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This quote from Mumsnet by RedToothBrush, considering a speech of Vaclev Havels's, chimes for me,
The thing is that the illiberal left is terrified of the unity of the liberal left and right so the only tool in the box they have is to try and tar the liberal left.

Cancel culture and political parties barring women / making it difficult to raise concerns from within their system is very much in line with the premise of the essay.

They go on to say that authoritarianism is the problem and I couldn't agree more.
Well, except to say that social media speech platforms becoming embedded in political culture is also a problem.


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Needs a better title,* but it'll do for now. Just woke up to this. (Perhaps it'll wake some other people up.)

Quote from: Helleofabore
Women speaking is considered literal violence.
Punched in the face by a man in a rainbow flag about sums it up.

Trans activists make women terrified for their safety at the Let Women Speak rally in New ZealandKatrina Biggs
We are not ‘anti-trans’ – I don’t particularly give a shit about whether people are trans or not to be honest. Dress how you want, sleep with who you want and live your life. But don’t play on female sports teams, don’t record male rapists as women in the crime stats, don’t use our changing rooms and don’t be jailed with us. More importantly, don’t teach my child that boys can have a period, don’t teach my tom-boy daughter that she really must be a boy if she likes Rugby & hates her period, don’t tell young lesbians they have a ‘genital fetish’ if they refuse to have sex with a man with a penis and don’t socially transition my children at school behind my back. Is that really so fucking unreasonable? Did that really warrant the violence and mob today? Do those views really justify men shoving women and having the media paint me as a Nazi?
"Hey Siri, could you sum up the trans rights movement in a single image?"

* 'The violence of the trans?' Hmmm.


Where's your nuance now
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I see the reaction as a typical gibbering freakout over some black humour (KJK herself made a face and called it sinister), and as an example of how she can't put her foot even a little bit wrong lest she shoot it.

Quote from: Nellodee
From reading that thread, kjk wasn’t making the comment about a trans woman being nailed to a tree, but a trans rapist’s penis. I suppose that still is a transwoman being nailed to a tree, but I’m suddenly a bit more sympathetic to the kjk position.