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To whom it may concern
« on: October 24, 2023 »

Nicht für nichts

Thanks for your interest in lot #115444170113. While this may not be a "bargain" like some, you can buy with confidence that it is the genuine article. As a special offer available only to certifiable NACF members, I will include an unframed Gag Order upon receipt of monies.

Contact seller
Apologies, but I'm afraid I can only reply to direct messages on eBay if there's genuine interest in acquisition.

Thanx for a good start of my day

(You should also charge for your writing and salesmanship)

Just between us, that's all I'm charging for. The item itself comes gratis.

Me mam is 5 feet 3 wud this fit her?

I'm sure it could be further customised.

Does this come with the road cone?

No, that would be extra.

WTF? I really hope you find someone rich enough, and also stupid enough to buy this. Respect for the attempt. Let me know if it sells.... I have loads of priceless tat I need to sell also.

Tat only gets you rich enough to buy my art if you sell in volume.