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International Pronouns Day
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What do we want? International Gerundive Day. When do we want it? -
(To be decided.)

Dear rainbow police
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Please remember this, if you decide to interview me.

You will need to ask questions like "How often dost thou use X?"  "What dost thou mean by "thou/thee" in thy bio?"

You may find there is a modest cognitive cost to this, but that's ok with me.

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the moral and legal right of female people to have society recognise the reality of being female, to allow us to speak of our experiences and challenges and to establish at times female-only supports, opportunities and protections to mitigate the challenges of being female in a default-male society is important, and it all becomes impossible if we have no way to refer to ourselves that does not also include male people who are using our lives as some sort of metaphor to express their own personalities.

Hear ye hear ye
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It's worth listening till the end.

Marvelous Trans Man
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