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Adult human female
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The fearless Kellie-Jay Keen, aka Posie Parker, has been allowed back on Twitter, thanks to that bad bad man. There's hope for our timeline yet (don't all go following me at once). #NoDebate is off the table.

Also, #TransWomenAreConMen, a hashtag which would probably have been decimated during the dark age, is roaring along. It's called backlash. Anyone calling that, or Posie, toxic, hasn't been paying attention to what's been going on. Once you dive in you'll have to recalibrate your definition of the word.


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Adult human female
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Not coming to a venue near youDeirdre O’Neill & Mike Wayn
Facing erasure in language, is it any wonder that “women” (as they were once known) are finding it difficult to freely meet, watch and discuss our film Adult Human Female, a documentary in defence of women’s rights? So it was that the Belfast chapter of the Women’s Rights Network undertook the task of showing the film with military level secrecy, inviting only those in their networks and trusting tight-lipped others who wanted to know more about the issue.

This is not the first time a screening of the film has had to be carried out with military precision befitting a guerrilla organisation plotting the overthrow of a tinpot dictator. A screening arranged by Salon Sisters in Brighton took the precaution of vetting ticket holders to weed out any potential spies for trans rights activists. As with the Belfast screening, the venue was a closely guarded secret, announced only an hour or so before the screening was due, to minimise the amount of time protesters would have to pressure the venue into cancelling or generally harassing women with intimidatory protests. In the case of the Brighton screening, Salon Sisters engaged in that well known military tactic called disinformation. As a result the protesters all gathered in the wrong place at the wrong time — and, we were reliably informed, made their way home when it began to rain.

Peace in our time
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There was also a unicorn. Oh, and of course this.

Can't believe I haven't seen this ↓ before. It triggered Hitler aficionados, of which there are many in the movement.


The next day...
The Guardian does its bit to put KJK & Nazis in bed together at the pro-woman event. 

Quote from: BordoisAgain
The Nazis were there for the antifa, not KJK.

Men turning up to fight other men whilst women are trying to do something that doesn't involve them.

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose

Quote from: Datun
No-one can listen to these women's talking about their experiences and be in any doubt of their sincerity. They highlight a problem that is undeniable.

So you have Posie shining a light on the danger of trans ideology, from vulnerable women directly affected and clearly genuine. With TRAs, neo Nazis and all manner of violent men, outraged that women are indeed speaking, inflaming the entire event with their own fury, leading to massive and volatile publicity…

This is not her first rodeo. She knows what is happening and is determined to highlight it.

TRAs helping her do that is just another foot shooting exercise from their Big Book of Why I Keep Losing Toes.

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So I gather from a mercifully quick scan of Mumsnet that Kellie-Jay Keen has not publicly dissociated herself from the neo-nazi agitators?

A mistake, I think, if so.


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A little over the 6 minute mark, she talks about distractions. She's right.

on edit: another video gone private. great.


Re: Peace in our time
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I see she's told a New Zealand paper “They’re absolutely not associated with me whatsoever. I absolutely abhor anything to do with Nazis. It’s preposterous they even exist in 2023.”

Painting them as in any way related is a transparent smear beloved of trans rights activists (I’m sure Steph over at YACF is wetting himself over this). It’s beneath whatever’s beneath contempt.

Quote from: Moira Deeming
The event was very ably organised by Angela Jones, a left-wing, pro-gay rights Jewish woman, who liaised with Victoria Police to arrange a buffer zone between her event and any counter protestors.

This is why I and the other attendees were horrified to see masked men all clad in black inside the buffer zone. We thought that we were going to be attacked. However, the police did not seem worried and were talking with them over at the edge of the line.

Later I saw the police seemingly usher these men right through the centre of the buffer zone in between our event and the counter protestors, which is when I saw those men raise their hands in a Hitler salute. I, along with the few others who were facing them from the front were horrified, but relieved that the police were moving them on.

After the event I was informed that these masked men had in fact mounted Parliament House steps outside of our view on the other end and performed a Nazi salute, and that members of the SFW group asked the police to make them leave, but were informed that the Police had no powers to move them on due to Labor’s removal of those powers.

The Let Women Speak event saw several women injured by the extreme left counter protestors who infiltrated the event. I was assaulted and injured, along with multiple other women, including one who was taken to hospital after being knocked unconscious. 

They also became violent with police and punched police horses, forcing the event to finish early. I condemn their actions, and call on others to condemn this violence against peaceful women.

Good overview by a Nazi conservative.


The reich side of history
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The big lie being manufactured before our eyes:

[There was previously a video embedded here, but someone made it private. I blame Nazis.]

"paranoid testeria" sounds about right.


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Speaking of memes… I guess I have been living in a bunker, because I wasn't aware of Suella Braverman popping up like a malign Forrest Gump on a tour de horreur. Why am I not surprised the loathsome James O'Brien is a part of this story.

For the record, I don't despise Suella. If that doesn't make even the 'bots flee NACF in disgust, I don't know what will.