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This means you
« on: June 12, 2023 »
Sometimes people register. Such a thing has long been theoretically possible, but it's still a surprise when it happens.

I never know if they know that it's just me here. No offence to those who aren't me. As of this writing, there's nobody else to be offended. The last person who definitely wasn't me was Humbug, who also posts/posted ~ not sure which tense to use ~ as Ernestine. You'll see her contributions in Chompsky's thread (where she also used a few other names), and scattered in Free For All. I saw her on a rabbit forum and invited her over.

Another notme was peanutbuttersoup, who stopped in to The Great Trans Panic thread as a guest. Previous to that we had David and Lazlo Shunt, settled down in Highway 61, and before that, a handful of others who had a thing or two to say then moved on.

Anyway, if you are in point of fact somebody else, this is a good place to introduce yourself.

This means you
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[Must… resist… urge… to login as someone else…. FAIL]

It's not mandatory. (Looks sternly in the direction of the newcomer.)

Poll added. I like polls.

[Has more of a look around]

Not that kind!

This means you
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Reasons to register (but not necessarily contribute):
- It's easier to tell which topics you've visited
- Want to show some kind of solidarity, perhaps with singlespeeding freewheelers, but don't wish to disturb the feng shui
- Working on an introductory post so brilliant that this interface can't contain it
- The opening gambit of a game of three dimensional chess

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This meant you.