Author Topic: another day in paradise

another day in paradise
« on: December 09, 2021 »

I had a social media blitz yesterday, which consisted of teaser links on FB and Twitter.* This resulted in a high of about three dozen bots, possibly with a human or two mixed in.

There are a handful of hardcore but shy regulars, or so I imagine. Goading me with their inscrutability, they keep me posting, along with my addiction, waxing and waning.† Elaborate construction projects / timesunk ruins dot the landscape along with these mirrors.‡

NACF is the very long aftermath of ACF. It's me getting forums out of my system and neglecting to succeed.

* My combined tally of Friends and Followers wouldn't even be a rounding error for a power user.

† My forum addiction is detailed here. Coincidentally, Waxing & Waning are the firm I hired to analyse statistical data. They've been known to guess.

‡  Welcome to the funhouse.

! This is the first time I've used the dagger and double dagger here. Typography can be a scream.