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Fishing for bicycles
« on: September 29, 2019 »

Virginia Woolf hasn’t featured in my reading, but she does make an appearance in my music library via Jimmy Somerville’s Coming, from the soundtrack to Orlando. “The longest and most charming love-letter in literature” was set at Knole house, in Sevenoaks. My wife and I paid a visit.

They don't allow photography inside, so this concludes the exhibition.

Stretching out for a nap on the billiards table – now that would've made National Trust history

Has enough rooms to make the typical British floorplan seem like a rounding error

Later, thinking to find a picture of a fish Woolf riding a bike, all I could locate was

"not even her disguise as a bicycle could deceive us"

which wouldn’t look too far out of place in the Today in history collection. My search did yield a nice Guardian piece, complete with empowering vignette from the life of Simone de Beauvoir, who wasn't afraid of nuthin':

Forbidden to ride as a child (her mother equated it with other “sensual” pleasures), De Beauvoir learned in occupied Paris using the bike of her lover, Nathalie Sorokine: “I really handled it with ease, except one time I crashed into a dog and another time I collided with two women, and I was very happy.” Her mother might not have been wrong: De Beauvoir’s letters to Jean-Paul Sartre are full of the joys of bicycling, which she said made her like a “lusty wench”.

Vita Sackville-Wench