good, too. I love having my mind changed.*

No one loves having their mind changed. Let's just say I'm always open to being pleasantly surprised.

Well that was an unpleasant surprise. I'll replace it if something comes to me.

Quote from: glasgowcyclist
Well that’s just bizarre.

There's a song you can make fit for every occasion.

Quote from: Mugshot
I don't think that's PR.
I think it's anothersam

Quote from: Poacher
I'm not sure it's anothersam either - he seems to be on there as just plain sam. Oh and Chompsky

Better add Librarian to the list

Better add Librarian to the list.

Quote from: AuroraSaab
Glad to hear his absence isn't illness related. It's difficult building traffic for a niche hobby forum from scratch so good luck to him with that.

I hope this thread doesn't turn into a lengthy discussion on Paley and his new forum though. Most people in here always sounded like they would be glad to see the back of him. He's gone now so let's leave him to enjoy his new endeavour rather than commenting on it or rehashing his days gone by on here.

Although I can't expect everybody to work out the intricacies of my psyche site, this was disappointing. {Note to self: mustn't revisit the acres of good press I've given AS with a scythe.}

As for why I chose 'Pale Rider', who knows. It helps that it wasn't copyrighted.

Quote from: winjim
I'm not sure if I've got the time or inclination to try and figure it all out.

When has knowledge ever been advanced by such an attitude? I ask you.

Quote from: theclaud
It's an Occam's Razor thing. Either the joy vampire that was CC's Pale Rider has suddenly transformed himself into a deft, playful, and reflective intertextualist - or the husk of PR has been involuntarily enlisted as a device in a bit of labyrinthine forum metadiscourse. Which is undeniably pleasing.

There's my obit sorted.

Tombstone blues

I alternately wish I could be there with you people, and thank god or Shaun that it isn't possible.

Quote from: winjim
Of course we all know that there are people from the main CC forum poking their heads round the door every now and then, but somebody's really elevated lurking to an art form.

It's an innocent hobby. I have so few. I caption photos and videos, cycle, and LURK.

All completely harmless.

I feel like there's a mirror being held up to my own absurdity.

Join the club.

Is this going to descend into some ridiculous game where we have two forums each lurking and commenting about each other? I'm not sure that would work. I feel like the play is going to have to move into a new act now that everybody has been made aware of everybody else's presence.

All the wwworld’s a stage
Jowwy's in a rage
Newfhouse has the right idea
Shep suggests the wanking cure
and Foodie plays the sage

[Needs work - Ed.]

Funnily enough, after my recent run-in with the Heathfield Cycle Club, and of course my feud with Enigma, my wife playfully (I hope) compared me to Glenn Close.

I expect this little meeting of the forums [sic] will quickly vanish into browser history, and I can go back to muttering in complete peace.

Door #1
Door #2

Door #3

Quote from: Ian H
Quote from: theclaud
Paley has been busy!

Multi-ventriloquism, but if you look closely you can see his lips moving.

Quote from: winjim
It was our daughter's seventh birthday recently and her best friend gave her a secret diary with a lock and key and everything. She was absolutely thrilled, she can write whatever she wants, as much as she likes and nobody else will ever read it.

That would sting more if it wasn't already a recurring theme in my own posts. To borrow a currently popular meme: Tell me you've read my diary without telling me you haven't read my diary. That particular cat is already out of the bag, no?

We can all move on now, yes? That would be the mature thing to do.

I Am For…
Quote from: theclaud
Claes Oldenburg has died, aged 93.

I am for an art that embroils itself with the everyday crap and still comes out on top

Quote from: mudsticks
Yup all that, I'm also for kittens-in-a-basket.
Somehow they just know

[photo of deadly kittens redacted]

Quote from: theclaud
But do they know many things, or one big thing?

They know how to get in your brain, and not in a good way, unless you wear a helmet and are comfortable with risk compensation.

Rabbits, on the other hand, are a balm for the soul.