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Thanks to multitool (hereby christened Mein Tool) and moNkers, the NACA word cloud is raining Nazis.

Thanks for being my muse.

One more makes it a trilogy.

Membership hath its privileges
We offer an attractive signing bonus:
- No need to answer security questions before every post.
- Can mark topics read
- Can post in most boards

Unfortunately, membership is not an option for [checks clipboard] Mein Tool and monkers. 'N', on the other hand, is welcome to join provided photographic evidence is forwarded of N in the same place, time, and plane of existence as moNkers.

The terrible two do have the same ability as any other guest to post in [The] Nerve.

This invite obvs. to be filed under As If.

I wasn't kidding about the cutting room floor:
Quote from: Mein Tool
If anyone is member material, it is me, by definition.
This 'administrator' can't even hold down a forum membership himself.
[Smiley genocide] don't you remember? Have you all got Covid brain?
He's not even a real vegetarian – he eats eggs.
He's just hungry for scraps of conversation with other than his tumbleweeds.

And of course,
I wouldn't want to belong to a club that would have me as a member anyway.

Quote from: winjim

Winjim once said I was more interesting on my own than the entire NACA board. Or words to that effect. If I ever find the quote again I'll be sure to take another bow, assuming I got it right. (I could've sworn he used the word 'perspicacious'.)(On edit: Found it. "Perspicacity". I'm still here, WJ. Having passed the test for taste, and gotten extra credit for discernment, you're welcome.)

Quote from: Bunker Magazine
The first is the best, but they're all worth [checks sums] 7.24 of your time.

The ultimate bunkerful of parodies

Quote from: Judith Butler
I bow to the master.
Taking too bloody long to load?

The Economist, Who’s afraid of Judith Butler, the “godmother of queer theory”?

Quote from: theclaud
Best. Thread. Ever.

Aw shucks.

Oh, she meant this one:
Ignore this

The bar is low
The glasses many
Let me know
When drops the penny

And so it goes
on and on and on and on
Quote from: farfromtheland
As a teacher I was asked by smirking seven year olds, 'Are you a girl or a boy, Miss?', to which I replied, 'Neither.' but the real question is how to make this small ask irrelevant.

Sounds like a missed opportunity (geddit?) to say girls can be however they want to be.

It is unfair to demand feminists embrace declared faith in inner gender difference but not expect trans-people to embrace that some people validly don't take it as axiomatic truth. As long as we are respectful it can be left undecided.

With respect – FFTL really is trying to elevate the saggier parts of the discussion – make up your mind...

misgendering is not helpful or necessary

Are feelings more important than facts, and if so, whose feelings trump whose? There is no stable middle ground in TWAW.

Once more, and nothing personal: who are you that I should have to lie. Even in these days of our own individual truths, honesty remains the best policy.

Quote from: Mein Tool
If and when [AuroraSaab] wants to talk about real issues that matter to women (rather than a confected threarlt whipped up by weirdo cultists and co-opted by populist politicians) I'll be here.

Quote from: AndyRM
[Doubles down on the other c-word, because DARVO is their bread and butter]

Translation: "If you want to do feminism right, ask someone with balls."

Quote from: Rusty Nails
I am so used to reading posts that are based on demonising people...

If you're going to point fingers, at least point them in the right direction.

Quote from: Mein Tool
Schools frequently know better than some parents.

Translation: most parents aren't having it, so we need an arm of the state to push this ideology.

Quote from: Mini-Me
Somehow the kind of pish that Andy goes wild for cropped up on my social media earlier...

If Mini-Me is getting fed these sorts of low grade memes (a quick search shows the source was satire, though not very good satire), it says something about his browsing habits. Whatever else you may think of the things CXRAndy shares, they seldom plumb these depths.

Copy of tweet: "put a fried egg on my croque monsieur to make it a croque madame and now jk rowling is outside my house yelling"

Angry old man/get off my lawn gets a genderist reboot. The tweet author (I did my due diligence and visited his timeline) raised a few smiles here; pity he's on the wrong side of reality.

It's been a joy to watch JK fully unfurl.

All I'm getting from these recent interactions is that I can carry on being non binary and living by my own tenets, which involve not being a prick about others choices.

Join the temple.

Ave Satanus.

The devil is in the details, one small one being that YOU'RE NOT AFFECTED, ya big galoot.* Easy to nobly accept "others choices" then, isn't it.

*Exactly the right word. - Ed.

Quote from: AuroraSaab
However anybody spins the gender identity thing it always comes down to sexist stereotypes in the end.

At the risk of cultural appropriation, true dat.

Quote from: field trip to Ovarit
They make boxes, then split those boxes into more and more boxes, and then they decide which box they like best (and decide they belong into the opressedest and queerest little box). They really don't realise how insanely rigid and conservative they are. It's genuinely sad, until I read about them claiming a woman with short hair and casual clothes is "appropriating NB culture" (that was cringey to type) then all my sympathy for them goes down the drain.

See also.

Here there be feminists.

Quote from: Mein Tool to an imagined burn victim
What a life. Spending your day following the Tool round trying to dry hump his leg.

Unironically shifting into 3rd person is a cry for help. He clearly loves being a big dick in a small pond, his leg constantly tingling with anticipation. If it wasn't for forums, he'd find a hole outside to stick it in as bait for lonely badgers.

Quote from: PedallingNowhereSlowly
Quote from: Mein Tool
...members of his cult...

The last I checked, I was not a member of any cult.

Haven't you heard? It's cults all the way down.

Quote from: moNkers to a woman
Quote from: AuroraSaab
Despite hundreds of posts you've yet to coherently explain why we should treat some men differently to other men, other than they say so.

Trans women with [an official piece of paper] are women. You are not a woman since you deny your gender identity.

Another gem from Operation Let Them Speak: man wins best womaning contest.

(Not the clip you were expecting?)

Quote from: Mein Tool
Quote from: AS
I have no gender identity. It's a metaphysical belief to which I don't subscribe...

I bet you've, at some point, worn a skirt, and I don't think it was your ovaries, tit's and fanny that compelled you to do it. It was your mind. It's not a physical event, it is a mental one based on identity.

You don't have to have a dick to talk like one, but it helps. Still, we must stop all the clocks, because he has a point. It doesn't legitimise the demand to elevate gender identity over sex, but absolute denial of said identity has always been where AS is weakest.

["Right-wing" ad nauseam]

There's a word for thinking if you're not buying everything the left wing is selling, there's only one other thing you can be; that there are only two states of being. I can't think what it is.

Quote from: moNkers to AuroraSaab
Oh my word, you really are an actual idiot fruitloops.

This long-running match hasn't exactly been Borg vs McEnroe (a very dated reference I'm never relinquishing); more like the Ice Woman* vs a couple of hotheads who think they're pros because they watched a game on TV, got knocked out cold by the first ace (imagine the ball bopping into one head then rebounding off the other), and dreaming they've been winning ever since.*

*I'm aware Mac was actually correct, unlike the stooges in question.

Quote from: Mein Tool
Belief is not the same as knowledge or fact.


A woman saying nein drives a certain type of man bonkers. They can't handle it without a great deal of spittle flying.

The one-body problem
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If you're looking for 'Meinsplaining' – and who isn't, in these times of uncertainty? – it's one post up. You've reached the multiple personalities helpline (it takes many to know many).

Quote from: moNkers
N tells me by text that she may pop in here later to put straight the situation regarding statutory and non-statutory guidelines. I'm looking forward to seeing her



(I'm thinking dual SIM phone, if he/he wants to get elaborate about it.)

Quote from: moNkers
Quote from: AuroraSaab
[Doesn’t really matter]

N here.

Will you kindly clarify, who is the poster you intended this for?

Stop, please. My sides.

The one-body problem
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Let us first celebrate the life of Hieronymus Fabricius


aka the father of embryology, 20 May 1533 - 21 May 1619 and thus very nearly a birthday-perisher. I have no proof, but believe he has been reincarnated as Buck Angel.

Hieronymus would've loved tats like that

Say what you will about his lack of shoulders, the man expanded human knowledge.

Quote from: Mein Tool
Quote from: AuroraSaab
N and M seem identical... Why don't you start separate accounts?

What has that to do with anything and why is it any business of yours how somebody operates their account?

P here, Pale Rider’s aide-de-camp. He’s taking much needed respite in an undisclosed location. The operation of NACA accounts falls within his remit as a freelance explainer of things.

Quote from: icowden
I have to say that N's writing style is different and I have no issue with Monkers and N being two different people. She has explained this in detail and given us some of N's background.

I’ve checked recorded history, and nobody has ever been so naïve. In the event icowden actually thinks moNkers is engaging in good faith, we should book a RealityCheck™ appointment at his earliest convenience.

Quote from: icowden to monkers. I mean N.
Thank you for sharing your story.

They (I use the pronoun advisedly) barely even qualify as multiple personalities. M/N is a single personality playing
In case you missed it the first time around. I've updated this reprint.

moNkers is Steph, active on YACF. [See small print below.]

- Both are very prolific.
- Steph is a writer of bad fiction.
- MoNkers is a character created by Steph on the main CycleChat site back in 2020, mostly active on a thread for the musings of the retired. My theory is that this was a writing exercise/daydream for Steph, until conversations on a certain topic really started taking off, whereupon he redirected his energies.

- Steph has a DSD, which he uses as ammunition to claim sex isn't binary. It turns out 'N' has a DSD.
- Steph and moNkers have the same personality and MO. Both are verbose, lightning-quick to fling insult, and a briar patch for the unwary. Both are experts in their own mind.

"N here

When all else fails to disprove the truth, attempt to discredit the poster.

If you've been following along, you'll know that this is moNkers & multitool's entire output, or near enough.

I certainly don't mind fictional constructs, but when used as seen over the course of the thread, it's not really on, is it.

THE SMALL PRINT, though this may depend on your browser/platform: As with my theory about Idiot Wind, I have no concrete evidence. It is, however, quite believable that the terrible two (who's counting) would branch out into another playground.

Mein Tool, being an any-means-to-an-end kind of guy, naturally doesn't have a problem with whatever subterfuge is required.

Icowden, consider this an intervention: you may think you're being polite and advancing the discussion, but privately this pair of locusts must be laughing at you even as they thank you for enabling them. I respect you enough to laugh out loud.

on edit:
R here, P's long-in-the-tooth intern (not everyone gets the breaks P had in life. I have a degree in meeja studies and audited an Open University course on heteronormativity heteronyms. Look where that got me.) My instructions are to point you to the videos at the top of this page ↑↑↑ which all of us had a hand in producing. My job was to give Hitler Marilyn Monroe's hair.

Quote from: moNkers
Alas the weekend is over. N is briefly in London, and then on her way back home to Europe later today. She is not back here until the 7th, and then the three of us are straight off on holiday.

P here again. No offence to R, but I'll handle this. Our post went up before the latest reply. There's a nice symmetry. Who knows, their holiday could be at the same place as Pale Rider's respite.

Fancy meeting you here

A deeper dive might ascertain the identity of this mysterious third party, but let's leave them their privacy.

Quote from: moNkers
Most people don't even know their own sex

Quote from: sane person

Yup. What are your chromosomes? I presume mine are XX, but not having had them tested, I can't say for sure.

Even our chromosomes like their privacy.

You wonder how some folks even breathe if they don't know for sure the exact composition of the air.