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« on: May 31, 2018 »

"Still not phone friendly?"
"That doesn't mean we can't be."

свиньи будут летать
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It’s beyond my capabilities to make the necessary alterations, and my usual tech guy is out of action indefinitely.

My go-to rationalisation is that the site isn’t best viewed on a phone anyway. Squinting at lovingly photophopped images is bad for the eyes. That, and touchscreens are the devil's handiwork: words are meant to be typed on keyboards with actual keys.

That none of this is of any consequence does not deter me from posting about it.

членство, comrades!
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We're now offering Titanium, Steel, and Aluminium levels of membership. Sorry carbon fibre lovers, you’re not on the periodic table.

– Personalised experience with your username appearing near the top of the page when logged in
– The ability to like posts in your head
– Ruble for your thoughts

Everything included with Aluminium, plus:
– Exclusive Velosolo Club events, if you so choose
– Unlimited aphorisms

Everything included with Aluminium and Steel, plus:
– Virtual Certificate of Completeness more or less suitable for framing

frame not included

– We'll put you first in a very long queue for a jersey:

(Artist credit. We're not animals.)

– A date with a cosmo girl

Or guy. We can't guarantee sex.