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All creatures great and small
« on: August 12, 2012 »
Life wild and not so wild in the environs of NACF HQ:

Why the word 'gambolling' was invented

Not so weasel-ey recognised

Of all our visitors, rabbits are my favourite.

We offer sanctuary from our nearest neighbour, an avid gardener.

They used to have siestas under the car, when we had a car. Last year one took up residence on a grassy knoll behind our house. Not as timid as most, whenever we entered his field of vision he'd simply turn his back, content that if he couldn't see us we couldn't see him.

One evening when my wife was cycling home from the train station she came upon a large group of fist-sized youngsters cavorting in the road. She pulled over and watched them line up at the edge of the tarmac in a very orderly fashion when cars rushed by. They sat there for a bit, then turned around back into the meadows to hop again another day.