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Son of Triggering
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Quote from: mudsticks
I'm going along with the sensible commentary of "Cats are better than Dogs"

And rabbits are better than both. Your point?

The last thread came to what seemed like a natural end. Here I am again, god help me.

Godwin help us all
Quote from: icowden
Quote from: Ian H

Great so now we have some context.
This was the Speaking for Women Rally in Miami. Internet references seem to be crediting KJK with organising it but I can't find anything to substantiate that. What is interesting is that she says

"Now it's your turn... yeah... thank you for your patience" as she hands him the PA mic and the web feed mic.
To me that implies that she has just spoken and is just handing over the equipment to the next person to speak - possibly even sanctioning him speaking and not interrupting her speech. The clip is quite selective and doesn't show us what went on before.

It doesn't seem to me like she is endorsing him or the Proud Boys in any way.

KJK lets women speak first, then men. That's what "Now it's your turn" was about. His getting mic'd wasn't anything more sinister than that.

I've taken the trouble to transcribe the video.

Nazi. Nazi nazi nazi nazi. Hitler. Nazi Hitler. Nazi nazi genocide nazi Hitler. [Unintelligible] Nazi nazi nazi nazi. [Repeats til the end of the clip]

Let's give that another listen.

Quote from: Chris Barcenas
Yeah I just want to say, welcome to Miami first of all. .. And welcome to the deep, deep… we're in the middle of the twilight zone, so… We're all here together to fight the same battle. I'm a local GOP committee man for this area. And it is about coming together. This is something that shouldn't be tolerated at any point in society, at any point in human history. This is an act [of] destroying innocent lives, destroying families. And they're just getting started. If they have it their way, it leads into pedophilia. It leads into kids resenting these decisions for the rest of their lives. Destroying innocent lives. It's something that's satanic, and, and, both sides need to come together to stop this. So I want to thank everyone for coming out here today. And this is what it takes. Show up at your school board. They're getting gender ideology, gender therapists to convince children. These kids are coerced into the ideas that it's going to make them feel a certain way. And they're encouraged to, to go under the knife. To… thinking that they're going to solve some internal issue that they don't know how to deal with. They're being misled, misquided. And [unintelligible] people coming out into the streets, people going to the school board, people getting involved with their parties locally, and stopping this. If it doesn't stop now, it's going to destroy tens of thousands of lives. And, and these people are still going to go home at night, sleep like a baby, and not worry about these atrocities that they have committed. So thank you everyone again, and God bless.

Personally I would've left out the bit about satanism, but will excuse the unholy exuberance considering that we are talking about some pretty unconscionable things. As for pedophilia

(the longer version is worth watching).

I wouldn't want Barcenas teaching constitutional law though.

Quote from: Ian H
Quote from: CXRAndy
She must be doing something right, by the way trans are triggered

Hitler must have done something right judging by the way the rest of the world was triggered.

This, boys and girls, is how smear campaigns work.

Quote from: theclaud
If our place were suitable for major music gigs (it isn't) then yes of course I'd host a gig. If [Róisín Murphy] wanted to hold a rally with KJK or similar as a speaker, then no I would not agree to it.

This too, by virtue of KJK's (undeserved) status as a hate figure. Why else pair Murphy with her in this bizarre hypothetical?

Quote from: theclaud
My point is that the simplest explanation is that Keen and her Proud Boy guests are part of the same larger movement or tendency. Every other explanation seems, to put it kindly, a bit of a stretch.

I suppose it's a natural extension of the belief that women's rights by virtue of their sex is a fiendish plot of the far right. Yes, I realise it's being used as a wedge issue. That doesn't mean we should shut up about it. It means the left should be opening their arms to those seeking sanctuary in sanity.

Oh, and "Proud Boy guests"? It was an open mic, remember. The simplest explanation is that Keen is a fan of free speech.

Quote from: theclaud
Bit of an Occam's Razor thing, surely?

Is that the one where all the truth gets shaved off?

Quote from: an actual Nazi
Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth

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Nazis again. Sorry!
Quote from: bobzmyunkle
Thread successfully diverted back to Nazis. Well done

Welcome to the spectators gallery overlooking CycleChat's free speech zone: Nazis Cunts And Politics. I'd make a drinking game out of this, but alas, like Hitler, I'm teetotal.

There's keen competition across the road at Yacf thanks to Steph, master of imaginative framing. Here's #2957, a recent work in the long running series It's open season on trans people.

Mumsnet are actually discussing something on their 'feminism' board other than trans people!*

It's the revelation that female surgeons are being groped by senior male surgeons while they're actually working in theatre.

In other news, Helen 'genocide' Joyce and Maya 'What period poverty?' Forstater were two of the huge crowd** that attended the People's History Museum in Manchester, where they held a 'debate'***. The museum had not wanted to host them****, but Hatestater apparently waved a threat of legal action of they didn't. As a result, the Museum was forced to close its doors to the public for the day, including to disabled people coming to see a relevant exhibition, as many workers refused to turn up.

The event was all about 'free speech', but Hatestater has complained that someone had exercised their own free speech and hung up an 'offensive' Progress Pride flag in the window. After the event, they were filmed walking down the street in front of peaceful pro-trans demonstrators, grinning and waving in obvious fear of their lives. Joyce later reported that as she had arrived in Manchester, she became terrified, because there were Pride flags everywhere and the "Orwellian" (her word) message "Everyone is welcome". Someone commented that if the reverse were true, if it were a trans rights meeting, the counter demonstrators would have largely been people like Proud Boys, Patriotic Alternative, etc.

Avon Braun recently claimed that she had deep pockets for legal action (i.e. a rich funder) and she complained about press comments that the outright self-described Nazis who turned up in Melbourne***** to support her were, er, Nazis who had turned up to support her.  As they themselves said. She also claimed that despite literally wishing that all transwomen died it was defamatory to call her anti-trans. Mosley Parker has now received the ruling from the NZ press authorities that she is indeed an anti-trans campaigner for whom Nazis turned up to support.

Final snippet: there is a new transphobic Twitter account, "Real LGB Woman". They describe themself as "Anti nonce, pro england (sic), working class tory lass. Genuine real female. Exposer of men"

It's Graham Linehan. Again. See the comment above re 40,000 etc.

*I lied. They've decided it's the fault of trans women after all.
**28. All white, elderly women. Or 40,000 Twitter accounts, of course
*** Debate defined as everyone nodding in agreement
**** When I look for somewhere to host a meeting, I too always choose somewhere that hates me and mine. Doesn't everybody?
***** Nazis ALWAYS turn up to support her.

If you prefer realism:

Stop by my Downfall exhibit for more Hitler than you can shake a dick at, and Scenes at the museum to see what happens when you set me loose with some postcards.

* Mumsnet split their feminism section into two boards, one of which does indeed concentrate on gendermentalism. The other board isn't nearly as popular, and gets invaded by these types of threads as well. Who knew men's colonisation of women (they even went there) would be such a hot topic.

** Nice stab at ageism.

*** Steph is a rational individual. See? I can make stuff up too.

One more time:
Quote from: Steph
Debate defined as everyone nodding in agreement

Said without irony in the very thread where I was censored, by someone who belongs to a group dragged kicking and screaming out of #NoDebate and given to very noisily doing their best to drown out and threaten their opponents.

They're not happy unless they're shutting other people up and policing them for wrongthink.

**** That a museum celebrating suffragettes found itself under pressure to cancel a women's meeting is a perverse sort of pride.

***** Forced teaming being TRA's forte.

And cowardice being Yacf's.


Drink up

Quote from: Pale Rider the lesser, 15.9.23
Prefabs worked so well partly thanks to that nice Mr Hitler who created lots of suitable building plots.

Not in the spirit of Godwin, so I won't count it.

Apparently I've changed my mind about the drinking game. I'll leave that one to your discretion.

Quote from: Regulator, 17.9.23
It appears that Barbie Hitler won’t be going to NZ this week. Apparently it’s nothing to do with the fact she’s likely to be banned from entry but that her family are “worried about her safety”… yeah, right.

Keen and other women were subjected to appalling abuse in NZ. But yeah, make light of her safety concerns.

Quote from: Steph, 18.9.23
Nazi x3
Avon Braun x2

I'm making an executive decision not to reprint everything Steph posts, or spend much time fact-checking rants. Here's someone who does the latter:

Nor will I be keeping an eye on all of Yacf or CycleChat. NCAP is an easy search, but I'm mostly interested in the gender topic, which clearly has the power to bring out the worst in people.

Quote from: Steph, also 18.9.23

That's right, 0. Documented to show I can be magnanimous.

Surprise surprise there was skepticism on Mumsnet (which must haunt Steph's dreams much like cycling forums haunt mine) that the Chelmsford double murder was really committed by a woman. That's what happens when a) something unusual happens, but most of all, b) public trust is lost in what police and media say because they've lost the ability to correctly sex criminals.

Quote from: Steph, 21.9.23
Re that book, 'Trans'. No, I haven't read more than excerpts, just as I haven't read more than excerpts of Mein Kampf, nor that book Greer wrote where she praises paedophilia.

Make your own mind up about The Beautiful Boy, which I presume is the Greer reference. To put Hitler's book on the same shelf as either is… just so Steph.

Quote from: various
a lot of people here value you
Have a virtual hug from me

So validating. So compassionate. So Yacf.

CyclingUK, LFGSS, and Singletrackworld are also captured by the Geschlechterkult. I reckon the boys who run are as well. CycleChat's politics board, being unmoderated, can't be captured as such, but it's tough going for those who aren't realityphobic.

Yacf (NCAP are amateurs)
Quote from: Steph, 22.9.23
Avon Braun x2
Literal Nazis x1
Plain old Nazis x1
Mein Kampf x1

On the subject of hate, this one's for Steph, who can't seem to differentiate between actual hate and legitimate concern, and lacks the ability to parse – what's the word for it? – nuance. Anything not 100% onboard or quite clearly deranged (e.g. death threats, and I don't mean made up extinction events) is then a dogwhistle.

Quote from: Steph, also 22.9.23
Another trope from the TERFs: trans people weren't persecuted by the Nazis. Lots of Nazis were crossdressers. Typical troons, claiming victim status. Troons are all Nazis!

Reality: the first bookburning session by the Nazis was on the sex research institute of Hirschfeld.

Here's a [low-grade - Ed.] Smithsonian article

I guess this counts against the other side? Even with that credit to be applied, the net result is still more Nazis.

Not another Nazi
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If you're looking for Nazis ↑ you've gone too far.

Eyes wide shut

These are notes of a forum addict. I'm going to keep adding to this as it pleases me, rather than churning out new posts, which takes more energy. Call it my new green initiative.

Sorry about the Nazi clickbait. I was just following orders.

Quote from: mudsticks
I'm off to Wales now to do some 'Real World' 'On the Ground' relentlessness >>>>>
Mudsticks has a habit of keeping us apprised of her movements. Fortunately it's never GPS accurate.

'Relentless', which she's used a few times today and a search shows me she uses more often than most, is my middle name, by deed poll.

Quote from: Pale Rider the lesser
Quote from: qigong chimp
I'm not a kid
Your posts indicate otherwise.
I'm not as down on the lesser as others, but joy vampire sounds about right.

Quote from: Fab Foodie
Rishi Sunak is a Tosser….
Fab. We've talked about those dot dot dots.

Quote from: theclaud
Quote from: icowden
So it's fine to vilify [Russell Brand] in the press, destroy his livelihood and make him a pariah on the basis of no actual evidence
animated gif alert
He's probably got an idea of what evidence means, "actual" being a clue, but one can't really fault the thrust. Hopefully the concept of innocent until proven guilty is still a going concern in a court of CycleChat opinion law.

Alt text: Please don't disappear, video of a ship that has sailed

Quote from: winjim
There is evidence and it has been presented to the public.
Welcome to the de-enlightenment.

Quote from: multitool
Quote from: icowden
A forum built for and around women seems to have a different point of view. Who'da thunk?
You think mumsnet is purely used by women?
Nuance fail. Of course, icowden didn't say it was purely used by women. He was in fact painstakingly accurate. The multitrolls of the world delight in such bullshit. Abandon hope all ye opponents who attempt to engage in good faith. Monkers and Steph are the same. In a just universe they would get the Zod treatment.

Has AuroraSaab managed to escape the gender thread? If so, congratulations are in order for a job well done. I'm confident she managed to educate some lurkers despite (and even because of) the bullying and taunts, which carry on regardless.

Quote from: newfhouse
This you, Andy?
A deep dive in 9 minutes flat for that gotcha is impressive. Shame newfhouse is playing for the wrong team...

also known as The Dark Side.
Quote from: AndyRM
you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy
Hey, I kept most of his quote.

In their rush for the jugular, they check if it's a mate first. Human nature.

Quote from: newfhouse
Quote from: icowden
If I was wealthy I'd have a new bathroom and a new front door at least to show for it.
Oh, the horror. How do you survive?
That's quite the snark for a filthy capitalist.
My memory is a curse.
Quote from: Ian H
We're just here peddling our opinions.
Once upon a time gentle humour would've papered over the cracks. When you've had an eyeful of the sort of nonsense Ian is cabable of peddling, it stops being charming.

Quote from: Winjim
I know you're trolling

Seriously, that needs a proper definition. Like a few other T words that come to mind.

Quote from: Rusty Nails
The actors in the discussion are not the best ones to declare who is trolling, just as footballers are not the best ones to referee their own game.
I just so happen to be perfectly positioned to be infallible, which comfortably exceeds the job requirement.

Quote from: multitool
Her school was founded by a bunch of utter cùnts
Must I now start a cunt count?

Making a list

checking it twice

Quote from: theclaud
It's extremely objectionable to claim that women's verbal evidence… is not evidence,
Welcome news to gender critical women.
and it's not the first time you've done it. I guess it must be related to your view that we are 'there to be impregnated'.
I'm getting a strong urge to chew the scenery.