Author Topic: perspective

« on: January 05, 2024 »
by archy

it is often said
that we wont be dead
when the big one hits
and youre all blown to bits

being so small
whilst you are so tall
ive had many years
to hone my perspective my dears
i agree with the man drinking commie tears
(in case that avatar disappears)


in sickness and health
by boom or by stealth
when the end comes youll know
its time to go oh no

woe will be you
all your institutions and art
all your music and vids
views will hit the skids

god will have sneezed
unblessed and displeased
no rainbow this time
to mark the scene of the crime

its grist for the mill
when youve had your fill
join me down here
well float on a tear
surface tension you see
thats perspective from me