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Dear Lurker


I don't much care for the term 'lurker', which sounds a bit creepy, but it is accepted terminology. We've all done it.

If you clicked the “I want to add to the ambience” button in what passes for a registration agreement, which has been pared down to “Do you want to add to the ambience?”, hopefully you'll find a topic you want to reply to – have no fear of zombies here. Failing that, start a thread. About anything. Including cycling.

NACF can’t offer what you probably want most: people people people. Not yet at least (hey it's only been 5 years); possibly not ever. Can you tell I’m not in sales?

More important than raw numbers is finding individuals on approximately the same wavelength, because otherwise posting isn't much fun (begging the pardon of outrage junkies). Basically if you ride a bike and you're not this guy, great; I'm not looking for people who agree with me in every particular.

Please feel free to continue to lurk if you want. Who knows, maybe you’ll eventually change your mind and dive in to help dilute the sea of sams. Speaking of which, this is me:

Selfie taken at the Wallace Collection in London, which offers first class WCs
PS. Catch-22 is when you want to talk but are waiting for the crickets to shut up.


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