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Author Topic: The League of Superior Cyclists


The League of Superior Cyclists
« on: May 16, 2015 »
some people are just bragging that their skills, reflexes, and athletic ability are superior to the  rest of us

Inspired by this post, I hereby announce formation of the League of Superior Cyclists. The first order of League business is to generate criteria for membership. I propose the following:

• The ability, now known to be extraordinary, to listen to music while cycling and not run into the nearest signpost. As music has the special power to stymie one's capability to see, to read and safely navigate the road, and to make decisions critical to survival (most listeners being more concerned with problems such as how "Hit me baby one more time" got onto the playlist), this is the first best test of Superiority.

• It is well known that the average human only utilizes 1% of his or her total brainpower. League members must demonstrate use of at least 2%, preferably through a display of independent thinking. Furthermore, they must do this without being smug or condescending to lesser beings.

• The wearing of hats is optional. However, some members may consider it desirable to help keep one's head from expanding.

The League is not affiliated with the Velosolo Club, though League members are more likely to ride alone due to a desire to keep the very best company.


The League of Superior Cyclists
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All participants of the Wen to Wen have been automatically enrolled into The League. Congratulations.

Re: The League of Superior Cyclists
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This is good news - thank you. I will try to wear my superiority lightly on the commute home, deploying full smugness only if provoked.