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Things have changed
« on: June 05, 2020 »
“You can hurt someone and not even know it,” sang Dylan. It took this particular coronavirus to get many people to appreciate that.

Early in my London cycling days I bought a stretchy black Respro®, only wearing it long enough to get tired of feeling like Darth Vader.

Because I do try hard to maintain distance, and isolation is more or less my natural state anyway, I’ve not felt the need to cover up. WHO and government advice keeps a-changin' along with the times, so it looks like a mask is in my near future.

My wife has taken the lead on this, scouring YouTube for advice. We had a false positive with the sock solution

which proved way too small. Doubtless we'll end up with a drawer full of options.*

I’ve got a nice old neck wrap, often used for winter rides, which also turns me into a bandito:

This would get me on a train if I was desperate enough to board one, but probably wouldn’t pass inspection in surgery.

There goes another one

Back in Ohio, where I have family, the governor insisted on widespread adoption of masks, but later said it was “A bridge too far… People were not going to accept the government telling them what to do.” When enough people can’t breathe, things change.

* We didn't. Basic surgical masks for the shops, N95s for anything longer.

on edit:
We later mostly ditched the basic surgical masks.