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From the Dalston Dynamo Manifesto, which link has gone bad so don't bother clicking:
Its that time of year when you’re thinking about Dunwich. Or at least, people are telling you to think about Dunwich. But really, think about Dunwich. Sure, the ride sounds amazing, but isn’t it a lot of work. Won’t it hurt?

This year there’s a solution. The Dalston Dynamo. All the start line camaraderie of Dunwich, but with none of the pain and suffering of riding all that way to a cold, stony beach and waiting two hours for breakfast.


WENN photo

What I am about to say is not going to be popular with at least one of my Top Gear colleagues, but here goes anyway. I'd like to stick up for the bicycle...

Gotta like a post that starts I rode to work yesterday in shorts. I knew the gods would smite my ass today. And so they did.

Also filed under commuting and smiting: It's Not A Race. Covered in the original Browsing thread but so elegantly realised it's worth another plug.


Paint your mishaps...

and watch them slowly disappear as the image host swallows them.

Hyperbole and a Half deserves all the superlatives thrown at it. Allie Brosh has been MIA online for a little while now. I assume she's either working on her book,* plugged into the socket of her genius and too consumed to unplug, or back to battling the big D. (Or bored with the internet, shock horror.) Meanwhile, here's a panel and a half from Adventures in Depression, published in 2011.

* ah, just noticed this.


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