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Having no skin in the game, I never gave "trans women are women" much thought...

Given my now voluminous output on this topic, it might appear that I've thought about little else since: a sort of Graham Linehan without the back catalogue of beloved comedy.

I've even posted about my posting about it, because that's what self-aware people do.

Raise your hand if you've NOT seen this by now

It's led to me being banned and probably shunned, though it's hard to gauge the impact on my following as I've never had a following.

It's a many faceted subject almost invariably framed as a spurious attack on a vulnerable minority ginned up by the forces of the far right seeking to divide and rule. However, to me and others, it's a colonisation of the female sex, a hostile takeover; and much more besides.

What prompted yet another such thread was an exchange with an acquaintance which only surprised me by being the first time it's come up. It's fair to say he finds my provocations (here's a good example) objectionable.

I have therefore challenged him to a duel.

No I haven't, that's clickbait. He's kindly agreed to a discussion. I'll admit to being a little nervous, as my debating skills are rusty from mostly debating myself due to the #nodebate nature of this debate. Also:

I'm not really a debater. I like listening to ideas and having them bubble out in other ways.

Stay tuned.


Another invitation
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1984 and now
Quote from: novocaine
No one has ever changed an opinion by debating it.

Debatable. But I tend to agree.

That's a link to a locked thread on a cycling forum where I've issued an invitation (not my first!) to this den of iniquity inquiry. If nobody wishes to take me up on it I'll be relieved, frankly: setting people straight via debate is botheration of the highest order. Unfortunately this means the #NoDebaters were onto something after all.

No seriously.

For some crazy reason I want those who think differently to be able to have their say here. While I very much doubt anyone can change my mind as set out in hundreds of posts (often by quoting others, which is ever so much easier than writing), I maintain a certain fondness for free speech.

As to why I keep going back to cycling forums, I like the way somebody else at Retrobike put it:
Quote from: Tsundere
Bikes are something that have universal appeal, honestly I'll talk to anyone who loves bikes as much as I do, especially when they know more than I do, and if that helps to take someone's mind off certain unpleasant truths that are fuelling some internal rage then that can never be a bad thing, it's discussions like that which can perhaps bring people closer together, focusing on the things we have in common rather than the stuff that divides us is how we fix the world.
See what I did there?

Speaking of stuff that divides us, you know what might make a good debate?
Quote from: Robert Frost
Good fences make good neighbours.


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Quote from: C.S. Lewis
What you see and what you hear depends a great deal on where you are standing. It also depends on what sort of person you are.

I can't decide whether to be a ghost, a witch or the transphobe they reckon I am at the various cycling forums where it's come up. The latest:

My post (archived, natch) has been deleted. I reported it myself. My hope had been to impress upon the mods that I wasn't trying to cause trouble. This went out the window with the first and only reply, from someone who'd followed my link here and was sounding the klaxon for his fellow snowflakes.* Snitching on myself may have been a mistake; perhaps they just would have locked it otherwise. As it was they zapped it before I thought to save the response for posterity.

*I've never called anyone a snowflake (here's another one!) before, and hesitate now, but I don't know how else to describe someone who seemed liable to melt as soon as he landed on reason.

From the '1984' thread:
Quote from: synchronicity
I'm an ex research scientist. And you know what? Every single time I got into a debate with someone on twitter, quoting actual research articles on the topic, I was either banned or blocked, no exceptions. Trans people simply don't want a proper scientific debate.

That's because they'd say their lives aren't up for debate; the answer being no, but how you affect other people's lives, is.

Oops! We ran into some problems.

The C.S. Lewis quote may come in handy for a future post. I wanted to make sure you heard The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe in your head.


Home of the brave
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Portland Oregon, yesterday:

Sorry, my mistake.

Women Protesting Gender Ideology Attacked By Trans Activists, Antifa In Portland

Is this (more) of what trans rights activists mean when they talk about the "consequences" of speaking out?

To be fair, let us not forget the horror of transphobic stickering, which was significant enough to be covered by mainstream media:

Whatever it was the stickers said, I'm sure it was good and mean. (No, I never get tired of linking to that.)


Fiction and nonfiction
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Fortunately there is no epidemic of violence against trans people. Many believe the unsupported claims of TRAs, who have declared open season on the truth. I'm reminded here of my would-be duelling partner. Whatever happened to him, you ask? We exchanged a few emails then he ghosted me. Can't really blame him. He had no case.

Exhibit A: Intimidation, threats and violence by trans-rights activists

Exhibit B: Trans Day of Remembrance: death and trans life
Not only have we been living in this fear... but we have been appropriating a violence which is not happening to us.

Exhibit C: The truth about trans murders

Which brings me Brianna Ghey. This ghastly homicide has little bearing unless someone is using it to attempt to shush and shame people about safeguarding, or taunt from the safety of their proxy victimhood.

Social media as vile as expected.* Corei Hall's funeral in two days, which should see it ramp up even more, but hey, the bigots are only 'trying to safeguard women and children'

Yesterday, I ended up being physically sick. This is much worse than the Bulger case. My eyes are raw.
* Linked because I like to document things. Not meant as an invitation to register and pile on – the chances of that being precisely nil, IMO, but I wanted to make this point.
I am now seeing TERF tweets claiming that the girl murderer must be trans, as 'no real girl', etc.

Hey: none of our resident 'It's just concern for women and girls' types want to comment on this thread, or doesn't it fit your ideas?

Not in a good place at the moment, and reading post after post justifying her death, or excusing the murderers, is taking a toll.

So: calling this site's transphobes. Comments?
Those of you on this forum who 'Just have concerns': fuck you.
Quote from: various
"Look after yourself" / virtual hugs
I briefly tangled with that person last year across the road before he gave up on me – and I was a lot more polite there. Now I just marvel at his testerical rage from afar. I'm not alone.


Speaking of NACF, I am tempted to drop off Yet Another invitation [click or scroll up, your choice], and am awaiting the word of someone in the power structure (cishet, I believe) as to the wisdom of this. I'd say "stay tuned" again, but who needs the anticlimax.


Been there, done that
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No, I think I'll think first, thanks. After waiting what seemed a decent interval then deciding it was, in the end, my choice to make.

What I finally came up with:
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to ponder the following and see what topic you're put in mind of:

• Toxic
• Moral Panic
• Culture War
• Nuance

Here's another hint: there's already a very long thread about it.

This is not an attempt to start another. It is an invitation across the road to answer the question put here, along with any follow-ups, if you're so inclined.

(You don't have to register. In fact I'd prefer you didn't, though it is an option if you desire a conversation that doesn't involve going through security every time. Note that the field for email address will accept anything as long as it's in the standard format. Be as creative as you like.)

My powers at YACF are limited to bolding text, with a splash of colour for good measure: Please don't address the topic here. I'm already rolling the dice with Judge Jeffreys and Horace as it is, and hope that C-3PO* in particular does not find this post detrimental to the experience of the forum.

Quote from: the other Horace
A word once uttered can never be recalled.
* The actual moderator, as opposed to the jokey figureheads - Ed.

I immediately then reported myself ("Heads-up"). It seemed only polite.

Later in the day my post was removed.

I've no idea how long it lasted, other than long enough for a single reply to my question, which it's safe to assume was a direct result of my invitation. Although that was a 100% better turnout than expected, it's a paltry return for the time invested (that was the last of maybe a half dozen drafts).

The following notice from the moderator this past summer, stuck to the top of the politics board, is instructive:

Quote from: C-3PO

Several threads have had to be locked or pruned recently due to persistent non-excellence by some forum members.  This is detrimental to the experience of the forum by the majority of members and continues despite repeated warnings from yours truly.

If there is any repetition of this, offending members' ability to post will be rescinded, possibly permanently. There are alternative platforms available for winding up other people.  I understand that Twitter is particularly open to this, since it fell into the grubby Imperial hands of the Grand Musk Elon.

You are in control of what you post here.  It is not a personal soapbox, a platform for trolling, or a playground for personal insults. 

Thank you.

I don't know what non-excellence was being referred to, but I do know that we are not in complete control of what we post there. A reminder that this is advertised like so:

Seeing as it's unmoderated in the sense that Fargo is a true story, that ought to be reworded, don't you think?

Given that certain members are very much allowed to use that board as a personal soapbox, not to mention insult with impunity, it's clear some animals are more equal than others at YACF. One must make peace with that if one is to carry on.



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I've laid down the gauntlet again, this time on Facebook, which is no place to have a proper conversation. The subject is Parkrun. The preview capture is amusing; fortunately the link works.

Let's check in at CycleChat's politics board while we're at it.

Gender again. Sorry!
Quote from: AndyRM
Quote from: AndyCXR
Lesbian members bar will only admit biological women

LGB Alliance

Sounds like the utopian ideal which you and your pussy loving mates dream of. Enjoy!

Boys will be boys
Gender killjoys
Pram without toys

A reminder for those just tuning in: Trans topics are currently at ground zero of free speech (my skin in the gam [honest typo]), and women's rights (my wife's).