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Word for word
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Bicycle Typogram by Aaron Keugn: The explicit anatomy of the transcendent machine is revealed word for word.

Leaves of glass
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I think that I shall never like
anything as much as my bike.

With a fine figure it is blessed
Its handlebars I have caressed.

I could ride it around all day
Unlike a horse it cannot nay.[1]

I may end up with helmet hair
If a damn helmet I do wear.

It whispers to me "Take the lane"
Cars and lorries are such a bane.

As poems[2] go you'll have read better
Insert word that rhymes with better.

Some bonus lines for lucky you!
With nausea[3] we'll make it through

Poems are written by fools like I
But only God can reason why.

1. Poetic license as regards neigh.
2. Intoned with one syllable please, to keep it octosyllable. There is precedent.
3. As a dual citizen I'm free to take my pick.

The reviews are in:
Quote from: The Times
It doesn't get any verse than this.
Quote from: The Guardian
Like a shard of glass plunged straight into the heart.
Quote from: The man on the street
I loved it!