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A day in a little life
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Marlon Bundo's A Day in the Life of the Vice President is a 2018 book which failed to increase Mike Pence's popularity by any conventionally measurable amount, rabbits not being consulted in these matters. Written by his daughter and illustrated by his wife, it was followed (slightly in advance) by a "LGB-inclusive" parody, Marlon having come out of John Oliver's closet, and yes, I've dropped the TQ from that Wikipedia quote, as bunnies, of all creatures, know how real sex is.

The photo op was beset with nibbling opportunities.

Rabbit is read
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The parody is bigger, so there's more to chomp on. The illustrations are certainly better, as is the writing, both of which tend to improve the experience for the end user. On the other paw Oliver sets my teeth on edge.

While having one of us near the centre of power can only be a good thing, the actual Marlon Bundo failed to influence policy in any significant way. Surely a wasted opportunity, as who knows when we'll get our next chance. [Attention was called to the state of his nails by some observers, as well as his diet and the size of his cage, so points for a small spotlight on animal welfare. - Ed.]

Worst verse in the Pence book:
Grampa says goodbye to Grandma,
And we head to the motorcade.
He grabs some freshly brewed coffee
From the Naval Enlisted Aides.

I could've chosen any of them; they're all roughly the same. Towards the welcome conclusion:

We head back to the Naval Observatory
Where we pass through the gates again,
You can tell it's late from the giant clock
With red numbers that read: 8:10.

What if it had been 8:11, hmmm???

No rhyming was attempted in the other book, a morality tale on the virtues of being different, which of course everyone wants to be - provided they're the same as others being different. In addition to its eponymous* hero, it features The Stink Bug, aka Mike's boss at the time. There is a neat nod to the dilemma of voters when an election is held amongst this Marlon's animal friends and Not The Stink Bug wins.

"Love is forever," it ends, with an illustration of Marlon & mate holding a wee bun between them, presumably the fruit of a surrogate bumped out of shot.

As for Pence himself, see Stepping Up.

*To care or care not