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Fixed [trigger warning]
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This is basically the tl;dr for the Manifesto. It's as true today as when I posted it way back when.

Fixed is for sissies.* Fixed is for people who are afraid to freewheel because they think it makes them look weak. True strength is pedaling not because you have to but if you want to. It's trusting yourself with that freedom. It's much harder to get anywhere if you don't pedal. I know, I've tried. And I will keep trying, turning the cranks only when absolutely necessary, to challenge myself and grow as a person.

* As opposed to cissies. Which is a whole other kettle of fish.

Re: Freewheeling Manifesto
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In my case fixed is going to be what I am stuck with (sic) for now on the Pashley Polo trike (for the older child) that I am doing up. I need the exercise and mobility aid in the light of knackered legs.

It's going to be great, seriously. I have elaborate plans for a freewheel and fixed combination with simple sprung changer mechanism, plus electric motor, but all this will have to wait, due to lack of funds. First I need to get it rolling.

This requires building new wheels out of split hub truck sack/wheelbarrow wheels onto the old rear hubs, for which ideally sized brass JCB bushes are conveniently available from India. I decided not to fight the power and try to detach the threaded rear drive wheel after the stem bolt sheared off on me regardless of repeated doses of plus gas. Pedals and cotter pins won't come out either but the blowlamp can be used there. I built a wheel from scratch, for the first time, for the front.

Economy has inspired me to improvise an extreme laid back seat post arrangement mostly from bits of steel I keep lying around, just in case. This will perchance be attached to the sissy bar!


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... which is my way of saying you're light years ahead of me in the fix it dept.