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Open letter
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Dear Patrick Stewart, Judd Apatow, and Bradley Whitford:

We enjoy your stuff.* Fortunately we're able to separate your work in the entertainment industry from the ludicrous positions taken by GLAAD which you've endorsed.

Everyone who went WTF? when we read things like this:

Quote from: GLAAD w/links for those who also like nonfiction
Your policies and corresponding enforcement are inadequate when it comes to mitigating harmful and dangerous anti-LGBTQ content. You must urgently take action to protect trans and LGBTQ users on your platforms (including protecting us [happy to emphasise that for you - Ed.] from over-enforcement and censorship).
every leading medical and psychological association affirms the safety and necessity of gender affirming healthcare for trans people, including youth...

Quote from: Bev Jackson
Oh look! @GLAAD wants to suppress those pesky scientific articles on the dangers of puberty blockers, mastectomies & cross-sex hormones for kids - “gender affirming health care”.

Quote from: Jesse Singal
This proposal is the natural endpoint of GLAAD's yearslong campaign to slander and bully anyone with questions about an area of medicine that, it turns out, is in dire evidentiary straits.
Any criticism of any aspect of this issue gets you labeled as "hating trans people." It's a deranged discourse.

Gotta add this, because it's hilarious and sad:

* YMMV. ← That video is a good illustration of GLAAD's footnotes. To take but one example: "The Relentless Misgendering of Dr. Rachel Levine, Pennsylvania Health Secretary, Is Violence".

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This was meant to be a simple entry in The Slaughtered Lamb, a finale to the mini story arc started by Sophie Germain:

"Should at least keep the cats, and anyone identifying as cats (or journalists), away."

Eunice, who died 107 years ago today, wrote and illustrated a book about mass murderers.


While doing an image search for an avatar, Rosie popped up.

Meet Rosie Stephenson-Goodnight, the woman trying to fix Wikipedia’s sexism

How one prolific Wikipedian is giving voice to pre-20th century women’s stories

Advancing gender equity through conversations with movement leaders

At first glance sounds pretty good, right? Except that last link, which unfortunately I had to go and read.
Advancing gender equity means that we seek fair treatment, access, opportunity and advancement for all genders...

Anyone who favours a reality based approach will have occasion to gag at Wikipedia.

It's no surprise that Goodnight displays pronouns on Twitter, which is a significant hurdle to taking her seriously (it's a time saver in general). I'm not here to bash her too much, and don't take issue with her entry on Allyn. I'm just lamenting dead ends.

Terminally online
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There goes my Saturday morning, if I let it.


Did anyone see the ITV News piece about of water bills on customers?
Yes I did. Bottom of the previous page. Here we are again.

Quote from: TeaKlaxon
You can believe what you like.

You don't get to dictate what other parents call themselves in everyday conversation, any more than I get to dictate what you call yourself within your family.
Quote from: FlirtsWithRhinos
Do you apply that logic in all things? You see no issues if I call myself a policeman in everyday conversation and share my views on crime and disorder? If I call myself a vicar and share my views about the church? Can I call myself a doctor and suggest some improvements to health? Can I call myself 8 years old and join conversations about childhood? Can I call myself gay and give you my thoughts on homophobia? Can I call myself trans and chat about what being trans is all about? Can I call myself TeaKlaxon and explain in conversation how for me, being TeaKlaxon is all about being a person who enjoys being sanctimoniously judgemental?

Or is it just words for women that don't need objective common meanings?
Quote from: Froodwithatowel
This 'you don't get to dictate what another person chooses to define themselves as' line is getting trotted out a lot.

As a busy yet benevolent Queen Victoria, I'm saying that they can define themselves to me as they choose. And I can in response say that they are talking bollocks and I'm not participating in their fantasy. And that they're actually not just being silly, but extremely offensive to others.

Owen Jones guardian piece attacking Duffield
Make sure to scroll back ↑ to watch the video of his voice speeding up like a chipmunk's. If you like that sort of thing.

Quote from: WeeBisom
So apparently Duffield's tweet was anti trans abuse. I've never seen abuse which starts with "I'm sure the individual is a lovely, intelligent and decent human being'

Quote from: lifeturnsonadime
Quote from: ArabellaScott
'Trans Mother' is the new bullshit we're going to be pushed to accept? Echoes of the virgin birth.

At the end of the day it's just a bunch of misogynistic men attempting to put women in our place.

Quote from: DrBlackbird
Becoming pregnant, giving birth, breastfeeding, ie being a mother, is the ultimate role/ability that women have and men don’t and can’t and it absolutely infuriates them (NAMALT).

Feels like everything else in terms of erasing women has been leading up to this point of specifically erasing the meaning of the word mother. Makes me wonder about the relationship such men had with their own mothers. Feels very dark.

But the collective insanity of how seemingly intelligent people in corporations and institutions just go along with the erasure of women is the craziness that I don’t understand.

Does the TUC understand what the word ‘mum’ means?Brendan O’Neill
The idea that a biological male can be a mother radically changes what the word mother means. It empties the word of its biological, relational and social truths, of its historical essence, and rules that from now on anyone can be a mother. Male, female, neither, whatever: if you feel like you’re a mum, you’re a mum. ‘Mother’ no longer describes a real person, a real relationship; ‘mother’ is now a mere feeling, as likely to be felt by a man as by a woman.

It is hard to think of another word as important to human society as mother. If we let them redefine even this word that binds families and communities together, then we are granting them dominion over reality itself. The power to overhaul a word like mother is a power no one should enjoy. It is cultural autocracy.

So no, you cannot have this word. It means too much to the rest of us. No man is a mother, or ever will be. I’m sorry if that hurts some people’s feelings, but truth trumps your feelings, every time.

The Transmaid’s Tale – Julie Burchill
How sad and strange it will be if this female subservience under the cape of ‘being kind’ helps build a mostly male brave new world. It would be carrying on the erasure of women – which increasingly appears to be the grand project of the 21st century Left – by another means.

Stop me before I meme again.

Too late.

The Great Trans Panic
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Male and Gender Critical
Quote from: NotHavingIt
I don't think we'll ever reach a state in which the differences between males and females are not an issue with which we struggle. Transgenderism, in its way, is an attempt to escape that struggle - by denying that those differences even exist in the first place - and by acting as if all differences are socially constructed.

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You’ve been reframed
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The War On TenorDave Hewitt
By convincing a comparatively few stakeholders to adopt “inclusive” language or prioritising gender identity over sex, it is possible to deny even the semblance of balance in coverage because all output has to be filtered through the approved language of the style guides and content policies. Whenever that happens, anyone that has a different perspective faces an uphill battle simply trying to get a fair hearing, article by article, report by report, while the approved linguistic and political framing propagates effortlessly as the default point of view.

None of these changes is truly independent either, meaning there is no corrective force from diversity of opinion. If courts use preferred pronouns, and journalists are told to defer to the courts, and Wikipedia defers to reliable journalistic sources, then male crimes become female ones, invisibly, and attempts to record that fact are excluded from every single part of the public record, automatically.

Content policies and style guides and now “ethical guardrails” for AI represent single points of failure both for our future information systems and our historic digital store of knowledge.

. . .

What the gender critical movement is trying to achieve
Our Father
Is it offensive to say "straight" or "neurotypical"?
Nonnutritional benefits from breastfeeding
What's So Funny 'Bout Peace, Love, and Understanding (Trans teflon? We'll see.)

. . .

What have you learned?
Quote from: nauticant
One thing I've learned is that scandals aren't necessarily hidden away and are then revealed to the public in a big pulling-back-the-curtain scene.

Sometimes scandals continue while more and more people become aware, and look on helplessly, and even though the clamour rises the scandal can continue on largely unhindered.

1000 words
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“If you see a TERF, punch them in the fucking face!”
Quote from: London Trans+ Pride
Regardless of how you view Sarah and what she said, the precedent our government is setting is an alarming one which will give them even more power to enact harsher control and violence over our community in the future. It’s important we don’t get caught up in who the government has chosen to make an example out of, this is a tactic to further divide our powerful community and we need to stand together. If this can happen to Sarah, it can happen to any one of us.

Quote from: Riz Possnett
Any TERFs present would only be there to attack the event.

Leaked Document Exposes Transphobic Draft Guidelines for UK Civil Servants
Quote from: Ben Hunte
Exclusive: Senior civil servants told VICE News they were “terrified” by the draft internal policy document, which is expected to be published soon.

A government spokesperson said: “We don't comment on alleged leaks." They added, "It is a longstanding value of the Civil Service that differing viewpoints are tolerated and respected."

Or an idiot.
Quote from: Rodent Seer
Malcolm’s point is anyone who insists on an essentialist definition of gender is a bigot. One cannot be asked to essentially define what a woman is anymore that they could essentially define a goth, or a hipster.
Malcolm who?
Malcolm well-there’s-someone-else-whose-words-I-never-have-to-bother-reading-again Harris, that’s who.

This nonsense is from last year. As if there wasn't enough stupid currently going around, amiright?

The Right’s Dangerous ‘Just Asking Questions’ Anti-Trans Campaign Is Working
Quote from: correctingtheincorrect
The biggest mistake you'll ever make is assuming this is a belief only held by the "right"...

I'm a feminist lesbian (I'm sure the author would call me a TERF!) except one of my best friends is a trans woman and I've worked with prominent trans men. But those aren't good enough for the purity test of modern day progressivism. Many - and I mean many - of us liberal, Democratic voting, and sometimes even queer folk, see a major issue with this movement to accept ALL trans-children at their word and to start shoveling the drugs on in. Or worse not accepting their gayness - as many girls who are identifying as trans end up being *gasp* lesbians. Being trans is a lifelong commitment to prescription drugs...and I find it hilarious and offensive that Scott Nugent is YET AGAIN erased from the conversation. Because why listen to an actual trans person with a conflicting opinion? NYmag would go under before they allowed someone like that to be featured.

Lastly, wow the comment "a sore loser cis-athlete" may be the most grotesque. What cruelty coming from someone touting acceptance. How old are you to be attacking an assumably younger athlete? This is the case with you all who write such narrow minded propaganda - aggression, mockery, denial of science or even freedom of thought. It's truly a shame that the progressive values I fought decades for have turned into this.

Quote from: rachel639
If everyone just gets to define who they are, it opens the door to a lot of cynical and deluded self-definition. And the left just doesn't give this level of self- defining grace consistently. I'm a woman if I say I'm a woman. Yet the left gleefully ripped Rachel Doleazal's life to shreds, when her own parents "outed" her, to stop her defending her sister against their abusive son. Why? I'm a woman if I say I'm a woman. But Elizabeth Warren is not allowed to use a genetic test to claim native heritage, because only tribes get to define their membership. Why? Trump called himself a genius businessman. Is there an objective reality, or does he get to self-define?

Quote from: boomerchgo
This is a very, very long defense of “not questioning” — or not allowing certain people to do the questioning, or ask questions at all. I’m astonished anyone would attached their name to it, especially New York Magazine.

I would say it’s fortunate trans activists have so many allies — but all I see are burnt bridges, and people throwing up their hands and turning away.

Quote from: myiphoneiskillingme
Things are getting bad, and getting weird. This is an incredibly feebly reasoned piece. It doesn't address any of Walsh's questions on their own terms, but instead pre-smears him as a bible-thumper. (He may or may not be, I don't know; but his questions deserve to be asked.) When Walsh asks "What is a woman?" and an interviewee says "A person who identifies as a woman," and Walsh follows up, "Yeah, but in that case, what IS A WOMAN?"--that's a perfectly fair question. If you are going to lead a cultural-political crusade, you should have answers, even if they are convoluted, difficult answers. Walsh's interviewees have none.

The writer leaps from "Walsh is a Christer!" to "Walsh is a violent basher!"...though nothing he says in the doc nor anything I have heard him say elsewhere suggests even a thickly coded call to violence. Literally zero.

So Walsh's questions, which the writer sneeringly calls commonsensical, remain unaddressed by this piece. Why? Because, I suspect, the writer knows that this whole messianic house of cards comes tumbling down if these ideas are seriously addressed and not just taken as religious dogma.

A.V. Marraccini
This is what the consequences of TERF/GC rhetoric is. Violence...

This is what Jordan Peterson did. This is what JK Rowling did. This is what Kelly-Jay Keen aka Parker Posie did. Propaganda has consequences. They called for trans lives to be eradicated.

As always, happy to chip in with the bonus links.

I stumbled upon @saintsoftness thanks to my sister-in-law, from this exchange.

(What do you mean it's not about that.)

As coinages go, “It’s a masturbatory mode of false inquiry” isn't bad, and I don't disagree that people who ostensibly are open to debate often aren't, really. However, something tells me that attempting to engage would be like getting my brains sucked out, but not in a good way. It was only worth it for this rabbit hole, which came up on a search of the phrase:

“Ardent Masturbation”: (Descartes, Freud, and Others)
Quote from: Leo Bersani
Can thought be caressed into knowledge? Is the very notion of knowledge as something we can possess grounded in an ontology of thought as appropriative—and, first of all, as self-appropriative? Is there a nonmasturbatory mode of thinking, and, I might add, of writing?

In asking this last question, I don’t mean, absurdly, to reduce thinking and writing to masturbation. In fact, my discussion of Descartes, Proust, and Freud has, if anything, raised masturbation in my esteem. Descartes shutting his eyes and conversing with himself, Proust stopping his ears and shutting out all ideas extraneous to his self-concentration, Freud’s attentiveness to the associations that accompany his memory of a dream, associations guiding him to the storerooms deep within his mind—all three are moving toward what we might call sublimated climaxes (the certainty of being for Descartes, the present presence of the past for Proust, and the operations of the unconscious for Freud), but their preparations for these discoveries curiously resemble preludes to an activity of considerably less historical significance. And yet this apparently trivializing analogy may help us to see the peculiarity of what have generally been unquestioned assumptions about the nature of thought and the relation between thinking and being.

By the by, I note that she's heavily into her cat. SIL is a dog person. Rabbits, of course, leave both of those creatures in the dust.

Sadiq Khan supports LGB ✂️ T
Quote from: RebelliousCow
So much in the way of rudimentary logical failures, and an unwillingness to do any proper thinking or research, relying instead on unquestioned articles of faith, worn out cliches, repetitive and meaningless tropes and mantras - all in place of critical thought and analysis. This is how the TRA movement has so far manged to get by.

'No Debate' worked perfectly - as the fundamental fault lines could remain unexamined - but as soon as exposed to sunlight they disintegrate into a pool of sludge.

Then comes the moralising tone; the appeals to moral righteousness; then the name calling and high emotion of cancellation and censure and fingers in the ears.
What people call 'trans' is essentially nothing other than males or females playing around (for whatever motivating reason) with socially gendered codes and imagery. That's it.
Quote from: FlirtsWithRhinos
Is it transphobic to hate and fear trans people, to claim they are lesser humans, or hurt them or deny them the rights that others have simply because they do not conform to social expectations of their sex? Of course.

Is it transphobic to not agree with the belief that mental gender, not physical sex, is the "truth" of Man and Woman, and therefore to not agree that a trans man is a man and a trans woman is a woman? Is the definition of transphobia really extended into simply "saying no to a trans person"? I say no. There has to be room to face the reality, the history and the physical and structural significance of sex and deal with what female people need because of that even if it does not tell trans people the story they want to believe about themselves.

LGB Alliance will never be silenced
Quote from: Bev Jackson
LGB Alliance wants young people to feel good about their sexual orientation, rather than feel like they have to change their bodies. We’d like them to have inspiring gay and lesbian role models. We know the vital importance of puberty as a key process in human development. We think that blocking it – except in extreme medical circumstances – is unforgivable. We believe that what is euphemistically called ‘gender-affirming healthcare’ – giving puberty blockers, hormone treatments and surgeries to young people – will eventually be revealed as a major medical scandal. Those promoting and celebrating these irreversible interventions naturally feel we are undermining their mission. They’re right – we are.

Quote from: Eliza Mondegreen
These pollsters talk about the need to polish the language and “educate” the public about trans issues in order to increase buy-in. But this is a fundamental misunderstanding of the problem that faces trans activism. Trans activism thrives in the shadows of civil society: the less the public understands about the issue, the more supportive (or at least less opposed) they are. Excursions into the sunlight don’t tend to go well. This is not because trans activism has a public-relations problem. This is because trans activism has a reality problem.

Alternate Timeline
Quote from: Dennis Noel Kavanagh
I want to pay tribute tonight to Nancy Kelley, outgoing CEO of Stonewall for being our ever stalwart general fighting for the reality of sex and homosexual rights against the madness of gender. She could have given in, but she always did the difficult thing, the right thing.

How did Trans Pride allow itself to become a front for misogyny?
Quote from: Brandan O'Neill
Men of the left, would it kill you to say, out loud and without caveats, that any kind of incitement of violence against women is repugnant and has no place in a civilised society? Try it. Put it in a tweet.

The cruelty of a trans beauty queen
Quote from: Julie Burchill
Women rights being under threat as they are, we must all unite – Catholic mothers, lesbian rad-fems, women who despise the objectification of woman and beauty pageant contestants alike – because we will all be robbed, in various ways, if we are not united in saying what a woman is. First they came for the female prisoners – but you’re a public schoolgirl and you’ll never go to jail, so you let the men colonise them. Then they came for the athletes – but you’re a bookworm and will never win a sporting prize, so you let the men claim medals. And now they’ve come for the beauty queens – but you’ll never be a beauty so you’ll let men trample over these under-privileged pretty girls with their size 12 stripper-heels. Let’s just hope you have nothing worth taking by the time the big grabbing hands get around to you.

Abandoning Buffalo Bill: Why a Serious Paraphilia Needs a Serious Name
Quote from: Alasdair Gunn
And it does sound made up. Worse, it sounds like a joke. It sounds like Woody Woodpecker Syndrome, or Yogi Bear Syndrome, or Wile E. Coyote Syndrome. It sounds like Elmer Fudd is about to appear from behind a tree. It sounds flippant. Given the urgent need to speak honestly about these men, especially in the era of self-ID in prisons, this is not a problem that we can afford.

If you see a TERF...
Quote from: Froodwithatowel
It does eventually dawn on people that the whole 'I am what I say I am and its your job to reframe me entirely in your mind and create that illusion for me' links up with 'that didn't happen' (despite the video evidence) and 'that isn't what it looks like' (while standing right next to it and having said that is exactly what it was two minutes ago) and 'that wasn't me' (despite everyone looking at the pictures and footage).....

are not two different things.

This movement is the epitome of the kid eating a biscuit, crumbs everywhere, looking you right in the eye and saying 'It wasn't me that took the biscuit'. In most people this isn't regarded as a good or a healthy sign.
ArabellaScott: I like this comment on London Trans Pride's Insta: 'It's horrible how they arrested her, but they don't arrest all the politicians calling trans women are man! That's a clear hate crime cuz it vulnerate basic human rights as gender identity. This is devastating!'

Froodwithatowel: The sheer stupidity is depressing.

AmuseBish: Stop vulnerating them!

Bonus holes
Quote from: Froodwithatowel
It's about normalising quite fantastic extents of misogyny, degrading of women, and that it is appropriate to abuse, insult and marginalise women in the interests of male people who choose trans identities.

Good women (pliant, gullible, support human embracing women) are supposed to embrace this.

It makes it very necessary to reject and label this behaviour every time it is seen and not let the weaselly little verbal figleaves stand that are trying to sneak it in as something that is ever going to ok instead of really quite wonderfullly disturbed and awful.

'Do you currently live in the gender you were given at birth?'
Quote from: AlisonDonut
People absolutely have to push back against this and ask them 'what do you mean' and 'why do you need this information' and 'what are you going to do with this information once you have it'. 

They don't know what they mean, they don't need it and they won't do anything with it, because it is meaningless.

I know, I should just put up a redirect board to Sex & gender discussions.

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Transgender riders banned from all cycling events [sic*]
UCI president David Lappartient said: “First of all, the UCI would like to reaffirm that cycling - as a competitive sport, leisure activity or means of transport - is open to everyone, including transgender people, whom we encourage like everyone else to take part in our sport.

“I would also like to reaffirm that the UCI fully respects and supports the right of individuals to choose the sex that corresponds to their gender identity, whatever sex they were assigned at birth.

“However, it has a duty to guarantee, above all, equal opportunities for all competitors in cycling competitions.

“It is this imperative that led the UCI to conclude that, given the current state of scientific knowledge does not guarantee such equality of opportunity between transgender female athletes and cisgender female participants, it was not possible, as a precautionary measure, to authorise the former to race in the female categories.”

* They've since fixed that, but 'Transgender riders banned from all women's cycling events' is still a broken headline. Trans identifying women, i.e., trans men, can still compete in women's events provided they're not drugged up.

Ross Tucker on the decision
The point is that it’s not science that was persuasive or influential. It was always known, through many iterations of flawed policies. What was persuasive was case studies and women’s voices. If any other sports read this, don’t wait for that to happen, don’t ask women to fight for their rights and integrity. You have all the facts available at this time, so you can do the right thing now, not in a year’s time.

(Once again a cranial vacuum is required to accommodate what is to follow.)

if my friends cant race in the elite races there's absolutely no reason for any of us to race in the amateur ones. y'all are fucking done, just wait. we will take this sport away from you.

And pretty much any utterance by Emily's mum.

Idiot wind
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Twitter’s free speech threatens radical trans activism
Quote from: Edie Wyatt +
The issue with the Musk takeover of Twitter is not that the Left are frightened of hearing right-wing opinions (they all know what they are), they are not worried about Hitler rising from the dead, and they are not even worried about the identities of the imaginary gendered. The new establishment Left are worried about their inability to create universal regulatory capture. If Twitter doesn’t submit, that is a big deal, and gender identity is a vital cog in a very authoritarian wheel.

Thought I'd take time out of my busy afternoon listening to the wind howl and wondering if I should go for a ride to alight upon a few tweets by @DamselDystopia.

Quote from: Sarah 'Nothing ever burns down by itself' Clarke
Sarah Jane Baker made a generic angry statement about punching bigots and is behind bars, Keith Jordan called for the decapitation of specific NHS clinicians and gets sympathetic write ups in national papers.

Threatened decapitation you say? Let's see:

Quote from: 'Right said Keith' Jordan
I'll not stop until the bastards responsible for the harm to my daughter are in prison or have their heads on spikes on Westminster Bridge.
A bit of legal history:
It should have been London Bridge. Historically, the English judges would command the heads of those executed for the most serious crimes would have their heads put on display on London Bridge. This is a way of saying I demand the law punish most harshly.

Any numpties thinking that I am threatening to personally carry out this punishment lack basic reading comprehension skills. Which possibly explains why they believe the bullshit they believe.

There's not much to add, other than that if this <cough> damsel can't tell the difference between what the demonstrably violent felon said – to a cheering, amped up crowd – and Jordan's tweet, well, you know.

Quote from: Sarah
It was never about (non-state) violence or respectability or optics, it's about power.

Male power.


Sorry, it's playing in my head now. Next:
Quote from: Sarah
If you're a transphobe you can smile as you read out calls to mutilate and burn specific, named trans women and that's not incitement to violence.

[Quotes tweet about Posie Parker]

Been there, posted about that.

That'll do for a segue.

KJK and the neo-nazis video
Quote from: IwantToRetire
there are an awful lot of people who will find one tweet, one video, which substatiates their viewpoint, and think that by sharing it everyone else will be blown away and go oh yes, of course you are right, I never realised. And just don't seem to understand that because the rest of us, being pesky let's get to the bottom of this types, just think well this just doesn't match with the hundreds of other videos, tweets, whatever.
Quote from: SerafinasGoose
Classic projection. Who: a) carried out experimental medical procedures on children; b) had an unaccountable fondness for shouting slogans and waving flags everywhere; c) were homophobic; d) attempted to stymie free speech because it threatened their ideology; e) entertained no debate or questioning; f) used government propaganda to enforce conformity with their ideology; g) threatened violence or death against those who refused to be silenced; h) turned on anyone, including allies, who fell any way short of 100% compliance?
Quote from: IwantToRetire
Goodness - now we have found out by accident that the UK entry in Wikipedia is identified by the Union Jack.

 This means the UK is a Nazi conspiracy because we all know the Union Jack is the not very secret signal of the NF.

 Well this makes it much clearer. Everyone in the UK is a Nazi.
Quote from: Farmageddon
If you actually bothered to listen to HER rather than people talking shit about her you would know that she has no association with neo-nazis and has no control over who turns up to counter protest (which is what happened here).

Speaking of listening to people, back to Alan Sarah:

"I don't know how to edit mate"

That's apparently from a couple of years ago. It made me receptive to IcakethereforeIam:
It's weird but I actually feel a bit sorry for him. He's a deluded and dangerous individual, he deserves to be punished for his crimes but he sorely needs help. I hope he gets it, though fuck knows if it'll do any good. All the people clapping and cheering are the last thing he needs. If they truly gave a shit they'd be ashamed of themselves.

I agree with Froodwithatowel (quoting people with weird usernames never gets tiring):
It probably was a political arrest.

In that it seems likely that if Braveman was involved then the cabinet had to lean on the police to do their job and enforce the law properly, despite their political bias.

Rather like they had to lean on the police to police the Sunday meetings in Hyde Park having seen a woman's skull fractured and an insane crowd try to kill KJK, and realised the police would stand and watch with their hands in their pockets while similar nuts did the job here.

That wind isn't going anywhere. Damn. Should I write to my MP?

Civil Service Trans and intersex guide - write to your MP
Quote from: Froodwithatowel
I suspect it's a minor token gesture. Much screaming about how terrifyingly transphobic it is, which to some will be genuine because permitting reality to enter the room at all and not fiercely suppress speech always causes meltdowns... it is intended to make MPs and others pat themselves on the back for 'balanced middle ground' that in fact just goes right on fucking over women.

It's been good to see reality in the replies to the road.cc story on the UCI.

UCI bans men from competing in international women’s races [FTFY]
Quote from: Brauchsel
I'm thoroughly and unashamedly TERFy, but even I don't have a problem with an influential cycling organization informing trans people that nobody is trying to discourage them from cycling in general. Indeed, seeing as the noisier elements claim that anyone telling them they can't do exactly what they want is a threat to their very existence, it seems prudent for the UCI to clarify that they're saying nothing beyond "men can't compete in our women's races".

Big Bird
Quote from: Veerle van Wijk, which may or may not be Dutch for Idiot Wind
What is the scientific basis for this discriminatory act?
Quote from: Dr P
Ask your Mum and Dad to give you 'The Talk'

I assume they're chatting about this over on CycleChat+. Has anything changed, I wonder? Is Multitool still       ?
Is monkers still                                        ?
Is AuroraSaab still      ? And icowden         ?
Is theclaud still        ?
Are Ian H, Bromptonaut, newfhouse, and Classic33 still        ,         ,           [Oxford comma coming up], and             ?

Bonus rabbit hole. Because it looks like I'll have to settle for a walk.

Idiot wind (reprise)
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Veronica Ivy on Instagram:

I just received official word

Send you a telegram did they?

that I will NOT be allowed to race in the women's field at the upcoming @uci_cycling UCI Masters Track Cycling World Championship in Manchester UK. I won sprint gold there in 2019 (and TT silver).

Yes, we're aware of the medals STOLEN from women.

I am registered and my UCI license says Female on it.

A legal fiction.

I registered for the women's sprint event. I paid my fee.

Ask about a refund?

However, now I'm forced into the humiliating "Men's/Open" category.

Guess humiliation isn't a one way street, hmmm?

No cis woman will be in this category, only trans women and CIS men.

i.e., men

That means it's not "open."

Sorry for the interruption. You were saying?

That means it's not "open."

If it's true that women will not be permitted in the Open category – there's unlikely to be a test case – then the point must be conceded.

The UCI has said loud and clear that trans women are not real women and that we must be treated as other men,

They haven't said it clearly enough, but it'll do for now.

and the cis women must be "protected" from us innocent trans women.

"Gatekeeping" is in vogue. I'm comfortable with that.


Are you sure you want to use that word?

It's an indignity. It's inhumane. It's disgusting.

Blah. Blah. Blah.

I will not be deterred by this hateful targeted transphobic policy. Just try and stop me.

We all look forward to the spectacle of future attempts to crash events, but you may want to

curb your enthusiam.

(From the comments) "Wave to us from the back"

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