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Merrily sweary
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Seriously, though, folks...
theclaud: Happy Christmas.
Unkraut: Shouldn't it have been merry Christmas?
HMS_Dave: Well i had a HAPPY Christmas, so up yours…

A Happy Christmas doesn't come naturally to me because I grew up in the merry US without a queen, unless you count Uncle Paul, our unofficial relationship (my real uncles weren't nearly so engaging) cemented by many hours spent camped out in front of the telly teevee:

A happy new queer for some

According to Grammarist, who also have a thing or two to say about variable capitalisation:
Merry Christmas began as a saying in the 1500s. It was recorded in a letter as a wish that God would send the recipient a “mery Christmas”. It was solidified as a capitalized greeting by Charles Dickens in his great work A Christmas Carol.

Queen Elizabeth II, for whatever reason, did not use Dickens’ phrase. Instead, she used the phrase Happy Christmas in her broadcasts to her subjects. After her use, the term gained popularity and is still the most common form in Great Britain and Ireland.

It has been famously observed* that we are two nations divided by a common language.

Quote from: Adam4868
Merry Christmas all !
Nice to see my daughter has her mother's wit with her choice of presents

I didn't grow up with cunts, aka daffodils on NACA.

Quote from: theclaud
Happy New Year to everyone (except Dutchie and that other twat).

Twat was in common usage though. Apparently.

The holidays certainly bring out a special something in my adopted family.
Quote from: Twatter via matticus

*Quote Investigator is beyond exhaustive in its coverage of this pressing issue. I'd always thought it was Churchill who came up with it, little realising Oscar Wilde and George Bernard Shaw were also in the running.

Quote from: GB Shaw, probably
I often quote myself. It adds spice to my conversation.

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Disinformation! NACA is alive and... not well, the poison served by multitool further curdling debate. Anyway that's not the bulletin. This is:

Women's Rights – a new thread!
Quote from: AndyRM
Where are we?

What are we missing?

Who should we include?


Our man AndyRM doesn't dilly-dally. Posted the very same minute in ye olde thread, now a tourist attraction:
Quote from: Andy-n-me
Discuss women's rights then.
Any rights men give them, obvs.
F*ck it, I'm starting a thread.
You go girl (wait for it...)
Full disclosure before I do so, I'm non-binary,

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Though I'm retired

from active coronor duty at NACA, the lure of chum in the water still draws me in from time to time...

Not sophistiqué, but it works:
Quote from: CXRAndy
Quote from: multitool
The point being is that the hard-right are trying to get people to make an association between trans women and sex offenders.
It's the drip-drip effect.

It only works on stupid people which is why AndyCXRSE has bought into it

The point being is that the hard-left are trying to get people to make an association between trans women and real women. They deny biological facts
It's the drip-drip effect

It only works on stupid people.


Meanwhile AuroraSaab keeps on keepin' on.

Don't click – especially triggering
Why you should never try to predict anything, especially the future. Then again, she did say 5-8 years, and we're not quite at the far side of that yet.

Retired, you say?
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Smothering Sunday
Quote from: multitool
Quote from: icowden
To be fair, JK Rowling has issued an inclusive tweet for mothers day, which seems to have upset people. You just can't win!:-

It's not inclusive. It's mocking.

That's not just rich; it's


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Quote from: HMS_Dave
We swim these murky waters for the fun of it.

You rang?

Has Adam gone?
Quote from: Rusty Nails to multitool
closing one's eyes and ears does not make a bad smell go away

Tell me about it.↓

Quote from: AuroraSaab to Multitool
There's quite a few people who no longer post. They've abandoned the whole Naca forum in the last year, not just this thread. There are others who didn't post much but who used to read and like posts. They aren't around anymore either.

Perhaps you should should refect on whether it's you who has made this whole forum a less pleasant place to be for so many of us

Ya think?

His reply is pricelessly bonkers. He really does seem to believe he can re-engineer reality through simple repetition of things he wants to be true. The problem is, Nacans enabled him and the damage is done.

Quote from: multitool

Operation Lie upOn Lie appears to have been a success.

↑ Idiot Winds work by howling endlessly to shut us up. They can't shut us all up.*

Quote from: HMS_Pillock
[Proxy for the women in his life, whose supposed opinion carries more weight than that of the woman in the conversation. Remind you of anyone?]

When people tell you who they are,


Quote from: same dude
Over and out
Quote from: the husk of Dave, 3 posts later
I'm out.

Sometimes they do our job for us.† Gotta love how someone who can't deal with an adult conversation without throwing in a "get stuffed"

gets this turned around to be the fault of one of the few grown ups in the room.

Quote from: icowden
So we shouldn't have any discussion in case trans people get victimised. Should we also shut down public discussions? Which discussions is it OK to have?

Standout post, much as it makes me grind my teeth to have him go on to "both sides" this yet again. Bothsidesism is the 'reasonable' man's default, and technically true even if only 1% (picking a generous number from the air) of the "fault" lies on our side. Graham Linehan and Kellie-Jay Keen are of course the villains. If you'd like to read an intelligent discussion about Linehan, head to the usual place. As for KJK, the crime there is obvious: the truth hurts men, who have the loudest voices and the lowest pain threshold.

*Shades of YACF, who have shrunk into their current selves and are clueless as to why.
Crickets, btw, to this.
†Yes, Dave went ahead and deleted his account, selflessly giving his body up for ammunition.
‡Over and out. /self-skewering joke with a little help from typography

Quote from: AndyRM to CXRAndy
...There's a middle ground out there I believe, but getting there is the challenge. Slogans like "Punch a TERF" aren't meant to be taken any more literally than "Eat the rich" but have been hijacked to make trans activists look like violent nutters.

Point me to the violent "TERF" coven. Please. As for equating the fantasy of eating the rich {or even the middle class}

with the reality of women punched and physically intimidated by trans activists (lots more examples since that old letter to the editor), that tells you all you need to know about this Andy's window on the world.

Behold the endorsement of the reasonable man.

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Quote from: BoldonLad
The place was always something of an echo chamber, but, even the variation of echo has diminished.

A little less conversation


Quote from: CXRAndy
I did say I would take the piss long while back, because that's how I see the situation, it's comedic.

This list isn't exhaustive, though it may appear so. Needless to say there's guesswork involved.

You see you've got your CXRAndys, of which there are a fair number, or would be if they ever start paying attention. Most don't because it doesn't affect them, which is the main reason men don't worry about mundane things such as who's in their toilet or changing room or prison cell or wherever.

Tragicomic, actually.

Then you've got your AndyRMs, who pay attention only insofar as they've latched onto the movement to help them explain some 'queer' and/or 'creative' aspect of themselves.

bonus material!

Your Winjims, who left the thread of our discontent in multiple huffs quite awhile ago because a person they care deeply about is trans, or they're trans themselves, but newstyle Most Oppressed Ever rather than oldstyle like Debbie Hayton.

"It's fuck off o'clock already?"

Your OPs who largely take a Butlerian view of gender or sex or whatever and run harrumphing away from the far more humane and sensible (and intelligible) JK Rowlings (if only she were plural).

Your Reasonable Men like icowden.

"Give me a sock and I'll find the truth, or maybe I'll find other socks"

Your also decent blokes like Rusty Nails, who doesn't want to stir up trouble because he's a Reasonable Man too, damnit, but is rather tired of the whole thing and in the end just wants a comfortable life.

(That's not a video of a dog fetching slippers. I had one job, damnit.)

Your occupationally Stonewalled, like the fragrant Bromptonaut.

Your olde worlde misogynists, like Ian.

Your handmaidens, or at the very least informationally challenged (two links!) users like Julia, who is well within her rights to choose the wrong side; it's a free country.

It's funny 'cause Atwood.

Your WTFs? like classic3345. I apologise for the image you are about to see, but that doesn't stop it from being LOL either.

Your psychopaths like multitool,

opportunists moving heaven and earth to bend reality around the new protected class of women; expounders of flawed premises building on themselves to produce the essence of pure wrong. (What do you want to bet he steals that line.)
For avoidance of doubt <sigh> I grabbed it from him. The accidental display of self-knowledge was irresistible.

Privately amused by a validated news source he's just parsed on Twitter.

And finally your moNkerses.

You're welcome.

Quote from: winjim
You've won, well done, we concede. You can stop now.

I do hope you'll stop back for the final episodes of Captain's Blog, which are still in post-production.

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remains elusive thanks to autocomplete, as NACA's URL is in silicon muscle memory. All it takes is an 'n'...

So no one told you you'd be settling in to stay
This board's a joke, it's broke, let's call it DOA.
It's like it's always stuck in granny gear,
What a shame we can't reclaim this wasted year!

Still – I'll be there for you, no matter how much you bore.
I'll be there for you, though you have me on ignore.
I'll be there for you, 'cause you're there for me too.

The one where Aurora loses her temper
Quote from: AuroraSaab
The fact is you know feck all about the topic. All you can do is cry some variation of Nazi Toilets! because your main interest in this topic is that it allows you to be misogynistic whilst pretending to be progressive.

And just like we've seen today with Wes Streeting for Labour and even Stonewall, once you see how the wind has changed you'll eventually do a reverse ferret

We interrupt this post for a reverse clown ferret - Ed.

and say you were never in favour of puberty blockers, and no of course lesbians can't have penises, and of course women should be able to meet without being intimidated.

And you'll do it all whilst still imagining that you are intellectually and morally superior to the rest of us on here.

That's addressed to multitool, whose basement I imagine plastered with pin-ups of a certain blonde bombshell.


Not much better

Quote from: multitool
Actually I don't post on the "trans activist" side. I don't really know what it is because as I said I'm not at all invested in it.

He's not at all invested in it.

Quote from: reply to Aurora, first draft

You know what they say: you catch more flies with honey.

The one where she's funny
Quote from: AuroraSaab
Quote from: multitool
Quote from: Aurora
I reckon most people on here will find your claim of bullying a bit ironic

Does the "most people on here" include all the people who were here but left because of you, directly naming you?

It includes the farmers whose crops I blighted and the cows whose milk I turned sour.

This doesn't happen often. Savour it.

on edit:
AS losing her temper is unusual enough to be material for a joke, so for icowden to then say
I have also seen her attacked multiple times and people really being quite rude. In the interests of balance she has also been quite rude back.

is wildly off balance. 'Reasonable man' strikes again.

Grave news
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The one with the 'niece' (We just did Friends)
Six Feet Under
Quote from: moNkers
N here. Monkers is resting.

In peace? Don't rush her,* there's life in the old girl yet.

Quote from: moNkers
I am being urged by N to be open about the state of my health and to do so in order to help others.

I can see the first entry in the book of remembrance now: "She lived to help others."

The urgent voices in moNkers's head continue:
A few years ago I was sent a letter by my GP.

"Your 'lady parts' are fine. Please stop asking me to examine them without a chaperone present."

I forget the fine detail, but essentially I was invited to put a stool sample in a tube with a blue cap and send it off to a private company for testing. Well I didn't.

Translation: "If those coprophiliacs want mine they're going to have to pay for it."

Later I complained to my GP about problems.

"Why aren't you returning my calls?"

She said she would refer me for 'cameras up' and 'cameras down'.

Long story short, Covid came along and it never happened.

My bold. The best lies contain an element of truth.

The problems worsened. Eventually, and after many tries I got a GP appointment, this time with a different GP.

Again I was referred for camera work and there was blood work. Bowel cancer was confirmed. I've had surgery, and I'm in a better place.

The blood work has revealed another problem. I have leukaemia. I've been waiting for a consultation for a while, but at the hospital they wanted to deal with the bowel cancer before investigating the leukaemia.

Funny this hasn't been mentioned on bonkers's [genuine typo] old haunt the main site, which seems the ideal venue. Perhaps moNkers feels particularly close to NACAns.

As a result I suffer from pretty acute fatigue some days and a growing weariness of idiots bleating on, telling lies and as N puts it, 'being deeply unpleasant as people'.

At the risk of being deeply unrepentant, is anybody really falling for this? I note multitool hasn't added his reaction to the roll call at the bottom of the post. Could it be that, like me, he doesn't think sufficient groundwork has been laid?

Anyway, if you have an invitation to poop in a tube, put it in an envelope and send if off - just do it.

I was looking for a pneumatic tube clip from Brazil, but this will do:

If perchance I'm terribly terribly wrong,

I can only hope that come the day, Shaun briefly turns everybody into moNkers like he did when Vernon died (yeah, that Vernon), followed by the group effort of an exquisite corpse to celebrate the life and times of someone so... creative.

*Confidence has hit a new low on that.

Great video pick.

Repeating "cult" as often as humanly possible may backfire with readers when they increasingly associate that word with your name. Just a thought.

more grave news
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If I haven't said it explicitly before, I will now: moNkers is Steph, active on YACF. [See small print below.] Yes, I am a believer in cross-pollination.

- Both are very prolific.
- Steph is a writer of bad fiction.
- MoNkers is a character created by Steph on the main CycleChat site back in 2020, mostly active on a thread for the musings of the retired. My theory is that this was a writing exercise/daydream for Steph, until conversations on a certain topic really started taking off, whereupon he redirected his energies.

I think he’s losing it a bit more than usual lately because his niece story isn’t proving to be a bestseller except to those who've already bought it. Also, more people keep waking up (out in the world. Not so much on NACA.)

"N here

When all else fails to disprove the truth, attempt to discredit the poster.

If you've been following along, you'll know that this is moNkers & multitool's entire output, or near enough.

I certainly don't mind fictional constructs, but when used as seen over the course of the thread, it's not really on, is it.

THE SMALL PRINT, though this may depend on your browser/platform: As with my theory about Idiot Wind, I have no proof.

Spartacus ego sum
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Quote from: bloke on a mount
Judge not, lest ye be judged.

That's what I'm here for, folks.

The gender thread played a big part in the trashing of this little forum - Sorry!
Quote from: moNkers
Collectively, people with critical thinking skills are wasting their lives by continuing 'discussion' with gender critical people.

#NoDebate clinging on for dear life.

Anyone with eyes

Ablest! See also Pan's Labyrinth.

can see that NACA'S GCers doggedly address points, whilst Trans Rights Activists (though they may eschew the label) invariably piss on anyone who disagrees with them ~ at most throwing them an occasional, insignificant bone in an attempt to appear reasonable. They see facts as a personal attack {it's anybody's guess why}, and are constitutionally unable to debate from first principles.

Quote from: moNkers
Quote from: CXRAndy
Amazing what testosterone and anabolic steroids do.

Amazing what happens to a formerly male body when you take the testosterone away too. Add oestrogen and it is no longer the same shape.

Boldly slipped past internal censoring. And here I thought TRAs never claimed people actually change sex.

Quote from: moNkers
Quote from: icowden
do you acknowledge that transwomen have an inherent unfair advantage against biological women? And if not, why are transmen doing so badly at sport?

It's not a yes or no question. It's obviously a complex question, not a simple one.

The shtick is to make the simple appear complex and keep us arguing endlessly.

Quote from: moNkers
I actually disagree with Monkers

Is a narcissist disagreeing with narcissistself a sign of growth?

Quote from: moNkers
Quote from: AuroraSaab
[It must be something she said]

There isn't any need for me to say any more. The record shows.

Quote from: icowden, aka The Reasonable Man
Can't we all just try being a bit nicer to each other instead?

A long-running joke, started by multitool, is that AuroraSaab is responsible for people leaving the forum, or at least the thread. I must shoulder some of the blame here. Doubtless these people are glued 24/7 to my feed, which has included 'fun' (tongs added for the tender-hearted) posts about mudsticks, winjim, and 'Father' Xmas xirself, and have become very shy.

Quote from: Ian H
I'm merely quoting some ancient Greek bloke.

Ánthrōpos métron.

Quote from: multitool
Oh woe. Won't somebody think of the children!!


Quote from: moNkers, colour therapy
Quote from: CXRAndy
[It must be something he said]

If the definition of 'trendy fashion cult' is any group of people that have been increasing in number saying the same thing, then look no further than your own cultish (*checks own spelling) behaviour.
There are those of you pushing for trans erasure while in denial of their fascism.

Hold that thought...