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Anorak isn't a slang term I grew up with in the States. About 10 years after moving here I tried it on and apparently it fits. That's when I started ACF.

I love cycling forums, including loving to hate them when they fall short of what I think they can be.

Quote from: anon
Thanks for what you started, what you’ve done and continue to do... The care and complexity involved is obvious.

This blog which can never make up its mind if it's a wannabe is my favourite project for tinkering. It's been through many changes over the years, including a long stretch as a single board: Freewheeling, of course. One man one board was simplicity itself.

The purpose of this post is to call attention to Free For All/Across the road/Lurk, nested therein as a fun gotcha. Given the way this software works, it means topics posted in Lurk don't show up on the main index page, when sometimes I'd prefer them to as an advertisement for my impossible dream of a meta forum cafe. This setup goes against my too often ironic credo as expressed by Van the Man, but I do now feel that it's here to stay.

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It wasn't.

Infinitesimal calculus
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Calculus is the mathematical study of continuous change. John Wallis, born this day in 1616 (unless you're hanging onto the old ways, which would make his birthday November 23rd), is given partial credit for its development, back when it was called infinitesimal calculus. And that's enough about calculus.

Free For All has been moved to the top of the page. Previously it was nestled between Highway 61 and Specialist Subjects. It remains in eye-catching red (unless you're colour blind blind sorry).

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Wanted to add a board description but couldn't make up my mind what it should say.

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Xmas at NACF
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I had Not Another Twelve Days of Christmas in the works ("Three spambots registering / Two lurkers lurking…"), but abandoned it. Instead I'll direct you to NACF's holiday programming, which begins here.