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News for now
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Put your right hand in,
take your left hand out,
soon you'll have another cause
to shake your fist and shout


A word about my sources
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I use out-of-date formats/graphics. So sue me.


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Facts are sacret
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From our early morgue:

Still haven't merged with The Leeds Leek.

News for now
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News for now
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News for now
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News for now
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There goes my gag reflex. This is normally the closest I get to dick jokes:

News for now
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Boris Badenov strikes again
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Kate rumours linked to Russian disinformation
Quote from: BBC
Security researchers believe a Russia-based disinformation group amplified and added to the frenzy of social media conspiracies about the Princess of Wales's health.

Quote from: YT
How isn't he a meme today

Quote from: Naked Capitalism
There are serious personal and professional consequences from straying from the accepted groupthink, especially for members of the Professional Managerial Class (who hold their positions largely because they can be relied upon to accept and internalize the current platitudes).

The rich live off capital, which is indifferent to what its beneficiary does with the dividend checks. Nobody cares what the working class do on their off-hours, as long as they clock in on time the next day. However, the PMC hold their sinecures by virtue of who they are and the hoops that they jumped through, and hence they are the least free of any of us, always afraid that some overly loose utterance or some style transgression will land them on the Naughty List.

BTW, this is the principal value of the Mainstream Media to the PMC and why they follow it so religiously – it is not so much a source of factual information, so much as it tells them what the Received Wisdom on a given issue is at the moment.