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black is the colour
of a lack of all colour
which suits me just fine

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what is cycling like
don't ask a chain to answer
it's like pulling teeth

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smokey silver paint
I had to choose so I chose
October surprise

on edit:
October has come and gone. November surprise?

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this could be a throne
the roadie king surveys all
honking's for jesters

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simplespeed freewheel
every part does its part
we're building a bike

keeping your balance
23 millimetres
the centre must hold

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why is it always
pedals are not included
include some pedals

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what goes also stops
don't stop till you get enough
Isaac Newton's rules

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hands on the brake hoods
are bound to work better than
brake hoods on the hands

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look mum no-handed
put handlebars on at least
don't be a show-off


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hold the decals please
W stands for wonder
nameless you'll remain

No head tube badge either, which is almost a pity, as the initial works for me as well.

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