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Of Cycling Distractions
« on: September 22, 2023 »
Yesterday I had occasion to remove my handlebars. When I put them back on I was apparently distracted. They were not precisely perpendicular.

Egad – crooked on top of crooked

The state of them came to light today on my ride. It didn't affect handling (even when I deigned to use them). It did, however, prompt a philosophical discussion with myself during the course of the ride. As someone with actual, not jokey OCD, how bothered was I? Enough to fix it – a trivial matter? Perhaps I might prefer them askew for a spell, both as maintenance CBT and as an editorial comment on the state of the world.

Of Cycling Distractions
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My broom is often askew as I sail the night skies.

Of Cycling Distractions
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I hereby decree today Straighten It Out Day.