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The question
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What is a transphobe?
Kindly show your workings.

Inspired by a post across the road which struck me as being rhetorical, rather than composed in the spirit of inquiry:
calling this site's transphobes. Comments?

In fact I would almost offer cash money

to anyone over there who even attempts it.

To the extent I am expecting any reply at all, I anticipate something along the lines of "Look yourself up in the dictionary." Indeed, there is plenty of material in Free For All to help you research such an answer. Perhaps start with Duel or Reality's last stand.

There is also a poll here.

Always remember:
Quote from: Horace
We are free to yield to truth.


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Re: The question
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Anyone who disagrees in the slightest with anything Steph says or questions her assertions in the slightest seems to be the benchmark. Backed up by the usual suspects, mainly Barajas, who has firm in driving people off YACF - Fuzzy in particular. So I don’t bother posting any more, not that I did much, as it’s not worth the snide opprobrium, and frankly I think Steph is ill so deserves some empathy.