Author Topic: On the road again

On the road again
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Here's my Litespeed Blue Ridge, retired from 20+ years service last year after the crack of doom (thanks to an ill-advised modification, else I'm betting it would still be going). I've decided to make a gallery of it on tour in its afterlife. Can't think where I got the idea.

Went to the village today.

Took the scenic route.

You can thank an articulated lorry for that splintered fingerpost. Ouch.

Just passing the time.

There aren't many businesses. We're lucky to have a framing shop.

This thread isn't really about the bike.

On the road again
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The opening scene of My Boy Jack has Rudyard Kipling racing through the countryside on roads which may as well have been built just for his Rolls.

Kipling never learned how to drive.

Unfortunately it's behind glass and impossible to get a decent shot. To make up for that, here's a nice Triumph I spotted in the village. Some of my best friends are motorcyclists.

(I love asking total strangers for help with "my art project".)

Yes we have no
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Yes we have no
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Yes we have no
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Where next
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Almost... almost...
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I also visited Zoltar.

"Why suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune while Zoltar is here to guide you?"

On the road again
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"Of course you can."

Put it on the back of the truck for a photo op.

I love a can-do attitude.

It was OK with these guys too.

All that was left was to

and head home.

Robert who?

Do not Enter
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