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« on: March 21, 2024 »
No, not the LED fixtures freshly installed, freakynew as the technology is to a pair of inadvertent Semmelweissians (I've been dying to plug that in somewhere) Luddites.


That's the bin in the kitchen. The sink as at 12 o'clock, the front door at around 7.30. (There's a proper front door elsewhere, but nobody uses it, including us, as that's nobody's idea of the front of the house.) My point is we'd never found a good place for it, all the good places either being taken or nonexistent.

I should caveat that by saying a smaller bin did spend most of the past 21 years tucked away in a corner, but that was never satisfactory, not least because the walls inevitably had to be cleaned after tossing stuff that way.

It really is a terrible kitchen, only saved by the glorious setting the rest of the house finds itself in.

The bin previously got shuffled back and forth around the cupboard, either blocking it or the door. Untenable, I'm sure you can agree, but we seemed powerless to effect further change.

Last week my wife set it precisely as you just saw it. She claims not to have done it on purpose; she just shoved it there while in the middle of something sink related. (For the record, I wash most of the dishes.)

At first the 'accidental' location horrified me. Very quickly I realised that my god, it works.

I immediately made a photographic record. This was to ensure precise placement for the inevitable misalignments to come. Fortunately we've got a working grid system.

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I spent last night rearranging kitchen cupboards. My bike cupboard (everyone should have one) has doubled in size!! Fortunately this didn't upset domestic tranquility.

Pics or it didn't happen, right? I'll get back to you on that, because we all know how exciting those could turn out to be. Meanwhile, not far away...

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