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AIBU To call them do-gooders
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Am I Being Unreasonable = Mumsnet flypaper.

The possible do-gooders (said in a slightly mocking tone in private conversation only!) in question are the volunteers who monitor the speed of motorists in the village. I also make up stories about them, like how they’ve probably been banished from the house by their wives – almost all are men – and need something to do.

They’re giving their time to try to help keep the village safe. As a cyclist, a pedestrian, a human being, I should be appalled at myself, and hereby am. And yet… there they stand, looking down the barrel of their radar guns, humourless sentries (I've tried chatting with a few of them). OK not always humourless; one of them jokily pointed a gun at me a few months ago as I was cruising by on my bike. At least I think it was a joke.

radar, sonar, what’s the difference

Who will be my next target, the lollipop lady?

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Where do they get the radar gun thingies??

Twice, I travelled N-S through Mexico on a coach. Lots of people do. Villagers dealt with the tendency of such transports to hammer through their neighbourhoods by the simple expedient of stretching a hefty rope across the road. DIY speedbumps FTW.


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According to this FAQ, which I should’ve at least scanned first to save me from watching the video on the homepage and aging much more rapidly than the elapsed 2:13:

Many Police Forces, Road Safety organisations or Local Councils purchase and own equipment that they make available through the online booking system for local groups to use… Groups can purchase their own speed detection devices, either separately or shared with other groups in the vicinity. Prices in the CSW Online Shop ranges from a few hundred pounds to a couple of thousands dependent on make, model and functionality.

I went looking for their shop to see if they carry rope, but was unable to locate it. I did, however, find the Combat Submission Wrestling shop, which carries what I trust are informative videos.

This exercise eventually led to the Facebook home of 30 NOT 50, who shared the following:

I also learned the average high speed is the mid-40s. Last spring they clocked someone at 72mph, which one hopes yielded something stronger than a YABU [You Are Being Unreasonable, in the parlance].