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The fun never ends
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It's a socially constructed vagina.

Your crotch isn't a North Carolina lunch counter.

It must be true because of all the books in the background.

Women shouldn't try and gatekeep periods. Apparently
(Thread since deleted. This is what kicked it off.)
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Ah, a lovely morning pile of more proof of my claims.

We’ve got misquoting, misrepresentation, we’ve got the cognitive gymnastics of simultaneously claiming cis-women do not exist while being offended on behalf of cis-women, we’ve got rampant intolerance as shown through the usual insults towards a different belief system & anyone who doesn’t join in with your intolerance.

Yep, this thread is a perfect example of exactly the kind of human beings you are.

I thought your work here was done? Ffs, flounce or don't flounce, but don't claim a coup de grâce and then keep coming back to complain that everyone's still alive. That's not how it works.

By the way, how did the Japanese know who was an Onna Bugeisha? They did need to know because they were given a different style of weapon to account for their different build to male warriors. How did they work it out?

TIMs hilariously realize they don't know what a woman is without sex or stereotypes
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This is rich. Logically he knows that it’s all convoluted and that trans ideology can’t withstand even the barest application of logic, but his emotions (and let’s be real… his fetish) are telling him that it has to work, and so he continues to try and squeeze the square peg in the circular hole, over and over again.

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Trans women are woman but
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individual TW may be all sorts of things - clever, virtuous, funny, brave, noble, kind, you name it, all are eminently possible. but woman, never. 'woman' isn't an adjective, it's a noun - and wanting to be a woman, or trying really hard to be a woman, or making sacrifices to be a woman, none of these is really a thing. calling someone a 'woman' isn't a compliment - it's either just a statement of fact or a statement of error/untruth.

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And you realise that as a biological female, these males see you merely as props. Tools. For their use. And the rage at you not mummying their needs and daring to have a life of your own that does not revolve around their inner selves blows their capacity apart.

I'm afraid the answer to that is not to be kind or sympathetic or compassionate - because God knows those males have none of that to offer to anyone else.

Munroe Bergdorf has a Glamour Woman of the Year award
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OK so 'Gamechanger' Munroe Bergdorf is about to talk at The United Nations HQ in New York as a spokesperson for UN Women. They've chosen MB to talk at their conference, 'Un-Stereotype Alliance' on #RaisingtheBar to 'forge an unstereotyped world and create equality for all'.

How exactly does Munroe challenge all the stereotypes of what a woman should be (beyond the obvious)?! Regular Lipfillers, cosmetically enhanced breasts, facial fillers, bottom and hip implants, Botox - glossy magazine/social media photographs in designer frocks, diamonds, lingerie, latex, nipple pasties, high heels, posing on yachts in bikinis while sipping champagne etc ...

Really, really challenging stereotypes there. How, exactly?

Can't wait to hear what MB has to say. I bet we will hear the words 'intersectionality', "nuance', 'empowerment', body 'positivity', 'autonomy', and, if they get a chance, 'protect trans kids'.

UN-women indeed.

The tell
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The vast majority of people can identify other people's sex; so why the pretence that men are women?
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I don't think the idea is that you can't tell. It's that you're meant to think that the idea that "man" and "woman" relate to sex is outdated and wrong, because they now mean "Which set of societally determined gender stereotypes do you feel suit you best".

Which obviously is far more important to determine in sports, relationships and places where people are vulnerable, than silly old biological sex.

What fresh hell is this
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What fresh hell is this
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never. stop. fluffing.

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Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie interview with Zoe Williams
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I am baffled as to why Zoe seems so ignorant about stuff that she must, surely, be aware of, if she's paying attention.

It's interesting that she explicitly uses the phrase "reducing it to the absurd", which Helen Joyce as a mathematician uses in Latin as "reductio ad absurdem".

It's a means of proof of a theorem - you assume something is true, then demonstrate that if that is true, then you inevitably reach an absurd deduction (more accurately paradoxical or axiomatically impossible). Which shows that it cannot be true.

So some people look at the "absurd" cases and think they demonstrate why a rule doesn't work.

Whereas Zoe and others think pointing out actual absurd cases, or even suggesting that they're possible, is somehow offensive.

The very concept of "reductio ad absurdem" is kind of rude. Why would you do that to a perfectly innocent theorem? Just leave it alone, let it "live its truth”.